Actual sin

Venial sins are sins that do not meet the requirements. The act of committing a venial sin doesn't cut off the sinner from God's grace, as God has not been rejected by the sinner.

Some Protestants and Orthodox Christians hold views that are similar.

When we know the terms God motivated to describe sin, we can see why sin is universal. Since rapist, murderer, drunkard, the robber and child-abuser are so obviously evil, we agree that they are sinners. In our hearts we consider ourselves to be citizens since we do none of these things. These terms, however, bring us face to face with the reality of sin--which it's not always obvious.

Moral evil as considered from a standpoint. Sin is regarded as the purposeful and deliberate violation of the will of God in Christianity and Judaism. See also fatal sin. As a Christian, I think this is a sin against God.

Tennant, Origin and Propagation of Sin; Hyde, Sin and Its Forgiveness; chapter on"Incarnation and Atonement" in Bowne's Research in Christianity; Stevens, Christian Doctrine of Salvation; Clarke, Christian Doctrine of God; various treatises on Systematic Theology. Their sin was compounded by kings by rejecting and sometimes persecuting the prophets who pushed God's covenantal claims. Ahaz spurned God's free offer of deliverance from invasion; he believed he had arranged his deliverance through an alliance with Assyria and its gods. Not all kings were so crass; many tried to serve the Lord as they chose, in prohibited manners (Jeroboam I, Jehu, and other northern kings). Others tried to serve God and the Baals at once (Solomon, the last kings of Judah, and lots of northern kings).

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