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New charcoal machine has been widely developed in all walks of life. The new charcoal machine? Because of its energy-saving and environmental protection advantages, it has been loved by many users. The new charcoal machine uses straw as the raw material for production, and the mechanism charcoal performance is better than traditional charcoal. Let's take a look at the safety requirements of the new charcoal machine.

New charcoal machine safe use requirements

1. The operator must stand on the side when working to prevent hard objects from popping out of the feed port and hurting people.

2. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the feeding port and force-feeding, and it is strictly forbidden to use wooden sticks to help feed, in order to prevent injury and damage to the machine.

3. During the work, it is found that the pulverizer is not operating normally or there is abnormal noise. It should be immediately shut down to cut off the power. After the standby machine is completely stabilized, open the cover to check. It is strictly forbidden to check when the machine is rotating.

4. The new charcoal machine must not increase the spindle speed at will to prevent the machine from hurting people and causing unnecessary losses during high-speed suspension.

5. During the work of the crusher, the operator shall not leave the work position, and must stop the machine and cut off the power when it is urgent to leave.

6. Under 18 years old and the elderly, people with unclear minds are not allowed to start the operation; lesbians with long hair must wear work hats when operating; the operator must not work after drinking.

7. During the work of the pulverizer, since the speed is very high, you must pay attention to check the operation status of the pulverizer. If the body is not tightly closed, the dust will blow into the air, causing pollution to the working environment, and sometimes the fan As a result of wear and tear, the impeller will fall off if it is severe, untimely maintenance, and the fan may be scrapped. Therefore, before the official work, the fan device of the pulverizer must go through the dynamic balance experiment.

The above are some important points for safe use of the new charcoal machine. Friends who want to use it pay more attention to these aspects.

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     Charcoal machine making charcoal is simple to say, and there are many tricks. It is difficult to make charcoal without mastering the technology. First of all, the first process is crushing. The crusher is the simplest, which is to put the materials into the crusher and crush it. It should be noted that when installing the pulverizer, it is necessary to hit the base and fix it with screws, otherwise the speed of the pulverizer motor is fast, and the vibration of the pulverizer will affect the production.

      The second step is drying. Many people think that the sawdust or sawdust is very dry, and there is no need to dry it. In fact, the sawdust that ordinary people seem to be very dry can not meet the requirements for rod making. They must also be dried. The sawdust that really meets the requirements is dark yellow. Even when it reaches brown color, it is grabbed by hand and feels crisp and crisp. Hold it firmly. Spreading the hand saw dust will naturally loosen and will not make a lump, you can make sticks. Pay attention to the size of the fire during the drying process. If the fire is too strong, the sawdust in the pipeline may be burned. If the fire is too small, the drying effect may not be achieved. This experience should be accumulated slowly.

      The third step is to make rods. The technique of making rods is much more difficult. First of all, the temperature must be adjusted. Generally, the temperature should be adjusted to 280 to 300 degrees when starting to do it. Adjust the temperature to about 260 degrees. The reason why the temperature needs to be raised is that when the production starts, the temperature of the feed hopper will drop tens of degrees, and the lowered temperature is just right for production. At this time, the front end of the thruster must be pressed manually with a wooden stick. To make it back to the material, it can be produced naturally after normal production without hands-on. There is a wearing part of the rod making machine, which is the thruster. The front end of the thruster is in a high temperature and high pressure position. Long-term feeding and forming will cause the front end to wear out. At this time, the welding and grinding must be re-welded before production. The welding rod, the angle of the welding mill, and the thickness are all tricks. These first require a technician such as Tongfeng Charcoal Machine to send welding technicians to teach the welding mill technology. Second, it requires the charcoal plant personnel to work for a long time and slowly explore the experience.

      The last step is carbonization. There are several key points of carbonization. First, when closing the fire, the furnace door and the near fire port must be completely closed, and no trace of air can pass through, otherwise the carbon will be burned into ashes. The second is to turn on the condenser at an appropriate time to purify the black smoke produced during the conversation and extract the wood tar. This also requires experience.

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We all know that fresh milk is the best for small and medium-sized yogurt production lines and a full set of yogurt processing equipment, but do you know? Only pasteurized milk can be made into fresh milk because its greatest feature is freshness. The shelf life of pasteurized milk is relatively short, which can be kept for up to one week, so it is relatively fresh. The complete set of yogurt processing equipment is well-deserved fresh milk. Although milk is good, But not all people are suitable for drinking milk. The baby's kidneys are immature and drinking fresh milk can easily increase the burden on the kidneys. Some fresh milk has too high an antibiotic or aflatoxin content and is directly consumed by infants and young children without professional testing, which can easily cause allergies or diseases.

