‘5’ New Technology Trends for Restaurant Business!

3820388998?profile=originalThe restaurant industry is at the pinnacle of evolution. From self-service stalls to robotic kitchens. Over the past couple of years, this industry has undergone a transition to the latest developments, which are difficult to accept by both old and new players. Those who quickly adapt and accept them to become real winners by acquiring and retaining a large number of customers. 

If you want to improve the quality of customer service, as well as profitability, as the owner of the restaurant, you will need to follow the innovations. Even if you do not have the money to invest in every technological miracle that appears every day, then you can always find out about each of their advantages and decide which technology will offer the best return on investment for your business. For example, if you are the owner of a restaurant, then simply investing in an online ordering system and delivery will help you change your customer service style. The steakhouse in Sydney serves high-quality food and services. So, here are the 5 new technologies trends for a restaurant business: 

  • Online Order and Delivery 

Online ordering and delivery have become the new norm. From giant restaurant chains to fast-food restaurants, everything is available online. Those who do not avail to offer services online need to launch their restaurant website in the coming months. If you do not offer your customers the convenience of online ordering and quick delivery, they will look for alternatives. 

With the availability of online ordering system., restaurants can increase their sales easily. Clients can familiarize themselves with the menu on the restaurants' website, place an order on their own, and pay using the payment method that they consider convenient. These online booking tools also allow restaurants to personalize their offers based on real-time data. 

  • Robotized Restaurants 

Robots take over the world day by day. Same, the restaurant industry seems to have adopted robot technology into service. In fact, a restaurant with robots instead of staff the latest trend. They make the restaurant interesting and futuristic for visitors by serving tables and even cooking. People want to try something new and exciting every time they go out with their family. There are many restaurants that use companion robots in their kitchens. On the other hand, such investments in technology undoubtedly allow the owner of the establishment to reduce operating costs by more than half.  

  • Cloud Telephony 

The restaurant is all about customer service and technology like cloud telephony. It is designed to effectively connect the customer to the service provider. Profitability, cloud technology can ease the service and increase customer loyalty. Cloud telephony allows food processing companies to integrate CRM with a telephone system to personalization their consumer consumption. This is especially useful for large chain restaurants that have many delivery orders. All calls are routed to the call center panel, where orders are received and redirected to the desired restaurant in the network based on the input or location of the caller. The main advantage of using cloud telephony is that there is no need to support hardware within the office premises. The application is located on a hosted IP-PBX, so the installation cost much less than that of an IP-PBX. 

  • Face Recognition 

This technology helps restaurateurs keep track of repeat customers. When a visitor makes an order for the first time, the system helps you to save order for future use. Thus, the next time the client visits the restaurant, the system recognizes the face and offers to repeat the previous order. If the customer decides to repeat the order, the order and payment can be completed in just 10 seconds. Systems also recommend products based on previous purchases by visitors. Therefore, if you want to speed up the ordering process in a restaurant or coffee shop, close monitoring of this technology would be useful.  

  • Voice Assistant Technologies 

Voice assistants are fun and very similar to your personal butler. They do whatever you want from them. 65 % of people say that they are completely dependent on their voice assistant. So, how restaurants have to use this technology? 34 % of voice assistants use technology to order food online. Large chain restaurants have noticed this growing trend and have launched their own Alexa-based voice systems available through iOS and Android apps. Customers can use these applications to change the order, payment, and delivery of the order.  


Investing in technology does not have to be huge but implementing the right systems can certainly increase the efficiency of your restaurant. This is a world where your business should be better, smarter, faster and more with the ultimate goal of achieving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits. The steakhouse in Sydney is using these above-mentioned trends for increasing their customer services and business sales.  

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