BK Sellr -helping to make retail marketing simpler with one connected platform for online and in-store advertising mgmt

Meet BK Sellr ...We make marketing simple with one connected platform for online and in-store advertising.

Build a beautiful, responsive website that's optimized for mobile devices.

Help customers make smarter decisions and guide customer's to the right products.  

Automatically advertise featured products with dynamic in-store displays.

  • Website Visitor Tracking. BK Sellr websites include detailed analytics and reports, allowing you to see which products are getting the most attention from your customers.

  • Expert Web Consultants. Work one-on-one with a professional to build your website. No web development or design necessary, our professionals will work alongside you to get you started.

  • Website updates via Smartphone. Only BK Sellr allows you to scan a barcode using the Sellr Store App and have the product on your website in seconds. No more time spent at your desk, researching products, and digging for pictures.

  • Local Directory and Listing Optimization. If you make changes (hours, phone, location, etc.) within the Sellr system, it will be updated automatically across the web on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and over 80 other popular online locations. This automates your SEO to ensure maximum traffic.

  • FREE Sample Website. Get a sneak peek of what your website could look and feel like before you buy. You have an opportunity to see the site, update it, and love how it works before you commit.

  • Mobile First Website. Your BK Sellr website is optimized for mobile devices. This ensures that the 56% of retail traffic (that comes from mobile) gets the most compelling version of your website.

There are six main reasons to consider BK Sellr

  • Industry’s Best Interactive Display
    • Engage and Educate Staff and Customers
    • Run Ads and Promotions in the aisles
    • Product Brands Ads are displayed when devices are idle
  • Excellent Digital Signage
    • Engage Customers
    • Schedule ads to play at certain times
    • Sellr can update and manage devices remotely.
  • Industry’s Best Beverage Product Library
    • Highest Quality Product Library for beer, wines, spirits, and more.
    • FREE Dedicated Product Curation Team constantly adding new products
  • Industry’s Best Integrated Product Promotion Platform
    • Create a product promotion with the simple scan of a barcode
    • Omnichannel Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Integration
    • Email & Newsletter Marketing
  • Excellent Reporting and Dashboard
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Automatic Notifications
  • Industry’s Best Product Centric Website
    • Website Visitor Tracking
    • Website Updates via Smartphone
    • Local Directory and Listing Optimization

BKSellr has the Beverage  industry’s best signage and interactive display platform. Automatically send BKSellr’s content library of over 125,000 high quality images, descriptions, tasting notes and food pairings to all of your screens with just a few clicks.   BKSellr provides you a single integrated platform for online and in-store engagement to help bring people into your store and guide their purchases while there. Track how effective your marketing is with excellent reporting and analytics. Create stunning, mobile ready, search engine optimized websites with your inventory in minutes.  Spend less time behind a desk and more time running your business.

1. Excellent Digital Signage and Interactive Display

Leverage digital signage and interactive displays to promote your products, engage customers, answer questions, overcome objections and up-sell more product in the aisle—the ultimate point-of-purchase motivator.

  • Interactive Signage. Present your promotions to your customers as interactive store greetings on displays, or a tablet in the aisle. Customers can interact with the tablets to filter products by price, type, food pairings, cocktail recipes and more. Customers can also send product descriptions, promotions, and recipes to themselves, increasing in-store sales and automatically building your marketing database.

  • Educate Customer. With Interactive Signage customers can learn more about the products with a simple scan of the barcode which immediately gives them product details, tasting notes, and food pairings. It is like an automatic, ever-available staff helper (stand-alone and to help staff sell more).

  • Schedule Ad plays. Schedule ads to play at certain times or to expire after a period of time ensuring you always have fresh and engaging promotions to increase sales.

  • Hardware Monitoring and Support. The BK Sellr team of support specialists monitor your devices and provide support if you run into trouble. BK Sellr can update content, troubleshoot, and reboot the devices remotely.

  • Multi-location. Options to send new product info, updates, and promotions to multiple screens and stores simultaneously. Helps you run marketing a/b split test, setup region- specific promos, and more all from a central location.

  • Massive Content Library. Take advantage of the massive library of over 125,000 beer, wines, and spirits. Create content for your signage automatically in seconds. No graphic design experience necessary.


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