The milk in the small and medium-sized yogurt production line has pure milk and fresh milk. Do you think they are a kind of milk, but it is not? Fresh milk refers to pasteurized milk, which can maximize the preservation of nutrients and active substances in milk. Milk refers to high-temperature sterilized milk. A full set of yogurt processing equipment is sterilized at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius. After sterilization, milk has a large loss of nutrients, especially calcium and vitamins.

The pasteurized milk and room temperature milk in the small and medium-sized yogurt production line is not only different in the way of sterilization. The room temperature milk is commonly used for packaging Bailibao, Tetra Pak pillow, Tetra Pak brick, plastic bottle, and the glass bottle for pasteurized milk. , Pasteurized milk bottles, fresh house and high-density plastic bottles, pasteurized milk, and room temperature milk are the two main liquid kinds of milk on the market. Due to their storage conditions and the length of the sales cycle of the full set of yogurt processing equipment, the sales model also exists The difference is that the pasteurized milk product sellers have a short cycle and require cold chain transportation. Therefore, manufacturers often use direct sales to effectively control product quality, while normal temperature milk depends more on distributors, and the general distributors ship to distributors. , And then the distributor distributes goods to the terminal, so as to achieve rapid market expansion.

The small and medium-sized yogurt production line "customer first, quality first" is the company's requirement. We build every piece of equipment with care, and every customer we take care of maintenance. We will solve the problem in time so that you have no worries at all. In line with the business objective of "providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services", we solemnly promise: while ensuring the advancedness, reliability, and stability of the equipment, a full set of yogurt processing equipment continuously improves the service quality, from sales to after-sales. Delivery, commissioning, equipment maintenance management, technical services, user technical training, etc., ensure that customers can get the best service so that customers are satisfied and assured.

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Yogurt fermentation machine

Yogurt fermentation machine, yogurt processing equipment, pasteurized milk has not been completely sterilized during the process, it needs the full name of cold chain transportation and storage, and the temperature requirements are also strict. Once a problem occurs in a link, it may produce milk. There are hidden dangers, so the risk of drinking pasteurized milk is higher than that of normal temperature milk. You need to go to a formal place when buying, pay attention to his storage conditions and shelf life, and carefully check whether there is a bag increase

Yogurt fermentation machine milk is easy to deteriorate, why? Because milk is rich in nutritional value, it is very suitable for bacterial growth. Once they appear in milk, they can quickly multiply, causing milk to spoil and deteriorate. Therefore, the squeezed milk will not be retained for too long. Yogurt processing equipment should be quickly sterilized. If bacteria cannot form a climate, milk cups will be contaminated if the milk is not sterilized in time. The contaminated milk will vomit and diarrhea after drinking. In severe cases, serious infectious diseases such as brucellosis and tuberculosis may occur.

Have the yogurt fermentation machines heard about music for cows during milking? At that time, I heard it as a joke. In fact, otherwise, the cow ’s mood when milking the milk is also related to the taste of the milk. The milk squeezed out by the cow in a good mood is the first-class product. Vitamin D deficiency affects calcium supplementation. Because there is a standard for trace elements in finished milk, you need to artificially add some vitamin D to your milk after radioactivity as an additive

Our company will make the inspection system as one of the routine maintenance work for the yogurt fermentation machine, that is, the company organizes the inspection of the running equipment every six months. The company mainly inspects engineering and technical personnel, and has designers involved. And listen to the problems and suggestions reflected by user maintenance personnel, and constantly improve the software and hardware functions and quality of the product.

For the company to uphold the "all-round, high-quality, fast" service standards, yogurt processing equipment for customer satisfaction as the goal, hereby publicly promise. Our company has formed a group of tough emergency repair service teams, with experienced field engineers and senior technicians, who can rush to the site for repair and replacement of any problems that arise in the fastest time.

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How to use yogurt machine

I believe that many people like to drink yogurt. It is not as thick as milk and milk, with a sour and sweet taste, and is loved by many people. It is precisely because of its taste and deliciousness that people are very eager to pursue it. A cup of yogurt every day is more healthy and beautiful, and a yogurt machine is also born. It can satisfy our own wish of DIY yogurt, making it possible to make delicious yogurt by ourselves. But the yogurt machine is still a bit strange to everyone, how is it used?

Many people may not have heard of the yogurt machine, but it is slowly appearing around us, providing everyone with the opportunity to make yogurt.

