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Madden 20: how to slide the QB

While Madden 20 has added some exciting new features, such as superstar x-factor players, it has also encountered several problems with the game's unique gameplay, such as how to slide the QB, which is challenging to master in this update. In addition to the necessary Madden Coins, here's what you need to know about how to coast perfectly in Madden 20 for…


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League of Towers: Path of Exile to Tower Defense

The new Path of Exile update (Action RPG Multiplayer) adds the original tower defense mechanism. The last Legion of the Veterans Challenge Alliance - the Legion was famous for its success. Blight is the newest member of the Dungeon Crawler lineup, chasing him to find new content players. Although all challenge alliances are unique, this Alliance is more so than the previous Alliance. Want to enhance your game? Get better gear and fight the plague with…


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Madden 20: Slider settings for the realistic NFL experience PS4 and Xbox One

Madden 20 can be said to be a realistic simulation of the NFL, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Each player has experienced some moments, causing them to yell "that will never happen!" and frustrate the controller. And in Madden 20, players will use Madden NFL 20 Coins to improve themselves, which is the most significant difference with the NFL.



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Path of Exile: About Pathfinder Iceshot Voidfletcher

Path of Exile's pathfinder IceshotVoidfletcher built with a variety of variations, so we're not going to discuss it. Its focus is on Voidfletcher, a vibrating device with many exciting effects. Of course, you don't have to insert Path of Exile Orbs to achieve this effect.

Combine it with a good bow and archery skills, and you can clear the map with little effort. Recommended…


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Madden 20: New X-Factor scene for franchise mode – October title update is live

In the past, we wrote about Madden's lack of attention to the franchise model. It seems that EA Sports has listened to at least a little bit, at least, listening to Madden 20's latest title update.

We are fortunate to be able to live in a game world, and after the world is released, the game can be continuously improved. Although it widely believed that this is a good version of Madden and has enhanced in recent iterations, there are still some problems with stability, and players who…


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Path of Exile: Breaking the latest content in the quarterly update

On September 9th, Grinding Gear Games was honored to release the Path of Exile: Blight! It is the latest news on the quarterly expansion of Path of Exile. Each expansion introduces a new challenge alliance, powerful POE Items, skill POE Chaos Orb, reorganization of game style metadata in exile and more.

In Path of Exile: Fusarium, dangerous fungal growth has…


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MUT 20: Calvin Johnson returns to Madden Ultimate Team as FS

EA revealed the next player to join the Madden 20 Ultimate Team as part of the MUT 10th Anniversary Series. It is the catcher of the legendary Detroit Lions, Calvin Johnson. Many fans who like him are already looking forward to it, and more and more people are buying Madden NFL 20 Coins.

During his limited time in the NFL (many fans hope that his career will…


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Path of Exile: The withered sign celebrates its usability through the trailer

Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games MMO, has been on the market for more than five years. Gradually, developers have added multiple aspects of the content to make her recommendations more attractive, a reality that will replicate alongside Blight (the next extension to video games). In addition to the usual additions, this will focus on adding a tower defense model to the proposed role of the study, making it more novel in terms of playability.

Therefore, within the framework of the…


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Path of Exile: Blight is now available for PC

The developer Grinding Gear Games released a fantastic announcement earlier, telling us that the latest extension of its popular RPG, Path of Exile, has been released on the PC! Path of Exile: Blight, this new extension combines the classic action RPG in the base game with the new tower defense system, bringing a unique game style to the world of Path of Exile!

This expansion introduced the player to a new NPC called Cassia, who told the player that the dangerous fungus growth is…


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Lazy EA developers copy and paste Madden NFL 19 into Madden NFL 20

Over the years, EA has become complacent and lazy, as evidenced by the disastrous release of Anthem, Battlefront 2, and other products. The annual franchise particularly hard hit and suffered from franchise fatigue, and even at some point, even developers no longer care. It seems that this is happening in Madden NFL 20, where EA developers used the 2019 booth banner.

