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Rage 2: Tips To Obtain Settler Pistol

It’s been about 30 years since the first iteration of Rage came to existence, but Avalanche Studios in association with id Software have finally developed a sequel to the classic Rage title to introduce the thrill and excitement of the Rage title to modern gamers. 

 The latest Rage 2 title features a Settler Pistol which previous Rage players would remember as the Settler Pistol was utilized by Nicholas Raine who was the protagonist of the Rage.

To obtain a Settler Pistol…


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Mordhau: Guide To Use The Lute

Surprisingly enough Steam’s exclusive Mordhau title features Lute, a good alternative to use as a weapon in a battlefield. Although it is not entirely effective on the battlefield, still players around the globe are combining this unique weapon type with other useable items like Frying Pan.

Gamers can refer to the tips and tricks mentioned below to better know the use of the Lute in the Mordhau game and utilize it to their utmost advantage. First and foremost Mordhau players will be…


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How Long Does It Take To Complete Rage 2?

Rage 2 is out for all gamers to delve in the realm of intense combat and gore open world interactions. Still, many players and fans are speculating as to how much time is required to complete the entire game.

As many gamers are on the hook of deciding to purchase the title and desire to know how much time could they engage with the Rage 2 to absolutely accomplish every in-game challenge and quest.

Many gamers pre-ordered the Rage 2 title and have access to the title after…


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How to Send and Save Attachments in Mail on Mac

Pictures, documents, or any kind of file for that matter, can be attached to emails and send so that the recipient can open and save the file on their device. You can save attachments that you receive in emails on your Mac. Sending and saving attachments in Mail on Mac is pretty easy once you know how. Hence, let’s get you up to speed by guiding you through the process.

Sending attachments in the Mail app

Mail users can attach pictures, videos, documents, and a…


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How to Update Alexa Settings for More Privacy

While smart speakers are convenient and fun to use, they come with certain privacy and security issues. If you have an Amazon Echo device, then you might be getting concerned about your privacy. Well, here are the settings you can update to improve your privacy when using Amazon Echo.

Amazon Alexa Privacy Settings You Need To Enable

Launch the Alexa application. After opening the Alexa app, go to Settings, tap on Alexa account and Alexa privacy. The privacy…


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Effective Ways to Install Public Beta 3 iOS 12.3 on your iPhone or iPad

Effective Ways to Install Public Beta 3 iOS 12.3 on your iPhone or iPad

Recently, Apple released iOS 3 Public Beta 3 version on 22 April 2019 with some exciting features which require to be tested before it can be utilized by millions of Apple users across the globe. Currently, it used only by the members of the Public Beta Software Program. As a result of this, Apple is allowing interested users to check out iOS 12.3 and give their feedback before it comes into wide…


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How to Stream Your Music Library on an Android Device

Looking for a way to stream your music collection to an Android tablet or mobile? Here is the easiest method to get this done.  There are varieties of methods and programs available, and you may get confused while selecting one. AirStream application is free as well as easy to set up, so it one of the easiest way to stream music library to an Android device.

How to download, install and setup AirStream on Android

1.    Open ‘Google Play Store’ app.

2.   …


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How to Delete a YouTube Account or Channel

Want to delete your identity from YouTube? Deleting your YouTube account will remove the videos you have shared along with your posted comments. YouTube is addictive, if you’re wasting a chunk of your time on YouTube, then the removing account will help you. But, it’s a tricky task, you should be careful while deleting your YouTube account. If your channel is the reason behind, then you’ve one more option, hide your channel. Here are the simple steps to delete a YouTube account and…


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How to Rotate Screen in Windows

You can use many different methods to rotate your system screen in Windows. You might use an Intel HD Graphics, iRotate app, display settings, and keyboard shortcut. When you use a keyboard shortcut to rotate the screen, then this procedure depends on the hardware and software on your Windows PC. Go through the instructions mentioned below to rotate screen in Windows.

