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5 Tips for Ivy League Success - Admissions Consulting in Boston

I really have some mixed feelings about discussing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the context of education and the Ivy League in Michigan, but I think this one time it’s worth it. This past weekend we had as big a shocker in the MMA world as we’ve ever had: Holly Holm knocked out Rhonda Rousey. Holm dominated Rousey with a perfect game plan, executed flawlessly, backed by a brilliant skill set. If you can look past the violent…


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The Importance of a College Application Strategy

College Applications Strategy: Why It is Important to Have One

The first thing that needs to be discussed before starting the college applications process is strategy. Much of what goes into the hard choices college admissions officers have to make—such as whether institutions are prioritizing matters like diversity, legacy applicants, or athletic recruiting in a given year—is beyond students’ control. So it is crucial to know about everything you can control and…


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I Got Rejected from Early Admissions!

This is a common refrain we hear during this time of the year. Although about half our students get into their early app schools, the other half who are deferred or rejected are left confused, bewildered, shocked, upset and anxious.

The worst part of not getting in early is not the actual rejection. Since most students are applying to more than…


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7 Extracurricular Activities that aren't as Great as They Tell You: Dead Weight

If you’re serious about Ivy League admissions, you must take a strategic approach to your student’s extracurricular involvement. With over 40,000 high schools around the world and over 3.5 million students applying to US colleges every year, you can bet the “outstanding,” “coveted,” “prestigious” club at your school is being replicated 40,000 times over at other high schools. Unfortunately, the popularity of many common activities makes it hard for even the best students to stand out and be…


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How to Get into Caltech

Wondering about how to get into Caltech? Visit IvyZen, the best college consultants that help high school students unify their achievements and goals to find their one true passion and, ultimately, get them into the college of their choice.

? At IvyZen we provide the objective criteria for admission to California Institute of Technology. We focuses on helping top students get into Ivy League schools.…


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Complete Ivy League Application Checklist

The college admissions process was always a stressful one; now, it’s both stressful and complicated!  Applying to the top 10-15 colleges is even worse. There are so many options now within common application and slideroom and so many more essays than before. Completing a high-quality application on time has become a significant project that requires advanced planning a full year to six months ahead and a lot of thinking, strategizing, decision-making and writing.…


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Washu Acceptance Rate

At IvyZen, we offer several admissions counseling services that help students get into the best-fit college or university for them. Visit us, to know the Washu acceptance rate!

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How to Get into an Ivy League Using the Hedgehog Concept

What does this have to do with College Admissions?

In the hypercompetitive world of college admissions, being the Hedgehog is key. Unfortunately, many students attempt to out-fox the admissions committee with a quantity of impressive tricks: fairy tale-like essays, myriad small extracurricular activities, recommendations from famous people, and “life-changing” 10-day trips to exotic locales. But ultimately, the Hedgehogs are the ones who are admitted, with their…


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Ivy League Tuition

We are a boutique admissions consulting firm that provides consultation to get admission in Ivy League tuition schools. We mentor students to become their very best and make sure these the top US colleges take notice.…


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