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Say Hello to the First Underground Hotel in the World – Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland

Soon, some of the best hotel-room photos will be coming from the Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland. This unique 5-star hotel—considered to be an architectural marvel, is located in Songjiang, around 35 km from Shanghai. The top reason to consider this hotel to be a feat of engineering is that 18…


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Cities in Europe Re-imagined by the Hands of This Illustrator

Nowadays, everyone documents their trips by taking a photo. And Why wouldn’t they? A picture, as they say, speaks a thousand words. Artist Maxwell Tilse, on the other hand, chooses to take a different path. Traveling across several cities in Europe, Tilse chooses to illustrate these cities on postcards. The 23-year-old Australian artist currently lives in London, but he’s taking it upon himself to create intricate…


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Gateway Arch Museum | Cooper Robertson

Located at the base of the iconic Gateway Arch designed by Eero Saarinen, is the majestic underground Gateway Arch museum. The international competition, The City + The Arch + The River 2015, was won by …


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Shenzhen C Future City Experience Center | CCD (Cheng Chung Design)

A cavern wonderland with marks of the former fishing village: Shangsha is a unique urban village located in the young city ShenzhenChina. It used to be a coastal fishing village, which has developed along with the renewal of the city, while now it is witnessing the rising of C Future City. Through reflecting on the…


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Flower Market | Atelier Didier Dalmas Architectes Associés

Flower Market is designed by Atelier Didier Dalmas, The A3 block is the first block of the new ZAC “Lyon Confluence II” to be developed. It’s a prototype. His ambition is to invent a way of life characteristic of the new neighborhood.

The A3 block has a privileged location within the ZAC. On one side, it’s exposed on the major axis of the confluence…


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Check Out the Domino Sugar Factory Park After Completion

Dominated by New York’s Iconic Domino Sugar Factory, Brooklyn’s waterfront has been renovated through the introduction of a new public park.  The US architectural landscape firm, James Corner Field Operations delivered a design inspired by the site’s rich…


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David Cardelús photographs Antoni Gaudí’s El Capricho

David Cardelús is a Spanish architectural photographer who specialized in representing contemporary architecture for architectural firms and national and international publishing companies, has takes a series of photographs of El Capricho, that in 1883, Máximo Díaz de Quijano, an “Indiano” enriched in America, commissioned to Antoni Gaudí with what would be a summer villa near the…


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Studio Gang’s 11 Hoyt: First Look at the Interiors and Private Park

Designed by Studio Gang, a new 57-story-tower at 11 Hoyt Street is set to be the latest addition to the skyline of Downtown, Brooklyn. With skyscrapers being built across the globe, the tallest building in the world keeps getting updated. Tishman Speyer recently released renderings of the new condo to coincide with the sales launch of its apartments and…


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Chairless Chair | Sapetti

The Chairless Chair is a flexible wearable ergonomic sitting support. The main application is for the manufacturing companies, where workers are required to stand for long period of time and traditional sitting methods are not suitable, representing and obstacles in the work area. With the Chairless Chair, the users walk together with the sitting support while wearing it, without obstructing the workspace, at…


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“The Challenge”: An exhibit on the Visionary Ando at Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou that got a £90 million worth of renovations on its 40th anniversary, is hosting “The Challenge”, a retrospective exhibition on the works of the internationally acclaimed Japanese architect, Tadao Ando. Organized by the Japan Foundation, Center Pompidou, and the Tadao Ando Exhibition Committee, the exhibition showcases the endeavors of the  …


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Best Architecture Firms in the US | The 2016 Architect 50

The Architect Magazine has unveiled its list of the 50 best architecture firms in the US. In its eighth year, the Architect 50 ranks the top firms for business, design, and sustainability based on how firms perform in these three categories. This year, William Rawn Associates in business, ZGF Architects in sustainability, and Marlon Blackwell Architects in design headed the top three slots in the overall ranking. Last year’s Top 50 firms, ranging in size from 35 to well over 1,000 employees,…


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10 Tips for Creating a Winning Architecture Portfolio

The architecture portfolio is the greatest tool in the hands of a student or a professional architect to present themselves and their work to potential employers, clients or tutors. Whether to get architecture jobs with no experience, or want to build up your academic and professional career, there are some golden rules for organizing your work, present your skills and stand out from the…


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How Biomimicry Enhances Creativity in Architecture

Biomimetic Architecture is now on the rise. Therefore, discovering its potentials is vital. Now, There are Biomimetic wind turbine trees & furniture that uses the principles of Biomimicry. Read on to find out How Biomimicry Enhances Creativity in Architecture.…


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6 Buildings You Must Visit in Barcelona Designed by Antoni Gaudí

Antoni Gaudí is an outstanding Spanish architect who was born in the mid-19th century. He studied architecture at the Llotja School and the Barcelona Higher School of Architecture, and he graduated in 1878.



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Earthship Homes | Michael Reynolds

Earthship Homes by Michael Reynolds – Genius Specimens of Indigenous Shelters: The three-step solution ‘reduce – reuse – recycle’ has been rhetorically exploited by anyone and everyone, who’s genuinely concerned or even vaguely aware about the global issue of environmental degradation. Down the line, waste management becomes critical. While the popular belief suggests that once the waste is out of sight, combusted or eliminated somewhere ‘away’ from the habitation, the majority of the…


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12 Of The Most Expensive Houses In The World

Mentioning the word ‘Home’ evokes a sense of comfort and modesty. For most of us, it’s not the size that matters as much as the soothe and security, we feel within this place called home. Well, for those who are listed as the richest people on Earth, there’s more to a ‘home’, than just modesty and utility. To these, who ace the lists of ‘Forbes’ Top Billionaires’ and ‘The Most Expensive House In The World’, home is…


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‘Oculus NYC’ World Trade Center Transportation Hub | Santiago Calatrava

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub ‘Oculus NYC’ designed by Santiago Calatrava, is conceived at street level as a freestanding structure situated on axis along the southern edge of the “Wedge of Light” plaza. As described in Daniel Libeskind’s master plan for the site,…


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9 Things You Didn’t Know about Frank Gehry!

Considering the architects who have left a stigma in contemporary architecture, Frank Gehry pops up to mind automatically. The geometric abstraction of his buildings makes his work recognizable worldwide. His success made him a celebrity, a star architect, known for his ingeniousness, marketing leadership, even some scandals, and failures. “Context is the whole thing,” says Goldberger, who has been following his career since his early years. (Budds D., 2015).



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Record-breaker: ‘Shanghai Tower’ The World’s Second Tallest Building Completed in Shanghai

Piercing the Sky – What is the Tallest Buildings in the World? Breaking a world record, Gensler architects have officially completed the world’s second tallest building. Known as the Shanghai Tower,…


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What is Lego Architecture? Here Is the Complete Story

Who doesn’t know about Lego? You have probably built one or two or a hundred models from these plastic interlocking blocks as a kid (and maybe not just as a kid). The manufacturers of these toy blocks have targeted “learning and development through play”, and we can safely assume that they have achieved more than what they had bargained for. After 66 years from its kick-start in Billund, Denmark, LEGO managed to become the world’s most powerful brand. Now, Lego does not only stand for…


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