A fan shared a short video on Facebook showing how Madden NFL 19's banner ads represent Madden NFL 19, which means it…


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Path of Exile's newest member, Blight, debuts at PC

Later, RPG fans may play "The Land of Nowhere 3", but "Path of Exile: Blight" has been launched a few days before this month, this is a free, excellent new member of hack'n' slash. The extension is now available for PCs and has well received by fans.

The creators of the Path of Exile are amazed at the idea of ​​continually breaking through the boundaries of creativity in the hack'n'slash style. This time, they came up with the idea of ​​adding elements to the game... Tower Defense!…


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Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team Guide: Tips, Packaging Prices, and Dealing Opportunities

In this case, the main attraction of any Madden game is the ultimate team mode or MUT. The Madden NFL 20 is no exception. But how do you succeed? Let's take a look at some essential tips here. Be sure to check out our handy guide here to learn how to make Madden NFL 20 Coins.

First, when choosing a team, choose a team with a balanced script. Once your ultimate…


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The emergence of Path of Exile 4.0 will not be earlier than one year

Path of Exile regularly accepts changes to the league, and these changes bring a lot of news to the game and bring a lot of appeals. However, the most prominent emotions always cause significant updates, which reverses the Path of Exile. One of them is the 4.0 patch, which will be a real revolution in this product. But I think that the mechanism of using POE Currency will not change…


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Madden's free new Superstar KO model is short and sweet

In Madden, NBA 2K, MLB The Show or other simulated sports games, a typical exhibition game may take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. Nowadays, everyone can quickly get a lot of entertainment options, which may require too much.

The Madden NFL 20's new Superstar KO model is EA Sports' latest attempt - perhaps the most impressive effort to date - to shorten the time of individual competitions while ensuring that players still feel that they have a satisfactory sporting…


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Path of Exile: Blight patch fixes some issues - retention important but not affected

After a week of Path of Exile's new Wilderness League, players can provide developers with a lot of feedback to improve their mechanics and fix bugs. Patch 3.8.1 dedicated to most annotations, but the community is still frustrated.

Now, adventurers in the Path of Exile world have reviewed together with the new Wilderness League for more than a week. In this game, developers have inspired the type of tower defense game for information about destroying dangerous plants: when the…


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Hands-on: Madden NFL 20 superstar KO mode channel NFL blitz

An impressive Aaron Rodgers is on the sidelines, and the NFL season opener between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers last week was quite ordinary. Although there are many places to watch for defensive games, the reason we participate in football every Sunday is to watch a big game - this is the new Superstar KO mode of Madden NFL 20.

While it retains the simulation gameplay of the core game, EA Sports' experimental mode is guiding the NFL Blitz in the best possible way. This…


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'Path of Exile' Beginner's Guide and Tips

Nothing is better than a great ARPG, and almost anyone can sink into it. Illustration: Path of Exile. Although PoE does not necessarily have the delicate polishing and bite of Diablo III, it certainly can make up for it in terms of content.

The Path of Exile was developed and published by Grinding Gear Games and can play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, whether on the console or the desktop, you can end up buying the necessary POE Orbs and…


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Path of Exile, then pull, after the new rescue box is angry

If you've been following the entire game world for the past two years, you've already heard of one or two surrounding game trophy boxes. Ok, we can use Path of Exile to add another one to the list, but this has a unique tilt, and some players feel that Internet thugs may have stolen a useful new feature from them.

Earlier this week, Grinding Gear Games launched the Salvage Box. After spending 30 points or…


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Path of Exile cancels controversial nested micro reaction exercise box

Almost everyone likes Path of Exile, but if someone might have reason to complain, it is the game's booty box. Of course, they are entirely cosmetic - in the game you care more about the data of your equipment than the appearance of it, which is not so bad, but gamers can only take so much before opening the rebellion.

That's what happened when the new Salvage Box was released yesterday, just a few days after the Blight expansion. Because there is no duplicate guarantee in the PoE…


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lowns in Path of Exile: New Lootboxes split the PoE community

Last Friday, Path of Exile's new league began to be successful, and each season, Blight will join the original cosmetics robbery box. However, the latest boxing theme - Dark Carnival - makes many players feel uncomfortable.

The new Cheap POE Items include clown costumes and big tents that you can put in your hideout, but obviously, only a few players like it.



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