4rsgold guide:a huge scroll in a bottle for additional XP gains

Sail over to runescape Treasure Hunter from 00:00 UTC on 8th September until 23:59 UTC on 12th September. Buy RS Gold Navigate your way around the Wushanko Isles to unlock awesome prizes, including the brand new tier 70 hybrid High Armour of Hanto and its three corresponding weapons. These prizes, weapons as well as your cheap runescape gold will better equip your characters.

Claim for more pieces and Treasure Hunter prizes during the promotion

During this promotion, you’ll be plotting courses around the Wushanko Isles on a series of special maps, picking up tons of Treasure Hunter goodies as you go! Visit every island on each of the eight maps to complete a “Voyage” and claim a piece of the High Armour of Hanto equipment. Once you’re back to the beginning, head off again for more pieces and Treasure Hunter prizes! Completing eight “Voyages” will net you all pieces of the High Armour of Hanto set and its three weapons, of which the cuirass, leg guards and weapons can be fully augmented.

Have chance to be rewarded with a huge scroll in a bottle for additional XP gains

You can also win scrolls in a bottle, which give you a choice of XP in any skill, and 50% extra if used with the Player Owned Ports skills. Finally, you can win sailing tokens which can be used to help speed up your progress around the map to get the truly epic prizes on offer. If you wish to journey beyond the armour and weapons, you will be rewarded with a huge scroll in a bottle for additional XP gains.

Playing Treasure Hunter is simple and familiar to every players. It's a good chance for you to earn prizes and get additional XP. If you have trouble in this runescape Treasure Hunter, please buy cheap osrs quests cheap on 4rsgold to strengthen your characters in advance next week. May you happy in RS.

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