3 reasons why love dolls are popular

The adult industry is experiencing a higher than average growth rate as compared to other sectors, thanks to the increasing popularity of love dolls, especially among the millennials. Here are a few reasons for the growing acceptance of the latest adult product.

Highly life like love dolls

Firstly, the dolls do not look like mannequins but look life like and very close to artificial women or you can say their inorganic counterparts. They are highly flexible and made with medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone and TPE material, so they are completely safe for intimate use. Thanks to the elastomer advancements, these realistic dolls can easily be included in your lifestyle as a pleasure enhancement model.

Custom sex doll

AI technology has made it possible for developing custom sex doll after your favourite star or your latest crush. Firstly, deep learning tools with facial re-enactment and facial replacement algorithm is used to construct a high detail, 3D face model of your silicone wife. Then the silicone or TPE mould is created according to your requirement. You can choose the colour of the skin, breast size and many other details such as design of the public hair. You can build a highly personal sex doll and can also include any specific fetish, you desire.

AI features

AI not only allows self-heating but also advance speech synthesis technology that lets you use someone else’s voice for you doll. Your touch at strategic locations will enable the doll to moan in your favourite voice. The sex robot in action can also interact in small sentences.

 What more do you want in a synthetic partner? There is no room for insecurities, arguments or demands or any awkward goodbyes but space for unlimited, safe pleasure within the confines of your home.


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