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Does Your Church Need the FaithConnector System

Does your church have a website?

FaithConnector lets you quickly and affordably build a high-impact website for your church or ministry. Whether you're a church plant or not, your local community will be impressed with your website. To potential visitors, first impressions are the most important.

Does your church need a better-designed website?

Choose from our beautiful church library designs and customize colors, text and images.

Do you need more functionality in your existing church website?

Why Choose FaithConnector?

We built FaithConnector to give churches the highest-quality church website system available at the most affordable price. It's really that simple. Marketing speak aside, here is what we believe truly sets us apart from the crowd:

Ready to get started....CLICK HERE?

More Design. More Features. More Affordable.

Simple. Beautiful. Responsive.


Not Just More For Your Money, but More Period.

You cannot find a better combination of design and features anywhere, let alone together in the same package, and especially not for the price at which we offer it with no contract. We encourage you to look at our customers' websites and decide for yourself. The proof is in the finished product, not in any marketing hype on ours or any company's website.

It's an All-Inclusive Feature List.

You won't find a more complete, all-inclusive feature list than our system provides, especially when it comes to church and ministry-specific features. Long ago, we made it a core value in our company to provide as much as possible for as little as possible.

Price aside, we built our system for churches and ministries, and that's why you'll find church and ministry-specific applications included such as the member directory, ice-breakers, ministries, small groups, prayer requests, eCards, classifieds, courses, and online giving and then many, many more that are more general in nature such as discussion boards, chat, calendar, announcements, blogs, business listings, media player, mobile site, podcast, rss feeds, streaming media, email blasting, photo galleries, surveys and online store.

There are NO Add-ons to Worry About.

With us, there are no add-on "modules". You get everything we offer, every application, the mobile site, the media player...everything. We go out and find what churches are using, we build it, and we include it in our system... free.

With us, you do not have to pay extra for additional modules or outsource features like full-featured online giving or custom form building. They're there if you want to use them, and, more are always on the way. 

It's a Fully-Integrated System.

It may be ok for personal blogs to be "mash-ups" of different-looking components from different websites, but it's unprofessional for your church. Our applications are integrated into our system,and into our designs. Your website should not look like a mess of unintegrated parts that visitors cannot completely trust, nor should your visitors be directed to multiple outside websites to give online or to read blogs or shop or get a map to your location. All of our applications look like they belong in your website. That's important to your visitors and your brand.

We're Here to Help You.

If you have a problem, you can call us, and we will help you through your issue right there on the phone.  Sometimes, we might even ask you if we can connect to your computer to do some things for you, if you want to let us.  Plus, we do not charge you for tech support. It's included. You might think, "Well, that's the way it should be." It should be. With us, it is.

We're Here to Help Your Website Visitors.

Not only are we thinking about you, but we're thinking about your website visitors when we design sites and build new applications.  The experience of visiting your website is every bit as important as the experience of building and maintaining it.

We Have An "Unlimited" Philosophy.

One of our philosophies is UNLIMITED. Certain resources like storage and bandwidth have to be limited (though generous or unmetered), but others do not and will not need to be limited. We do not charge based on congregation size or number of pages or email addresses or admins, and of course, nothing extra for additional modules.  Also, we built our content management system completely in house, so we can expand it as needed.

We're Church-Focused and Christian-Owned and Staffed.

As a church, you primarily want a great website.  However, we hope you'll also be glad to know that we're Christian-owned and staffed, and FaithConnector is our core product and gets our full attention every day. Plus, the churches of our staff members use FaithConnector sites too, so we're not just developers, but also users!

All of our websites are bundled with the largest set of integrated features of any church website product on the market.

Are you having trouble affording your existing website?

Our setup and monthly costs are very low, especially considering the combination of beautiful website design, powerful feature set and top-notch customer support.

Are you having trouble maintaining your existing church website?

Maybe you're stuck after your web programmer is no longer available, or your volunteers are changing. Maybe it just takes too long to make changes. Using our intuitive site manager, you can make the changes yourself without knowing anything about creating a website.


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