3 Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops -

3 Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops -

  1. Increase home value


If you’re thinking of investing in your home, consider spending some money in your kitchen. Simple upgrades like paint and cabinet refacing can go a long way, as can upgrading to granite countertops. According to a Realtor Magazine survey, 55% of buyers said they would have paid more for granite countertops when purchasing their home. The average return on investment for a kitchen remodel is anywhere from 54%-81%, depending on the size of the project.



  1. Maintenance & upkeep


Granite is a great option for kitchen countertops, because it is a strong, non-porous surface that is also resistant to bacteria. It can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a sponge, and abrasive cleaners such as glass cleaner, bleach or scrubbing pads should be avoided. When sealed every 2-4 years, granite is stain resistant and maintains a classic and high-end shine. Spills should be removed quickly, but a baking soda and water solution can be used to remove stains.

Granite and stone countertops should have minimal seams, lessening the opportunity for bacterial and fungal growth. Surfaces like ceramic tile utilize a porous grout that can harbor bacteria making the surface unsanitary. Marble is another popular option, but it isn’t the most family friendly. A small splash of common kitchen staples like milk, wine, or lemon juice can leave a stain if not cleaned up immediately. These stains can also etch into the stone, requiring polishing followed by a protectant or sealant.


  1. Cost to upgrade compared to alternatives


Granite isn’t the cheapest countertop material, but based on the likely ROI of a project, and maintenance and upkeep, it can bring you the most bang for your buck. Ranging in cost from $45-$200/sq. ft including installation, granite is slightly more expensive than laminate, but cheaper than other stone surfaces like quartz or marble. A timeless investment with granite will also last trendy options such as concrete, stainless steel and glass.

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