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How to Disable “OK Google” on Your Android

Many people are concern about their device privacy while using digital assistants. Are you worried about the privacy of your Android device? Then disable “OK Google” on your Android by following the steps mentioned below.

Steps for Turning Off  “OK Google”

•    Go to the Settings application on the Android…


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How to Fix Google Drive ‘Waiting to Upload’ Error

Google Cloud has become an important application in our daily lives. When Google Drive is not working properly or showing Google Drive ‘waiting to upload’ error, then you can fix this problem by following the steps mentioned below.

1.    Check Up Your Internet Connection

•    In case you are using Windows 10 on your…


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How to Turn On Automatic Active Hours on Windows 10

The Active Hours feature helps the users to fix the reboot issue which asks them to update all the installed programs on Windows 10 computer. Nobody wants to restart their system when they are reading an important document or trying to win a game. So, follow the steps mentioned below to turn on automatic

Active Hours  on Windows…


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How to Turn Off Keychain on Your Mac

If you share your Mac with a colleague, then that person will be able to access all the information of your user account. You can permit others to sign in to your account as a guest user. But you can also turn off the Keychain on the Mac so that no one can guess your password. Here’s how to turn off Keychain on your Mac.

Steps for…


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Best Ways to Reset Your Windows 10 Admin Password

All computer system has one password protected account which is called as administrator. However, on a computer system, an administrator is a local security group or account that unhindered the access to delete, modify, create files, folders, and settings on that computer system. Therefore, losing or forgetting the Windows 10 administrator’s password might be an immense difficulty for the users. For securing your administrator password in Windows 10, all you need to do is often reset your…


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Laptop Touchpad Not Working Properly? Learn How to Fix it

If your laptop touchpad is not working, it might be a tricky situation for many users whose works completely depends on the laptop. Users would lose the power of their system as no standard, or latest technology computers can perform appropriately without having a pointing device. However, the reason behind this issue might be software or hardware of the Windows 10 device. Though the issues are quite ordinary and encounter by many other users across the globe, nevertheless, it is uncommon…


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How to Format an SD Card for a Camera

After some time, your SD card storage may get full. You can quickly solve this problem by formatting it. In this blog, we will explore how you can format an SD card for a camera to clear the files..

Steps for Formatting an SD Card for a Camera

If you go through the formatting process of the SD card, then the possibility…


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How to Get Instagram on Kindle Fire HD

If you wish to download and install the Instagram application for Kindle Fire HD, then you have to go to the Amazon Appstore, or by going to the other app store to start this procedure. Here’s how to install Instagram for Kindle Fire HD.

Steps to Install Instagram for Kindle Fire HD Through the Amazon Appstore

•    Go to…


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How to Change Notification Sound for Google Reminders

Every application has a notification feature, and Google Assistant is no different. If you have bored with the same default sound for your apps and wish to change the notification sound for Google Reminders, then you can change it by following the steps mentioned below.

How to Change Google Assistant Reminder Sound?



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How to Change Account on App Store

You can log out from your recent Apple ID and login with another account to the App Store. After you change the Apple ID log-in, you can use the account which you had created through the App Store and iTunes Store. By going to the App Store settings, you can adjust the country and region option as per your wish. Go through the instructions listed below to change account on App Store.…


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How to Fix Downloading Issue in Microsoft Store

Do you want to download an app from the Microsoft Store of your Windows computer but it fails to download? Maybe the problem is with the Store. By doing these simple things, you can fix the issue. Here is what you’ve to do and how.

Change your PC’s date and time settings

1.     Activate the ‘Search bar’ of your…


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How to fix Google Play Store has stopped working error

Stopped working errors are really annoying. You’re downloading your favorite game or an important app, suddenly the app closes and a message pops up “Unfortunately, Google Play Store/services has stopped working.” The error mostly occurs in Android Smartphone and tablets. Low storage space, corrupted data, an old version app, etc. will be the reason you’re encountering the issue. Here are some tricks to rectify this error message.…


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How To Change The Windows 10 Login Screen Background And Desktop Wallpaper

Do you want to add on a personalized touch to your PC? If yes, then read the given below instructions carefully. For instance, it can be done by putting your Windows sign-in screen background and desktop wallpaper according to your likes. The changes can be done by visiting the Settings application.

The method of changing Windows 10…


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How to access & delete details from iCloud Keychain on iPhone

For any reason,if you want to remove your personal information or credit card information from iCloud Keychain, then you can delete them manually. Here is how.

How to access your passwords in iCloud Keychain with iPhone

In some websites, the autofill feature will not work. If in all of the sites your iPhone is unable to…


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How To Fix MacBook Pro Startup Issues?

Did your MacBook Pro stop working? Are you getting worried about it?  Well, there can be multiple causes behind this issue, and it is not very hard to fix. Go through this blog carefully and get the solution for it. In this blog, you shall get different ways of solving the issues related to your MacBook Pro. So follow the steps that have been mentioned below.…


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How To Fix No Service Or Signal On iPhone 8?

The experience of using the iPhone 8 Plus is fantastic. Its structure is amazing, and it functions smoothly, so generally, the users love using it. But sometimes they do face some problems like cellular data issues. The users may find ‘No service’ message on their iPhone, and if you encounter this issue, then you shall not be able to make calls, share texts or use the data of your phone. Prefer going through this blog thoroughly for fixing the issue that you are facing on your iPhone…


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How To Spring Clean Your Facebook Account?

I am sure that spring cleaning is not among the tasks that you would have made s note of, but it should be among one of them. Cyber safety should always be given importance. You should present your Facebook account in such a way that the your profile visitors become impressed. So, this spring, clean your Facebook profile and make it impressive.…


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How To Send Texts From PC?

Messaging is done generally from phones. But exceptions do always exist. People do come across problems when they do need to send texts from PC. If you are looking for a way to send texts from your computer, then here is how you can do it.

The method of sending messages from PC by using Android Messages

  1. Firstly, go…

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How to Send Podcasts to the Apple TV

The Apple TV in-built podcasts application is the best thing to get Apple podcasts on the large display of the Apple TV. In case the users cannot find their favorite podcast that they wish to connect with their smart television, the follow the steps which are given below to know more about it.

Steps for Getting Podcasts on the Apple TV…


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How to Setup Call Forwarding in iPhone XR

Call forwarding in one of the most significant features that allow users to forward incoming calls to any another number on the iPhone. It works great for both individuals and businesses, and easy to set up in your iPhone. Whenever you don’t feel like taking a call or don’t want to listen to the sound of incoming calls on your iPhone, you can use this outstanding feature. If you desire to use this feature on iPhone XR but don’t have any idea to activate the call forwarding process, this post…


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