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The ultimate guide on hiring a virtual assistant

Technology has seeped into myriad business channels today. Ironically, this doesn’t mean that people prefer robots over human interaction. Albeit technology has the upper hand over several areas, it is yet to tackle empathy as one of the pre-requisites to effective communication. Hence, until this limitation is rectified, it looks like people will not be losing their jobs to bots anytime soon.  

Meanwhile, for…


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How to Choose and Use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Landing a sale in Real Estate is not easy. Real Estate Industry has become more competitive. Many agents are entering into the industry and real estate agents are becoming more productive with time. Hence, it is a best option to consider hiring a Real Estate Virtual…


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What do a graphic designer, UI designer and Web designer do?

Designers are more in demand today than any other decade in the past. Consequently, the rise and progress in technology has had a significant effect on the change in the designers job role, payroll and where they fit into the industrial ecosphere.

However, that said, people usually…


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How a virtual assistant can help make an effective E-commerce business plan

Virtual Assistants in E-commerce Business

If you’re someone who is considering building an eCommerce empire of your own, your timing couldn’t have been better. The industrial exosphere today is highly supportive of entrepreneurs, provided you have an…


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