Introduction: Ayurveda , the oldest wellbeing science has eight branches. Rasayana (rejuvenation) is one of these. Rasa has unique meanings like juice, “flavor , essence,” “flavor, or emotion”, but is not really restricted to any of these in alone. In therapeutic process Rasa is concerned with the conservation, transformation, and revitalization of energy. Rasa nourishes our entire body, boosts immunity and helps to preserve your body and intellect in Better of well being.

The Purpose Of Rsayana :

The Rasayana therapy improves the features of rasa, enriches it with nutrients. With this kind of enriched outstanding Rasa, a single attains longevity, memory, intelligence, independence from ailment, youthfulness, excellence of luster, complexion & voice, optimum progress of physique and sense organs, mastery over phonetics, respectability and brilliance.

Sorts of Rasayana:

1. Kinds of rasayana preparations which may be eaten in accordance with the wants.

A . Kamya Rasayanas : Kamya rasayanas are promoters of typical well being. These boost physique Vitality levels, immunity and typical health and fitness.

Pranakamya Promoter of vitality and longevity

Medhakamya Promoter of intelligence.

Srikamya – Promoter of complexion.

B .Naimittika Rasayana- : Naimittika rasayanas enable to battle a particular ailment.

two. Kinds of Rasayanas on The idea of spot of Therapy

A. Kuti Praveshika Rasayana Indoor rasayanaTherapy .

B. Vatatapika Rasayana Out door rasayana Therapy.

3. Forms of Rasayanas On The idea diet plan and everyday living styles.

A. Aushdha Rasayana Drug dependent Rasayana.

B. Ahara Rasayana Dietary Rasayana.

C. Achara Rasayana Lifestyle type Rasayana.

Preparing for Rasayana therapy :

It is rather important for a person who needs to bear rasayana therapy to bear samshodhana (detoxification) being a preparatory method. The samshodhana system detoxifies both equally entire body and brain. A detoxified body and brain is actually a just like a clear fabric which easily absorbs the colour wherein it has been dipped compared with a soiled cloth which seems soiled even after coloring with greatest colors.

But when somebody isn't qualified for samshodhana or is unable to get samshodhana then he might also consume rasayana preparations which nevertheless Strengthen the attributes of rasa in his overall body.

Influence of rasayana therapy.

Rasayana therapy enriches nutritional high-quality of Rasa, enhances digestion and metabolism by normalizing agni or overall body hearth, and selling the competence of channels

Great things about rasayana : The key goal of Rasayana therapy should be to retard the getting old procedure and also to hold off the degenerative process in the human body

It enhances the intelligence, memory, body toughness, luster of the skin, and modulation of voice

It nourishes the blood, lymph, muscles, tissues, semen, and so stops Persistent degenerative Diseases like Arthritis.

Increases metabolic procedure and good quality of overall body tissues and eradicates disorders of aged age.

Helps you to attain best physical power and sharpness of perception organs.

Rasayana has marked action on reproductive organs in addition to nourishes shukra dhatu (semen)

Rasayana nourishes The entire entire body and increases Immune technique and consequently the all-natural resistance to infection is going to be far more.

By next Achara Rasayana you can be much more Satwik and surge forward in the spiritual discipline by his pure everyday routines like Talking fact ,not receiving offended, by acquiring Handle more than his feeling organs and calmness,.

Pure foods which act as Rasayanas

Haritaki: (Embelica officinalis)

It is named as Haritaki since it cures many of the disorders.It's been alternatively named as Abhaya with appreciation on its action since it bestows permanent very long lifetime to people who use it normally. It is also called Vijaya since it is a conqueror of the many disorders.

A fresh new , spherical and weighty fruits of haritaki are often ideal. It must sink in water in addition to devoid of any diseases.Such fruits are rich in flavor and potency.

The fruit ought to be slit into two or three parts and seed is eliminated .These types of fruit pieces are cooked with 4 portions of water until they soften. Then they need to be taken out and allowed to interesting. A person Element of ghee and one particular Section of honey is additional to this and held apart for 3 times. It should be eaten afterwards caring for digestion electrical power. Soon after this rasayana is digested shstika sahli rice with cows milk is eaten. By using this rasayna a person might be absolutely free from wrinkles, baldness and premature greying of hair. This gives very good memory electricity, eye sight and a long healthful existence..

Ghee ( Clarified butter):

Is definitely the greatest known Rasayana that is very good rejuvenator and Longevity promoter,. It also increases digestion, has soothening results around the nervous technique, Iimproves the glow of pores and skin, boosts memory energy, really helps to keep the grasped issues and improves ojus. Ghee has a very good charge of absorption and it's a very good medium for transporting the nutrients in the food items towards the tissue So Be certain that you employ a spoon of for your day by day foodstuff which happens to be extremely easily and readily available to at least one and all. (This is not relevant to Individuals who have large blood cholesterol).


These are typically the pretty loaded source of Vitamin C and therefore are recognized for there special action like strengthening the resistance to chilly, controlling the bleeding of gums, therapeutic wounds and development of scar tissue. The lemon acts as purifier and nourishing agent.

Squeeze 50 % lime in a glass of luke heat water and include two tea spoons of honey to it. This allows to cut back fat when consumed in vacant belly at early hrs of day.


Ginger enhances digestion, eliminates ama (human body toxin which brings about health conditions). For this reason it really is acknowledged planet broad as drugs. Usually use dry ground ginger which happens to be far more concentrated in its consequences and flavor.

Sprinkle minor dry ginger powder on a spoon of lemon juice and add little salt. This should be consumed forty-5 minutes before meals to obtain a very good appetite and digestion.

Cumin Seeds:

Cumin seeds aids in digestion, digests and expels ama and balances doshas. To expel entire body toxins start off the working day with drinking Luke heat drinking water with powdered cumin and ginger.

Environmentally friendly Gram :

Green gram is quite gentle to digest and are greatest for Individuals who have digestion troubles. These are Amongst the finest legumes for there supreme digestibility and health supplying traits. All those who prefer light-weight foodstuff can go for this food.

Dates and figs:

They're identified great supply of Electricity. In addition they assist to build the human body tissues and Increase the hemoglobin percentage . Consequently eat two to three dates or figs each day.



These are nourishing and lifestyle supporting . Eat five to 6 Almonds each day to create Power and strength. It's proved that Almonds assists in lessening the blood Cholesterol ranges.

Lassi :

It really is beverage well prepared by mixing two Portion of water and a single part of yogurt. It may be made a sweet beverage by adding minor sugar or honey and very little floor cardamom. For people who will not like sweet style it might be manufactured like a delectable salt and bitter beverage by incorporating roasted cumin seeds and minor salt. It is a wonderful nutritive, digestive beverage and will be used for the duration of foods or taken to be a desert after food.

Seasonal Fruits:

Often make use of the juicy fresh new fruits which are available in the time. They may be of large nutritive value and they are system purifiers also.

As well as all these food items and medicinal Rasyana just one ought to comply with Achara Rasayna to acquire Superb consequences of rasayana.

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