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How is Data Analytics Solving Modern Marketing Challenges?

Most businesses are facing an avalanche of challenges in their Digital Transformation journeys. The importance of Big Data analytics can no longer be overlooked, especially when it comes to dealing with the current trends. The current trends are driven by a gamut of advanced technologies such as the Internet of things,…


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Why businesses of Hyderabad should go solar?

Hyderabad, also famously known as the city of pearls, it is said to be the most economically flourishing cities in India. Reputed as a global hub for trade in the past, the city has grown to become the largest contributor to Telangana State’s GDP.…


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Why Skill-Based Learning and Soft Skills are important at Schools

What does good education give you? A box full of useful facts which is required to navigate the world of work and a handsome package? Or does one need a set of soft skills to manage education change in the future and familiarise oneself with changes susceptible in the future?

Many educationalists and politicians go back and forth contemplating between knowledge and skills. However, truth be told a good education…


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Why is MBA Important

The world today is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity; and fueled by technology and in the midst of all this, it’s understood that entry into the business world is through a good management course.…


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