3 mistakes you made when washing jeans:

Some may say that jeans are another piece of clothing and that we should not worry about taking care of them because they are jeans! But today, this garment is much more than that, jeans are a fashion milestone that sets trends and that we all want to wear to be perfect, right?

Here in the following, Laundromat near me will tell you what are the mistakes you are making when washing your jeans that can leave you without that pair that you like so much. You're not going to let it ruin you, right?

  1. Wash them and lay them straight:

Do you always wash the jeans on the right side? So, that may be what is causing them to lose color so quickly. No matter the washing cycle, the washing machine can be a bit abrasive with some fabrics just by having them rub against each other losing color.

So from now on, turn them around and turn them upside down, and when you go to hang them, leave them so that the sun does not help to keep losing color. One more tip: close the closure or buttons when hanging to prevent the sun from directly penetrating some parts and leaving spots on your favorite jeans.

  1. Do not use special soap for colored clothes:

Although it may seem that the different varieties of products that exist - for white clothes, for dark clothes, and for colored clothes - are only a "story", the reality is that they work and help you to take better care of your clothes.

If you want your dark jeans to remain very dark, it is best to invest in a special soap. Everything is to take care of that pair of jeans that make your legs look spectacular!

  1. Choose the wrong wash cycles:

The newer you want your jeans to look, the softer the wash cycle and its subsequent drying should be. The truth is that you could wash them by hand to take good care of them, but let's face it, it's a task we can't do with all the responsibilities we have.

According to Laundromat near me, the best thing is that, if they are not super dirty, wash them with cold water and in the softest cycle your washing machine has. Finally, do not forget to hang them when the sun goes down to dry at low temperatures.

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