Steps to Rotate Screen on Computers Using an Intel HD Graphics

•    Click on the Control +…


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How to Protect PDF Documents with Password

PDFs are not a paper document, but they can be equally or even more important. PDF is the most common file format of documents and can be opened in most of the applications and devices. So, if you also have important PDF files and want to secure them, then here are some ways to protect them. You can lock your PDF documents with a password so that no one can open it without entering the password. There are a couple of programs and services available for free that you can use to lock your…


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How to Stop Websites from Redirecting

You’re browsing the internet, suddenly you see a link and find it interesting and click on it, but instead of opening the website you want to visit it redirects you to another page- It’s really annoying. These redirects can be unsafe for your device, some start installing unwanted software automatically whereas some force you to download stuff. Luckily, you can prevent these redirects by blocking them in your web browser. Here is how to block webpage from redirecting in your…


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5 Best Text Editors to Enhance Work Productivity

Text editors are a lifeline for umpteen of working professionals and organizations. They are great taking simple notes or writing complex codes. There are a large number of great text editors that you can find in the market. Some are best for the ones who are getting started with coding while some work best for the experienced developers. The best text editors that will speed up your work process are described below.

The best text editors:

1. Sublime…


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Best Way to Install Wireless Networking Card on PC

Wireless networking has made things simpler to an extent. However, all the computers still not being offered with a wireless networking card. It is not a daunting task to install a wireless networking card on your PC though. You can quickly install a wireless networking card on your own by using the method described in this blog. If you don’t want to install a wireless internet card, you can choose to use the USB dongle as well. Use the below-given guide to install the wireless networking…


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How to Connect Mobile Phones to Sony PS4

Do you want to connect and synchronize your phone to your PlayStation? Well, you can either use the PlayStation Mobile app or access the My PlayStation Service. Moreover, you can also use the Remote Play app for this. To know about it in more detail, keep reading.

Using the PlayStation Mobile App

With the mobile app for PlayStation, one can check out profiles, compare awards, and buy games. The purchased content will automatically get downloaded to the console…


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8 Best Alternatives for Pulse SMS in 2019

Pulse is a popular messaging app that allows users to send and receive SMS from any device. The users just need to link their phone number, and then they can use their Wearable, tab, or web browser to manage their messages. If you are looking for more apps like Pulse, then you are in the right place.

Here are the best alternatives for Pulse SMS app.

  • Zero SMS

Zero SMS is one of the most lightweight private messaging apps that…


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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Home System

Smart home technology has become quite common in contemporary households. If you want to bring this technology to your home, then there are a few things you need to consider. Here are five questions you need to ask yourself before you get a smart home automation solution.

  • How reliable is your wireless network?

You need to ascertain how stable your wireless connection is. Is the speed of the network good and is its range strong? A number of smart…


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Pokemon GO: New Latios Raid Week Confirmed For Upcoming Week

Pokemon GO trainers are undergoing with its April Community Day Event and Raid Battles. Still, fans and community members are excited to know about the upcoming new Pokemon to the title and what more content would be available in the near future.

And to a surprise the developers behind the origin of this mobile AR game, Niantic has also assured that the new event is just down the road and players will be able to enjoy an exclusive new shiny type pocket…


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Fortnite: How To Find Season 8 Week 7 Secret Battle Star Location

Fortnite fans are ongoing with a series of new challenges for the week 7 of season 8 and this time around Epic Games are preparing to introduce a secretive Battle Star for players to grab on to in the new week 7.

Previously for week 6, players of Fortnite were required to hunt of a hidden Banner and this time around gamers have to look for the hidden Battle Pass from the in-game map to assure a level up in their current tier.

If a player has managed to accomplish all the…


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6 Reasons Why It Is Important To Install Antivirus Updates

You are working on an important work assignment, and your security software notification pops up to remind you about an update. What actions do you take?

If you think that installing an antivirus solution is sufficient for protecting your computer, then you are wrong. While the choice for updating or not updating might seem trivial, but making the wrong choice here could prove disastrous. While often people defer updates and keep delaying it, it is not a good practice. Delaying the…


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Tips and Tricks to up your Crypto Game

Things being what they are, you think about the Bitcoin exchange; acknowledged how profitable they are and now you need to have your very own portion, eh? This magical digital cash can be exchanged to make buys which are verified through an installment door that is right away accessible in any place on the earth. It is fascinating to take note of the fact that any bank or government body don’t direct this advanced cash, and, it is overseen by speculators and its clients on a decentralized…


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