Tools / raw materials

Yogurt machine, milk, yogurt starter

Step / Method

1 Disinfect. Whether the yoghurt is clean has a great influence. Before making yoghurt, we must pay attention to putting the lid, spoon and other utensils of the yoghurt machine into the pot and boiling it for 10 minutes to sterilize, to ensure that the machine is clean and hygienic, and it is also safe to eat.

2 Put in milk. Yogurt comes from milk. After sterilizing the yogurt machine, we can take out the pure milk and pour a small amount of pure milk in the container. Yogurt starter is required to make yogurt, so you should buy good yogurt starter before making it and freeze it in the refrigerator. Pour the yoghurt starter and pure milk into the container to stir, mainly should be stirred evenly, and then add other pure milk. You can decide the amount of pure milk according to your preferences

3 Start the work of the yogurt machine. After mixing, put the container into the yogurt machine, close the lid, plug it in and let the yogurt machine work. Set the fermentation time of the pure milk in the container. The instructions for this general yogurt machine teach you pure milk and The proportion of fermentation time. If you use pure yogurt as the fermentation source, it can ferment well in six to eight hours, while using yogurt starter takes eight to twelve hours. Of course, there is one more thing to note, the fermentation time is not determined, it will be limited according to the ambient temperature and the temperature of the material, but the maximum is not more than fourteen hours. The fermented yogurt is shaped like a tofu flower and can be seasoned according to your own taste and eaten.

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After the plastic recycling granulator is tested, the manufacturer will install the recycled plastic granulator to the user in the production workshop. For the plastic granulator operator, the plastic granulator should be recycled from the day it takes over the plastic granulator. The granulator is responsible. To become an excellent and qualified person in charge of recycling plastic granulators, job responsibilities and precautions that should be known should be remembered. The following are plastic granulation production practices and equipment maintenance methods.

①Conscientiously study the instruction manual of the machine and equipment, you should understand the functional role of the structural recycling plastic granulator and the main components.

② After training, the operator should remember the operation rules of the production and recycling plastic granulator, and the qualified person can independently produce and operate.

③ Independent production operation, and can find common faults and product quality problems of production line equipment, and eliminate the treatment.

④Know how to maintain the equipment.

⑤ More serious common faults or accidents occur in the machinery and equipment, and report to the people in the store in time, and can explain this phenomenon and the possible causes of the common malfunctions of the machinery and equipment.

⑥ The leader of the production workshop is not approved, and no one is allowed to operate a free-funding operator responsible for the use of machinery and equipment, and the operator must stop the right. When agreed by the production plant leader, operators who operate machinery and equipment should be concerned about one side.

Spare parts for production tools and auxiliary machinery

⑦ The operator of the machinery and equipment should be kept and there is no random accumulation. In case of loss or harm, it shall be liable for default.

⑧ Do not allow anything that may cause personal injury or damage to machinery and equipment for any reason or excuse.

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Operation method of plastic granulator

Proficient in mastering the key points of plastic granulator operation method, plastic granulator. The operation method of the plastic granulator mainly includes a series of stages such as the installation, control, trial operation, operation method, maintenance and repair of the machine equipment. When using a plastic granulator, it is necessary to pay attention to its characteristics.

Preparation of the operation method of plastic granulator.

Used for extrusion molding. Raw materials should meet the required dryness standards, and further dryness needs to be done if necessary. The raw materials are sieved to remove agglomerated particles and mechanical debris.

When operating the plastic granulator, check that the raw water, electricity, and gas systems of the equipment are all normal, and ensure that the water and gas lines are unobstructed and leak-free. Is the electrical equipment system all normal? The electric heating system, temperature control system, several types Whether the electronic instrument is safe and reliable at work; the auxiliary machine runs at a slow speed to check whether the machine equipment is running normally; turn on the mechanical pump of the setting table to check whether it is normal at work; several machine equipment are lubricated and lubricated. Solve problems in a timely manner if found. Install the machine head and shaped sleeve. According to the type of products, specifications and models, choose the specifications of the machine head. Install the machine head in the following order.

Operation of plastic granulator operation method

You can drive after temperature control. Before driving, tighten the screw of the machine head and the flange of the plastic granulator-once to eliminate the difference between the thermal expansion of the screw and the machine head. The order of tightening the screw of the machine head is diagonal Tight, evenly distributed. When tightening the flange nut of the machine head, the standard is tight around, otherwise, it is necessary to run the material.

