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Ever been caught out in the rain? Or struggled to find a hairstyle that will keep your hair looking polished and refined even in inclement weather? Rain and humidity is a problem for women all over the world. Flattened wet hair, excessive curling, puffy, swollen locks or a halo of frizz are just some of the issues women face if they get caught in the rain.

The market is full of hats and different products to help try and resolve these issues. You can find different styles of rain hat to suit your individual look. But, can they completely protect your hair from both rain and humidity? They will likely keep the top of your hair dry but what about the ends? What is to stop long straightened hair going wavy or your polished hairstyle turning to frizz?

Introducing Hairbrella. 'The world's smartest rain hat.' The patented design keeps your hair completely dry and style intact, no matter what the weather throws at you. With Hairbrella, you can put your worries aside and remain confident your hair will stay looking fabulous, rain or shine.

The fashionable and functional rain cap can accommodate all hair types, lengths, and textures. Meaning that every woman can be a #HairbrellaWoman .

Want to make sure your hairstyle remains intact even in a downpour? With Hairbrella, you can.

Why Was the Hairbrella Developed?

Women have been creating ways to protect their hair from the rain for many generations. Not all solutions are practical or particularly stylish though. There are several options available in the market today including umbrellas, rain hats, rain bonnets, and bucket hats. Unfortunately, many of these options do not completely cover your hair, and so it will still be vulnerable to environmental damage. Protecting your hairstyle is also important. Some hats can keep you dry but will crush and flatten your hair, ruining many styles.

For years, Tracey Pickett, who is the CEO and inventor of Hairbrella, struggled to find a suitable way to protect her hair from the rain. In an effort to resolve this and create a successful solution that is both practical and stylish, she invented Hairbrella.

"Hairbrella is the ultimate rain hat, combining the protection of a shower cap with the stylish appeal of a beanie, keeping your hair dry and your style protected no matter what the weather brings."

It is widely acknowledged that when you look good, you feel good. If you are like us and many women around the world, your hair is your crowning glory. We spend lots of time and money making sure our hairstyle looks 'just right' so that we look our best. A rainy day or sudden downpour can quickly undo all that effort and leave your hair a mess. This can also knock your confidence and ruin a good day.

How Weather Can Affect Your Hair

The weather is beyond our control, and these days especially, the climate is very changeable. It can be a beautiful sunny day then rain clouds roll in out of nowhere. No matter what type or texture hair you have, it is best to be prepared and protect it from changes in the weather.

Rain and humidity can have damaging effects on your hair condition. They can also ruin your carefully prepared hairstyle. Water in the atmosphere affects the molecular structure of hair strands. This weakens the hair and leaves it more vulnerable to swelling or becoming frizzy. Water will also return hair to its natural state. So, if you have straightened or curled your hair, getting wet in the rain will ruin the style.

How moisture affects hair will vary among individuals. Common effects of wet weather on hair include flattening, frizz, swelling, and puffiness. Curly hair may curl excessively, and straightened hair will return to its natural form. The actual results will depend on your hair type and the condition it is in. Dry, damaged hair is more susceptible to changes and some styles are disposed to different effects. For example, it is well known that wet weather causes curly hair to frizz.

Not only is moisture in the atmosphere likely to wreck your hairstyle, it can also weaken and damage your hair. So, there is even more reason to protect your hair from the elements. The only sure way to do this is to keep your hair totally dry, preventing any moisture in the air affecting it.

With this in mind, the Hairbrella is designed to completely insulate your hair and keep it dry. The innovative design not only protects your hair from the weather outside, it also preserves your style. The waterproof outer fabric prevents water getting through and the satin lining on the inside protects your hair from drying out.

Hairbrella rain hats are lightweight and will not crush your hairstyle. Combining fashion and function the patented design speaks to every woman who wants to protect their hair.

Hairbrella Design Features

This innovative hat has several amazing features that make the design unique and very practical.

Waterproof Microfibre Exterior

The outer layer of the hat is made of smooth DWR treated fabric. It is lightweight and 100% moisture proof. Water simply beads up on the material and runs off. The fabric is also breathable to ensure the Hairbrella is comfortable to wear.

Satin Lining

The interior of the hat is lined with satin. Hairbrella is the world's first satin lined rain cap. The soft satin lining helps protect your hairstyle. As satin does not absorb moisture it helps keep your hair moisturized and stops it from drying out. This helps keep your hair soft and preserves your style.


