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How to deal with the noise of the hammer crusher?

The hammer crusher belongs to the hematite iron ore processing. It is a crusher with medium and fine crushing operation and high-efficiency crushing ability. However, the inconspicuous bumps in the work will produce abnormal noise, the environment and the mind and body of the operators. Bringing certain hazards, how to deal with the noise problem of the hammer crusher, the pioneering mechanical technicians summed up a series of problems…


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Factors affecting the magnetic separator

The magnetic separator is a highly versatile mineral processing equipment. It has the characteristics of flexibility, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc. It can be used for magnetic separation of magnetic iron ore, as well as for non-metallic minerals, coal, building materials, etc. The iron and metal removal operations of the materials can be seen in the fields of mining, chemical, chemical, food, coal, and timber industries.

According to the survey, domestic…


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What are the causes of the failure of the construction waste pulverizer to discharge the standard?

With the accelerating urbanization process, the number of construction wastes generated and discharged in cities is also growing rapidly. People enjoy the urban civilization, and the problems caused by construction waste are becoming more and more serious. The disposal and reuse of construction waste is also It has become the number one problem now, and the sales volume of construction waste crusher has been…


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The importance of the blade of Raymond Mill in milling operations

Raymond mill is a key equipment in the industrial milling industry. Its quality directly determines production efficiency and output, but there are many factors that affect its production efficiency. For example, the quality of accessories determines the performance of Raymond mill. As a very important blade in the accessories, if the blade is worn out, it will cause the Raymond mill to not work properly, which will…


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How to solve the oil leakage of Raymond mill bearing box

How to solve the oil leakage of the fan bearing box of the Raymond mill? According to the structure of the fan bearing box, there are several reasons for oil leakage. First, the oil seal of the bearing box is broken, and oil leakage occurs. However, this problem is a comparison. For a good solution, just replace the oil seal. Another possibility is the problem of the bearing housing itself, such as the occurrence of…


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What are the installation requirements for the impact crusher hammer?

The impact crusher has a strong crushing capacity and has an extraordinary position in the crushing equipment industry. As an important part of the impact crusher, the hammer is extremely demanding. Let's take a look at the specific requirements.

The hammer of the impact crusher is usually made of high-strength high-manganese steel, high-chromium cast iron, alloy steel, malleable cast iron or other wear-resistant materials. The…


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Safety production problem of sand making machine on rainy day

Many sand making machines are troubled by the current rainy season, and our sand making machine are rainy days every day. But in rainy days, safety issues are very important. Always pay attention to personal safety and equipment safety. Before the sand machine is started on rainy days, all the lines should be inspected to ensure the insulation effect. In the inspection of the bracket of the supporting…


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Wide application of crusher equipment

The crusher, as its name implies, breaks a thing into another state of equipment. In this era of rapid development, the use of Stone crushing equipment is more and more extensive. Many things leave the crusher and are simply impossible. Things, so in order to facilitate further processing, the crusher gradually appeared in people's lives.

There are many types of crushers, and after continuous research, the functions of crushers are…


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Mobile environmentally friendly broken stone machine

With the strict control of environmental protection, many enterprises that fail to meet environmental standards have been discontinued, and the mining industry is the same. Therefore, the environmental protection of equipment is very important for many customers. For the environmentally friendly mobile Stone Crushing Equipment, it is a high-usage equipment on the market, mainly because of its high environmental performance and…


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Mobile crusher crushing method

1. Crushing is carried out by using the cleavage force of the sharp teeth wedged into the material, the force is concentrated, local fragmentation occurs, and the brittle material is broken.

2. The Mobile granite quarry equipment utilizes the squeezing force generated when the two broken working faces approach to break the material. The jaw crusher, roller crusher and cone crusher are…


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How to solve the vibration problem with a small sand making machine

The small series of cobblestone sanding machine introduces how to solve the vibration problem of small sand making machine.

Small sand making machine are being used because they are exposed to harder rocks such as granite, limestone, pebbles, sandstone and shale. Both pressure and wear are greater. Sometimes small sand making machines vibrate strongly.

Once the small sand making machine vibrates strongly, the output of the material will…


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What should I do when the sand making machine is blocked?

What should I do when the sand making machine blocks the material? SBM Machinery is a professional manufacturer of various sand making machines. Sand making machines are also our well-sold sand making machines. Hammers, rotors, etc., we are all self-produced and developed, and their quality is wear-resistant and durable. The sand making machine produced is of better quality, more environmentally friendly and longer service life, and is very…


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Why is the machine board shake when the crusher is produced?

The vibration of the crusher's crushing plate not only aggravates the degree of wear of components such as moving parts, but also may cause the production to fail. The following is an analysis of the phenomenon of the crushing of the crusher of the Stone Crushing Equipment from two aspects: the cause and the solution:

The reason why the crusher crushing plate shakes

After analysis, there are two main possibilities…


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How to choose the sander bearing

The sand making machine is a special ore processing machinery equipment for sand and gravel production. The sand making machine can process the ore into sand and gravel. It is an important ore processing machinery and equipment. For the large ore processing machinery and equipment of sand making machine, sand making The bearing of the machine is a very important part. Here, Shanghai ZENITH Xiaobian and everyone talk about the problems in the…


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Sand production line manufacturers explain the daily

maintenance of dry powder mixer

The sand making machine manufacturers explain the daily maintenance of the dry powder mixer. The dry powder mixer is not suitable for selection. The mixing is not uniform and the cracks are easily formed. For example, if the vertical dry powder inclusion machine or the special dry powder inclusion machine is used, the location of cement or ash and calcium will crack. Because the manufacturer of the putty powder…


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How to quickly solve the problem of hammer crusher

The Hammer Crusher is mostly used for primary crushing, and the feed size is 600-1800mm. The hammer is mainly used for high-speed rotary motion to crush the material, and the vibration during operation is large, which directly leads to frequent failure of the crusher. There are four main types of common hammer crusher failures: 1. bearing wear; 2. bearing overheating; 3. knocking sound inside the…


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Impact sanding machine timing maintenance equipment failure

The working principle of the impact sand making machine is simply the principle of stone rock. Let the stone collide with the stones that have been accelerated by the impeller during the natural falling process to achieve the purpose of breaking! The stones that are accelerated and collide with the naturally falling stones form a vortex, and the crushing process is repeated twice in the return process, so the wear of the machine counterattack…


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Mobile crushing station application area and performance advantages

The invention of the mobile crushing station can be said to be a major improvement in the history of crushing equipment. Since its inception, it has been popular in mining, metallurgy, building materials, transportation, water conservancy and other industries. Today, I will introduce the applicable fields and performance advantages of mobile crushing stations.

Compared with the traditional crusher, the mobile…


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How does the sand making machine prevent rust? Sand machine rust removal method

After using a piece of sand making machine, the user will call to ask how the rust inside the machine is removed! Due to the working environment and nature of the sand making machine equipment, if the maintenance is not taken care of, it is easy to appear rust on the surface of the sand making machine equipment, which not only affects the aesthetics of the sand making machine equipment, but also slowly erodes…


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How to ensure efficient operation of the cone crusher?

A good grasp of the performance of all aspects of the cone crusher equipment, the correct operation of the equipment daily, and the daily regular maintenance, have greatly affected the efficiency of the crushing production line. So what do you need to pay attention to?

First, reasonable feeding. Most of us will feel that for a cone crusher equipment, as long as the constant feeding, increasing the amount of feed can maximize the production…


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