4 Alexa Compatible Home Gadgets That You Should Try


The tech innovations have opened a whole new spectrum of possibilities ever since the success of Amazon’s landmark product, the virtual voice assistant Alexa has been introduced successfully. The potential of the voice commands has never been more influential than it has become after Alexa. At the end of the day, it is just a smart assistant that can be controlled and managed through commands and the fact that it could be associated to perform with other electronic equipment makes it even more awesome.

The Alexa basically works on a very simple principle which was earlier explored by Google through its voice assistant service on the Android smartphones and Apple in form its virtual assistant ‘Siri’. But none of these two were capable of working in association with other tech gadgets which Alexa possessed and this made it a groundbreaking product with immense potential. If you want to explore the wholesome smart life which Alexa can offer, all you need to do is replace your old electronic products with these Alexa Compatible Devices and experience the smart technology transforming your life. You can buy these products online too using these Souq Coupon Codes and get exclusive discounts and deals on your orders.

Alexa Echo Spot


This is a compact but feature-rich device with a display of 2.4 inches circular shaped touchscreen. This was, in fact, a very valuable addition to the Amazon’s earlier version of the Echo. The device has a number of different clocks like faces with analogue as well as digital styles that show time. Apart from looking like a clock inactively, when it is commanded, it really switches to performing those tasks within the blink of an eye. The device can be easily controlled with several voice commands that it operates to with effortless ease. You can use this device for a wide range of tasks including videos calls, voice calls, text messages, information screen, and an alarm clock. It has a built-in camera and can effectively communicate with other echo devices.

Alexa Fire TV


The times are gone when only remotes had the power to switch between the different programs on the cable. Today, you have the innovative Fire TV cube which you can install and connect with your television and command it to change the channel whenever you wish to do so. There is no need of fetching the remote and pressing those buttons or slamming the remote if it fails to function according to the buttons being pressed. With Alexa and the Fire TV and sound bar, all you have to do is order it to switch to other program and it would oblige. Not only that, you can also use it to stream online video from a number of platforms right on your smart television screen. With its incredible 60 fps HDR streaming capability and Dolby Atmos sound, your complete TV experience will be transformed to the next level.

Sono One Speakers


The next in the list which has been influenced by Alexa is the music speakers. The ordinary music speakers were capable of playing music that you would feed to it in DVDs or cassettes or any other storage device through the USB or Bluetooth, but for the Alexa compatible speakers, none of these is required at all. It operates and streams audio live as per your command and serves with an impeccable sound output that is unfathomable. It not only plays music with the speakers but can also serve as a medium to command and control other Alexa compatible devices.

Sengled Element Smart Lights


How many times have you hoped to turn on or off the lights with some magic which would not require you to walk up to the switchboard for the silly things? By the way, if you have wondered it, you are lazy just as I am. But thankfully, Alexa has served us with the same magic which we had wished for. The smart lighting solution from various companies provides the wireless hub which can be operated with the help of voice command with the help of Alexa. The whole kit is very well customized and there are a plenty of variations of lighting from dim to bright which can all be managed through commands. So with this setup, I believe I have more reasons to be lazy.

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