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Price Ranges of FIFA 16

Everyone fucking says this, but how? I have a good team that was well worth over a million before price ranges (Suarez, Neymar, Robben) and now they're barely 500k (if they even sold). Messi is 1.3 million, I can't trade informs anymore, you can't buy Fifa 16 coins, so how do you get those coins? Play 50 matches a day?

I'm guessing he's one of many people (like myself), who don't need to have multiple IF or TOTY cards to have a…


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FIFA 16 Ideas

I've been trying to sell Yaya Toure for weeks now. He's at CM, with 99 contracts and fitness, and Shadow chem. When I first listed him, his min was 160k. Then it dropped to 130k. And now it's 110k and he still won't sell.

Either price ranges need to be dynamic or attended to frequently enough to allow people to sell.

I release this idea under the most open-source MIT license available so EA may freely and legally use it as they see fit.

Yeah but it can all go wrong if…


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FUT 16 worth starting or not

FIFA is my most played game, but I have only ever played Versus/seasons. I hover in divisions 1 and 2. I've never played FUT before, should I start playing when 16 comes out, or maybe even now?

I don't want to spend any real money.

I'm tempted to start, because I am incredibly sick of playing Real Madrid 75% of my games. But, I do prefer playing with a 5 star team (Chelsea, personally).

I know next to nothing about formations, or how I would build a good team.]



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A Good Idea for FUT 16

Ive seen a lot of great concepts for FIFA 16 in relation to packs , UI Menus and what not and they're all awesome and I would also like to add my 2 cents... and its about packs which I think would benefit a game.

Right now packs are the following in regards to rating... Everyone under 65 OVR = Bronze Everyone between 66-74 = Silver Everyone Over 75 = Gold

why don't they just change this to... Bronze = 65 and under Silver = 66 - 80 Gold = 80 and above

This would bring more…


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What do I think about FIFA 16

I've had Fifa 15 for ages now. I've only ever been able to verse one of my real life mates online (with actual clubs, not Ultimate Team) or play career/co-op friendlies with my mate in person (sharing my PC). Trying to find an opponent by myself using real clubs takes forever. It takes even longer when trying to search with a guest. More often than not, I simply won't find a player. Most importantly, though, Ultimate Team has NEVER worked. That was the whole reason I bought Fifa 15. I don't…


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FIFA 16 Discussions

There's probably only one question I want to ask, but as normal forum rules apply I will have to word it carefully....

...Are there any noticeable "Gameplay Issues" in the PS4 version?

Now I think about it, I would also like to know whether people have any difficulty finding an opponent... for example, it is obvious that there are a lot of PS3 users (so it is relatively easy to find an opponent on PS3) but if you are using the PS4 and if I am right to believe the matches don't…


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FIFA 16: Genius Solution

It's my turn to propose a solution to the FUT Market/Coinseller dilemma. Obviously, EA are losing money when people buy coins rather than FIFA points. However, I think i've found a solution. EA should give fifa points more value. Currently, if you spend $20 you'll get 2200 fifa points which translates to roughly 14 premium gold packs.

However, with those same $20 you're able to purchase about 200k coins (beginning of FUT prices). Obviously, people are going to purchase coins as they…


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FIFA 16: remove the trade market

This will be a long post . I was thinking about the how the market has been torn apart by inflation and the negative effect it has on the enjoyment of this game. Looking at other card based games there are some lessons to be learnt.

So here is a proposal which would mean that you reset your mind. In other words forget how it is today as there is no quick fix to this problem. Abuse of the web app will always happen, as security will always be a problem.

Let’s start by the first…


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Kit Names no longer supported in FIFA 16

I have been playing FIFA since FIFA 12, and I noticed that in FIFA 14, my created player was assigned a random name on the back of his jersey instead of the name I chose or the kit. I have contacted support via live chat and was basically told that this was no longer supported or allowed even though the option to name the kit is still present. If this is the case, then EA really killed a great feature.

I can't speak for anyone else, but when I go through the trouble of creating a…


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The Improvements of FIFA 16 Gameplay

Even if they strangled it down to 5mb d/l (which they don't), the game still shouldn't lag. If anything, people should be looking at their ping.

Saying that, it's clearly not a connection problem if other games are fine.

If I play Clubs etc. the connection's fine. If I play Seasons, 95% of the games are laggy as hell. Now that would be one hell of a coincidence that my broadband chooses to be fine for some modes i.e. playing on EA's servers, and terrible for the others i.e.…


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FIFA 16: the Price Ranges

My personal experience was that it was not fun. Due to the chaotic and unregulated market that began at the end of FUT14, the game mode stopped being fun so I stopped buying FPs and actually ultimately traded my copy of Fifa 15 in.

I would say that it is a mixture of disillusioned people like myself who stopped buying FPs and those other disillusioned people who felt compelled to buy Fifa 16 coins instead of buying FPs that were…


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75 Games Per Day in FIFA 16

the whole coins selling process could be eradicated hiring 10 people to watch markets.

if i could have an excel file with daily transation i will need 10 minutes to ban all the buyer/sellers of a bronze contract or bronze player for 1.5m.

and no, before someone says "it could be a mistake", it is not.

im not allowed to give coins to a friend or move coins from one account to another because reading the TOS i can only have one account.

so every suspect…


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Will FIFA 16 threatened by it's patches

I cannot believe this latest patch and how it has ruined the flow of the game. Unlike many, i was okay with this iteration and found overall that it was my favorite fifa to date. Defending became more skill based and unforgiving.

Striking was less about spamming trick moves (although still very effective) and more about momentum and slick passing. More than ever you could split defenses and release speedy players which has been exhilarating. I use arsenal exclusively and finding ways…


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The New Ideas for upcoming FIFA 16

It would be amazing if you are able to create and design your own shoes just like in the FIFA Games.

AND it would be amazing if FIFA could create the real COACHES once and for all!!

For example, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Van Gaal, Guardiola, Pellegrini, Simione, Wanger and rest of the "Big coaches" so the game will be more realistic.

Beacuse they are also the teams fron man!

I remember FIFA designed and create the coaches for FIFA world Cup 2010, so why not do it again…


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EA Still Has to Work on FIFA 16

First of all i would like to see a far more realistic game. I would even agree with less skilled players quitting the game against me like in previous years instead of them scoring from the kickoff only by running through my half. There is no skill needed to score after kickoff - you only need ronaldo or bale. And thats the next problem. Real is so overrated. Its all about speed and not about a proper build up play.

Next Point is they should make manual "more" manual again and set it…


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FIFA 16: Will Ultimate Team Alright

-Word Class Tournaments are far too difficult to play. Players dribble like legandary players. Tournaments should be difficulty: proffessional. Besides for example lower rating teams like elche fc dribble like they are fc Barcelona. Impossible. Make adjustments.

-You should get more coins if you win a tournament...good players are far too expensive...where is the fun in playing if you never going to earn enough coins to buy them?? except if you are buying and selling players all year…


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