When operating the plastic granulator, select the "Ready to Drive" button, then connect the "Drive" button, then slowly turn the screw of the extruder

Speed ​​control knob, the screw speed of the extruder is turned on slowly. After that, it gradually accelerated, and at the same time, a small amount of material was fed. When feeding, pay close attention to the change of the host's current meter and the prompts of several kinds of tips. The screw torque of the extruder cannot exceed the red mark.

When operating the plastic granulator, before the material profile is squeezed, no one is allowed to stand directly in front of the die, so as to avoid accidents due to screw breakage or raw material wetting and foaming. After the material is extruded from the die of the machine head, it is necessary to slowly cool the extrudate and lead it to the traction device and the shaping die, and activate these devices. Then follow the prompt value of the control electronic instrument and the standard for extruded plastic products. Each part shall be controlled accordingly, so that the whole extrusion operation method can meet all normal conditions. And add enough material according to the demand, the operation method of the twin screw plastic granulator adopts the metering feeder to distribute the material at a uniform speed. There are heavy mechanical parts in the assembly and disassembly of the machine head and the screw of the extruder. 5 safety matters to be noted when operating the plastic granulator are: electricity, heat, rotation of mechanical equipment, and loading and unloading of heavy mechanical parts. Plastic granulator workshop must be equipped with lifting machine equipment. To ensure safe production.

The key points of the operation method of the plastic granulator are different but have the same points. Plastic machinery industry information for you

Briefly introduce the operation method of the same points when extruding several plastic products and the key points of the operation method of the plastic granulator.

Startup for operation of granulator equipment

Most can be distinguished from the surface of the extruded material. 3 When the material is discharged uniformly and the plastic is better, it can be used to pull the man to set the sleeve. The distinction between plasticized conditions depends on technical experience. That is, the surface is shiny, no impurities, no foaming, scorching material and discoloration. The extruded incoming material is squeezed by hand to a certain degree without burrs and cracks, and has a certain elasticity. At this time, the material is plasticized better. If the plasticization is poor, the screw rotation speed of the extruder, the working temperature of the barrel and the screen changer should be adjusted appropriately until it meets the requirements. It should be regularly checked according to the requirements of the equipment whether the data of the mechanical equipment is normal. 4 During the operation of the granulator equipment. And fill in the equipment record sheet. Check the quality of the granule products according to the product quality inspection technical specifications, and take measures to solve the problems in time.

Shutdown of granulator equipment operation

The remaining material in the granulator equipment is squeezed out. 1 The operation of the granulator equipment is used to stop feeding. When the screw of the extruder is exposed, turn off the power of the barrel and screen changer to stop heating. Stop the screw and auxiliary machine of the extruder. 2 Turn off the power of the granulator equipment and auxiliary machines. Clean the screen changer. Clean the outlet of the screen board and screen changer. In order to prevent damage to the inner surface of the screen changer during cleaning, 3 disassemble the connection flange of the screen changer. The remaining material in the screen changer should be cleaned with a steel rule and steel sheet, and then the remaining material stuck in the screen changer should be removed with sandpaper, polished, and coated with engine oil or hydraulic oil to prevent rust. After removing the screen changer, clean the screw and barrel of the 4 extruder. Reopen the host machine, add stop material (or through the crushed material) to clean the screw and barrel of the extruder. At this time, the screw of the extruder uses low speed to reduce screw wear. After the shutdown material is ground into a powder and completely extruded, you can use compressed air to continuously blow out the residual granules and powder from the feed port and exhaust port until the barrel is ensured that there is no residual material. To zero, stop the granulator equipment, turn off the main switch power supply and cold water main valve.

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How to maintain plastic granulator

It should be noted that maintenance and repair are equally critical tasks. Maintenance is a protective measure against the wear and damage of machine equipment parts. Repair and replacement of parts is a necessary means to ensure that all production and manufacturing are properly done, so that machine equipment can exert its original performance. These two tasks should be well combined to prevent dominance and prevent it from happening. Before the parts of the machinery and equipment are damaged and cannot be operated, they should be repaired and replaced in time to ensure that the machinery and equipment have a long-term good operating state.

Preparations before starting the plastic granulator Clean the sanitary environment around the extruder, clean the extruder and the attached machinery and equipment. Carefully study the safe operation rules of the extruder, understand and understand the function and function of each part and component in the structural characteristics of the machine equipment, and memorize the function and usage of each switch and button. Check whether the nuts on the device are loose. Check that the safety guards are strong. Check that the installation of the V-belt is tight and properly adjusted. Move the V-belt, the rotation should be relatively easy, and the screw of the extruder rotates without clamping. Check the rotation direction of the extruder screw. Check towards the barrel mouth. If the screw thread of the extruder is right-handed, the rotation direction of the extruder screw should be clockwise. Check whether the protective grounding of the equipment and control cabinet is tightened.

