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Albion Online's Percival update with a random dungeon and more

Albion Online is patched with Percival Update, which brings many of the latest features to players. Albion Online ushered in the seventh major update and brought the much-anticipated random dungeon.

Players can gain experience by defeating monsters in random dungeons. These individual players will be created throughout the open world in each area of ??the game. Once inside, the player will face classic challenges and new enemies and will be able to …


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Path of Exile: Who, among other people, has 0.31% of the players in the Legion?

The road to exile provides players with the pleasure of using the current Legion Alliance because of the improved melee skills and simple alliance mechanics. Four weeks after the Legion's release, the developer has shown interesting insights into the player's achievements.

More about the Path of Exile: the return of the Legion Challenge

An important aspect of the "Path of Exile" alliance may be related to the difficulty of players entering different level challenges.…


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MapleStory M celebrates its first anniversary with summer updates and new phantom classes

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Leading mobile MMORPG, MapleStory M, they celebrated their first anniversary, but you may be more concerned with the eye-catching Phantom Heroes, as well as a range of activities and new systems. Because many players have expressed great expectations before this, it finally arrived on this hot summer!

Players can now access Phantom's icons in the game, pre-registered players can get unique rewards, until July 17 to …


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The Elder Scrolls Online: Serious performance issues on Xbox One X

ESO is a very popular role-playing game that includes a strong player base in the past. Much of the success of the game is due to the addition of stable new content. By the beginning of June, ESO had added dragons to the game.

According to Bethesda, the dragon has invaded Tamriel and you have a responsibility to stop them. The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr has started a year-long adventure in the “Dragon Season” industry. You will use Khajiit in historical evil to explore and defend…


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Albion Online updates will include hidden entrances and random dungeons

When the Oberon update is deployed to Albion Online later this year, players will see new PvE content in the "hidden entrance" and random dungeons.

With the update, hidden portals can be randomly generated in the game world. These entries are no longer marked on the map, so you can't determine where they are fixed and can only remain active for a certain period. Five people can enter this random dungeon and start a thrilling adventure. Of course, you can also form multiple…


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Introducing the greatest improvement of Path of Exile in the legion

With each release of the expansion, the road to exile has become larger and larger. The Legion, the Modern Legion, provided wonderful updates for loyal fans and newcomers. From the improvement and balance of melee combat to a new map/regional mechanics, these changes will change the old practice of POE or horizontal grinding.

So needless to say, the changes listed in the Legion are listed below.

Melee fighting

First of all, regarding melee fighting, the Legion…


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Maple Story M update: Buccaneer and Marksman arrive

MapleStory M, one of the many MMORPGs on mobile devices, has introduced two important new categories of updates: Buccaneer and Marksman. In addition to the arrival of the big boss, as well as a series of updates on skills and auxiliary weapons.

Two courses to get a new gaming experience

Pirates allow players to fight close combat with powerful attacks, and the shooter uses his flaws to deal with fatal damage, causing greater lethal damage in …


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Pete Hines reveals what Fallout 76 learned from the Elder Scrolls Online

“We want to provide more transparency and communication, and more obvious than we are familiar with,” Hines said.

Pete Hines is now opening up the impact of Elder Scrolls Online on Fallout 76. In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Hines learned more about the lessons the Bethesda team learned from your release and the ongoing support for The Elder Scrolls MMO. Thanks to fans who “keep their ideas and are not influenced by others”. Please forgive me because there is something…


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In April, The Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online was changed to Free2Play

The German team Sandbox Interactive announced the conversion of Albion Online into some free models. Then the MMORPG can be played freely. At the same time, a big patch was launched today, bringing a brand new random dungeon.

When is Albion Online free?

At noon on April 10, the adjustment will be explained in the payment system. Since then, all players who want to play Albion Online have access to …


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Path of Exile update version 1.15 full patch description (PS4, Xbox One)

You can now download the Path of Exile Update 1.15 direction for PS4 and Xbox One. Below is the entire patch description for this update.

Path of Exile is usually a free Diablo clone, originally released to the PC, then into the Xbox One, and from now on to your PS4. So far, this has been a success for POE Exalted Orb developers who have always released new…


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MapleStory 2 Assassin Attack Solo Guide

Entering a dungeon alone in MapleStory 2 is challenging, but it doesn't matter what your job is. Anyway, including assassins. We don't just deal with normal mode dungeons, please note. This is a hard mode dungeon - we are talking about the fire dragon.