PVC Visor

The clear PVC visor shields your face from the rain to help you stay dry. This is very useful in heavy rain and helps keep your makeup looking flawless.

Hidden Pocket

The hat is also packable for convenience. It easily fits in your bag or glove box, so you can always be prepared, whatever the forecast.

The hidden pocket makes it easy to fold down your Hairbrella into a small, compact pouch. It is light and takes up very little space so is perfect for travel and easy storage.

Selection of Colors

At present, the Hairbrella collection includes 5 different colors to choose from. So, you can pick a color that suits your personal style. The colors are:






Can't decide which color to pick? Why not get a Hairbrella rain hat duo or classic trio so you have a hairbrella to suit every outfit.

Feeling generous? Share the experience. Give your friend the perfect way to protect their hair from the rain. Then you will both be confident and stylish whatever the weather.

Different Sizes

Hairbrella rain hats come in two sizes Classic and Classic XL. Both types are fitted with an adjustable headband that will fit a wide range of head sizes. It can easily be tweaked to get the perfect snug fit.

The Classic size is fine for most adults and teenagers. It is designed to accommodate various different hairstyles and lengths either short, medium or long.

The Classic XL is for people with exceptionally long hair or high volume hairstyles such as large curls or dreadlocks.


Hairbrella has also introduced rain hats for kids. The kids version offers the same balance of style and function wrapped up in a fashionable grape color hat. With the same waterproof features and satin lining as the adult version, it is the perfect rain hat for girls aged 5 to 10. Girls 11 or older can comfortably wear the Classic size.

Benefits of The Innovative Design

Hairbrella reinvented the rain hat. Its unique combination of fashion and functional design creates the ultimate way for every woman to protect their hair.


One of the main priorities of the design is to produce a functional solution that is also fashionable and stylish. The style combines the protective capabilities of a shower cap with the look and appeal of your favorite beanie.

The high-quality materials and attention to detail create a beautiful, fashionable hat. You can feel confident wearing it anywhere. Whether you are simply running errands or heading out on a date your Hairbrella will look stylish and keep your hair protected.


With a range of colors available and an appealing fashionable look, the Hairbrella rain hat can be worn for any occasion. Stylish and functional, it will not look out of place running errands, going out on the town or even at work functions.

Don't let the rain dampen your style. Wherever the day takes you, with a Hairbrella you can confidently protect your hair and preserve your style.


The rain hat easily folds down into its own pocket forming a compact pouch. Small and lightweight the Hairbrella is the perfect size to keep in your bag or glove box. Not to mention when traveling.

Going on holiday? Pop your Hairbrella in your bag and you will be prepared, no matter what the forecast. It is the perfect addition to your travel must-haves.

Total Protection for All Hair Types and Styles


It is well known that rain and humidity have negative effects on your hair and can spoil your beautiful hairstyle. The Hairbrella rain hat accommodates all of your hair inside the waterproof cap. The cap is adjustable and can accommodate all hairstyles, keeping hair dry no matter what texture or length it is.

Not only does it prevent rain or moisture making your hair wet, the material is breathable and wicks moisture away so you don't feel sweaty. The satin lining in the cap helps keep your hair soft and moisturized, preserving your style. Whether you are out in a little drizzle or a heavy downpour you can be confident that Hairbrella has you covered.

No need to just take our word for it though. There are plenty of reviews from happy customers. Also feel free to watch a demonstration so you can see for yourself just how well Hairbrella protects your hair even in a downpour.

How It All Started

Designed by a woman for women, the Hairbrella rain hat specifically addresses the needs of modern women today.

Tracey Pickett is the CEO of Hairbrella hairstyles and inventor of this ultimate rain hat. She was tired of wet weather ruining her own hair and struggling to find a suitable solution. She's not alone, as women running for shelter covering their hair with bags whenever it rains is a common sight.

Tracey wanted to find a solution to the age-old problem, that was both fashionable and functional. This lead to the creation of Hairbrella. The hat is specifically designed to protect various different hairstyles, lengths, and textures from both rain and humidity.

Introduced in 2016 with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Tracey launched Hairbrella to a successful start and it has been increasing in popularity since then. Today she continues to grow the company and spread the gospel of fierce confidence. Helping women stay stylish and protect their hairstyle, whatever the forecast.

The rain hats have been featured on Mashable, and in magazines including Upscale Magazine and more recently Black Enterprise. In May 2018, Tracey Pickett talked with Brandon Andrews of Values Partnerships and a Black Enterprise contributor, to discuss Hairbrella and the new innovative way to protect your hair.

