Nutritional supplements can help ward off gastric by pass nutrient deficiencies, however, many experts recommend that women make sure their nutrient levels are normal before they get pregnant and that their nutrient levels are monitored throughout the pregnancy. Many experts recommend waiting 18 months after gastric bypass surgery to reduce the risk of developing nutritional deficiencies that can affect the mother and the baby.Many Trouble Spot Nutrition medical experts recommend that if a woman thinks she may be pregnant, she avoid having a gastric bypass until after birth. If a woman wants to become pregnant after the bypass surgery, she should weight until her weight has stabilized because the body goes through stressful changes and considerable nutritional disruption, which can potentially cause problems for the developing fetus. It is recommended that women wait 18 months after the surgery before getting pregnant because by then she should have reached a stable weight and be able to provide her baby with sufficient nutrition.

It has been shown that having gastric bypass can actually result in a boost in fertility. For instance, a woman having problems conceiving due to obesity will actually start ovulating after the surgery. Women who are afflicted with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can also get a boost in fertility after having bypass surgery because research has shown that women with PCOS who have had the surgery had their reproductive abnormalities resolved.For women who have had gastric bypass surgery and became pregnant shortly after the surgery, their health care providers will monitor them carefully during their pregnancy to make sure there are no problems with the mom and the baby. If you are planning to have gastric bypass and are concerned about pregnancy after having the surgery, it is important to talk to your health care provider to learn about any potential problems. If you recently became pregnant not long after having gastric bypass, it is important to inform your health care provider right away so that you can begin a nutritional program that will protect you and your baby throughout the pregnancy which will include monitoring your vitamin levels regularly.

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