Ready to kill

Before the assassin can accept the difficult mode of the dungeon boss, you must give it a suitable structure and equipment. For your device, make sure the following statistics are available for each type.…


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FIFA 20: We want to see four changes to the Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is becoming the biggest winner of FIFA's recent seasons, but its success has not been completed.

Many people are playing FIFA Ultimate Team, and many people like it.

But we still have a long way to go from the ideal game mode, and the costs and features involved may be outdated early.

Here are some suggestions for what we hope to see on the UT next season...

For most actions, the SBC is stupid.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are things that players can…


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Albion Online received a major update - Where is the MMORPG today?

Large Percival updates may be the starting point for MMORPG Albion Online. But what about today's online games?

What's in the Percival update? Percival brings a lot of interesting innovations:

Randomly generated dungeon system extended by a single dungeon

There will be new monsters

Introduce more spells and skills

You can further personalize your heroes, including beards, other hairstyles and more.

The personal bank can expand

The city is introducing 20…


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Path of Exile: Today's synthesis for PC and Xbox One

The first expansion path in exile in 2019 is being prepared for publication today. After that, you will encounter a mysterious character named Canvas to help you relive his memory. After collecting memories, they may be attached to create a custom dungeon experience. Players may find "valuable rewards, new product opportunities, and deadly boss fights."

Integrated Challenge Alliance: With the new mechanism, the Integrated Challenge Alliance is perfect for returning and new…


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MapleStory will co-host a joint promotion with LINE FRIENDS on April 24th

LOS ANGELES - The iconic free global MMORPG from Nexon MapleStory will bring the fun and cute characters of LINE FRIENDS to Maple World on May 24th, through the LINE FRIENDS X MapleStory joint promotion event on May 21st, 2019.

This joint promotion applies to players with a character level of 61 or higher, including beloved characters such as BROWN, CONY, and LEONARD. Map creators who participate in the event can get LINE FRIENDS Coins, which can be exchanged for …


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'OSRS' Clue Scrolling and Anagram Solutions: All New Treasure Puzzles, Beginners to Elite Answers

Are there any new OSRS scrolling tips that will make you sad? Check out all the secrets and tricks of all our new Clue Scroll puzzles, including anagram solutions, coordinating puzzle locations, and more.

On Thursday, Jagex released a new Treasure Trails extension for Old School Runescape (OSRS) players. The extension includes a lot of new content and also offers some benefits for experienced players.

Thread reels are often a delightful part of OSRS content, and for …


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Albion Online: New search orders and challenge seasons to decide

The new season has begun and new prizes have arrived! In the new adventure mission and command season series, you will be able to collect points and unlock exclusive rewards in several different ways.

The adventurer's mission challenge allows you to earn points in an open world and win exclusive mounts, avatar frames, and furniture. Throughout June, participate in the Cavaliers challenge and win exclusive prizes:

Johor Bahru: This month's challenge is to …


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Albion Online: The fog of Albion has emerged

Sandbox Interactive GmbH announced a milestone on Albion Online called The Albert of Albion. This time players can start their new journey, players can get more points and get a 25% reward. The event lasted until June 19, and it is worth noting that it does not apply to S?awa from Tomscords of Understanding and Enhance Points.

Besides, the developer decided to …


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10+ Runescape tips and methods to succeed and win more gold coins

Although Runescape is not as popular as it used to be, there are still many players who are playing MMORPGs. If you are considering joining, here are 10 great suggestions that you can consider to consider whether to join (of course, more to relax in the game).


In RuneScape, this work is slightly different from other MMORPGs because it allows you to explore rich storylines and your behavior may have a real impact on the game.

2. Conduct personal…


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RuneScape ends its elite dungeon story with Shadow Reef

With today's update, RuneScape is bringing a legendary storyline. Developers are inviting players to "explore the depths of the Shadow Reef together", which is the ultimate chapter in the story of the elite dungeon story. If you are interested in this topic before then, then you must not miss this time, because there may be no more chapters in the future.

An elite dungeon is usually a storyline of three dungeons. Players can play games with …


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