Now you can also buy hairbrella rain hats from Amazon. The stylish hats are proving to be a welcome solution for women on rainy days. The company is proud and grateful to receive lots of positive feedback and reviews from happy customers.


Rain and humidity cause issues for most hair types. Frizzy, swollen, puffy hair or flat limp locks are all dreaded by women on wet days. When you spend time and effort perfecting your style and making sure it looks great, having it ruined by the weather is awful. Finding a way to completely protect your hair that works and looks appealing has long been a struggle for women all over the world. It is an age-old problem and wet weather can instantly ruin your styling efforts.

Getting wet will not only wreak havoc on your hairstyle but also can bring down your mood and spoil the day. There is no need to let the rain dampen your spirits though. The weather is not always predictable so being prepared is key. With a Hairbrella rain hat, you can be prepared and confident your style will stay polished whatever the weather brings.

Hairbrella is specifically designed to make sure your hair stays dry and your style intact, whatever the forecast. The proven waterproof design provides the ultimate protection for all hair types. Whatever texture or length your hair is, the adjustable cap has you covered. There is even an XL size to accommodate extra-long hair, large curls, or voluminous styles.

The world's first satin lined rain cap. The unique design not only protects your hair from rain and humidity outside, it also stops your hair from drying out. So, you can be confident your hairstyle will stay dry, soft and protected even in the rain.

Other bonus features include a visor to protect your face and hidden pocket for easy storage. The Hairbrella folds down into the pocket forming a compact pouch that you can take anywhere. Perfect for the modern woman, always on the go.

This innovative reinvention of the rain hat, means rain and humidity are no longer a problem. With a Hairbrella rain hat in your bag, you can be prepared for all situations rain or shine.

Knowing your hair will stay beautiful and protected even in the rain, means you can stay confident in your style and enjoy whatever your day brings!

Investing on wigs may be a luxury and necessity all rolled into one. If you have the means to pay for these items, then it is easier to make the purchase. Nobody should affect you in the decision making process but your own instinct or gut feeling. If you want to make the best out of the purchase, you have to give thought to some factors. Choosing human hair wigs requires taking a look at the different hairstyle options offered by online stores. You may consider any of the following selections in your purchase.

Long hairstyles. Elegante's H-Jasmine and HM-Showgirl, Raquel Welch's Feline and Knockout; Beverly Johnson's H-202 and Sepia's Megan and Xeena all have a common denominator. These are all long hairstyles for human hair wigs that are considered best sellers in the market for wigs. They may have different colors, product names, and cuts but they are all considered long hairstyles in the wig category. Choosing these options may actually be favored by people who have been bored with their everday shorter hairstyles and hair colors.

Short hairstyles. Just as there are long hairstyles for wigs, there are also short ones offered by the wig shop. Popular choices include the HM-601 Zelda from Motown Tress, Paige from Wig Pro and Hot Sauce from Raquel Welch. There are many other shorter human hair wigs aside from the ones previously mentioned. Some of those other styles include Koshi from Motown Tress and H-222 from Beverly Johnson. With the short hairstyles are various colors complementing the total change you want for yourself.

Curly hairstyles. Hairstyles under this category may range from short curly wigs to long and curly human hair wigs. For shorter hairstyles, you may opt for best sellers such as H-205 and H-208 from Beverly Johnson. If you are looking for curly tresses under the longer hairstyles, you have options coming from Beverly Johnson's H-175, Motown Tress's Sharon and Sepia's Bel Air and Jeanette. All of these hairstyles promise to give you the new, wavy look you have long been aspiring for.

While choosing from all of these hairstyle options for your human hair wigs, you will certainly look into the price tag attached to the purchase. Some product brands are far costlier over the other. In fact, you may pay as low as $39.95 for a certain hairpiece to as high as $599 for another. Some online websites may even offer these wigs in a higher price. You better be alert about making the right choices for your hair wig products if you do not want others deceiving you with your purchase of these hair pieces.

In addition to the price of these hairstyle options, you must also look into who makes wigs for you. Some established names in the human hair wigs industry like Wig Pro, Raquel Welch, Alan Eaton and Jon Renau have more luxurious and high quality items on their lists. Other brands like Elegante, Sepia, Beverly Johnson and Motown Tress are cheaper. These wigs may vary in terms of names and prices but one thing is for sure - as long as you acquire the pieces from a reputable service provider, you will surely get a genuine version of the hairpiece.

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