Appropriate and effective application of plastic granulators can increase the length of service life, the level of productivity and the quality of product quality. They are all related to the manufacturing quality of machinery and equipment and the selection of machinery equipment model specifications. However, how to allow the operator to use the equipment reasonably and how to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment and equipment also has an immediate relationship with increasing the service life of the plastic pellet machine and all the normal productivity of the extruder.

For the plastic granulator to be properly applied, it is necessary to pay attention to the following content. The relative facilities and equipment of the production line should be matched, and the production capacity of each machine should be matched. Each machine can make full use of the efficiency, so that the machines of the production line can work in coordination. The oversupply or insufficient supply between the left and right process flow, termination, etc., are all attributed to the selection of unsupported facilities of machinery and equipment, and the unscientific selection of specifications and models. The model specifications of the extruder should be selected according to the product specifications and model requirements.

⒈Plastic granulators are forbidden to talk with irrelevant personnel and machine equipment operators, and only one person is allowed to actually operate the button commands on the electric control panel;

⒉Regularly check the insulation effect of wires and circuits, and pay attention to the warning content on the warning signs of machinery and equipment;

⒊Non-professionals are not allowed to open the cabinet door before the power distribution cabinet of the plastic pellet machine is powered off, and it is forbidden to adjust the CNC blade before the plastic pelletizer is completely stationary;

⒋When the active parts and the hopper are clogged, do not use hands or iron rods, but only use plastic rods to handle them carefully;

⒌Be careful of burns when the plastic pellet machine touches the high temperature parts. When the kneader is working, it is forbidden to reach the upper body of the worker to visit or pluck the material;

⒍If the power is cut off during the work, the motor circuits should be cut off and the materials in the machine should be cleaned up in time. After the material is carbonized, it will affect the next production;

⒎When there is a system failure in the machine of the plastic pellet machine, the operation of the machine shall be terminated within the first time, and it shall not be claimed on its own. And notify and wait for the mechanic to check the repair or telephone to guide the repair;

⒏Prevent all factors from causing damage to machinery and equipment and the occurrence of safety accidents; strictly follow the standardized operation procedures to do the actual operation, reduce the occurrence of system failures or safety accidents.

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   Toothpicks are very common in our daily lives. Everyone's teeth are different. When eating something, residues may appear in the teeth. Will choose to use toothpicks. I believe many consumers like me want to know what toothpick is produced. This time, let's talk about how toothpicks are made.

    I often look at small bamboo toothpicks and sigh. It is only about one millimeter in diameter, with pointed ends and smooth body. Obviously it is not artificially cut (who has such patience), and it does not look like a machine Yes, because it is too thin, the machine can be cut so fine, but it cannot be cut so smoothly; besides, if it is cut one by one, it is not cost-effective. I think it must be made by a machine. It is cut out in batches. However, the bamboo fiber is straight, and it is difficult to make each toothpick sharpened and smooth on both ends.

    Automatic toothpick machine

    Bamboo toothpick production equipment production line process flow: sawing the original bamboo section-profile strip-fixed width flattening and opening film-layering-bleaching and mold proofing-drying-fixed length-polishing-fixed length-sharpening-packaging-factory 1 .Saw original bamboo machine 2.Original bamboo slitting machine 3.Fixed width double-sided leveling machine 4.Opening machine

    This machine is a series of steps that take raw material wood, through wood slicer, wood wire forming machine, wood wire sizing machine, polishing machine, toothpick sizing machine, toothpick double-point single-point grinding machine, multi-purpose sharpening machine It is processed into a finished wooden toothpick. It is composed of a production line.

    The machine is a complete set of assembly line mechanical equipment for the production of finished bamboo and wood toothpicks. It consists of multiple machines, from bamboo and wood raw materials to the production of finished bamboo and wood toothpicks.

    The toothpick machine can produce toothpicks well. The production and manufacturing of toothpicks can make this kind of consumers more comfortable eating more delicate and sticky foods. The use of automatic toothpick machines and the process of making toothpicks are also very simple. Toothpick mechanical equipment manufacturers produce high-quality toothpick machines, disposable chopsticks machines, and automatic toothpick machines.

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How to use toothpicks correctly

The toothpick machine is specialized in producing toothpicks. It is very common in our lives. Many consumers will choose to use toothpicks. The structure of the teeth is different when eating. There may be some problems with the teeth. Using a toothpick machine is a very good way. This time, toothpick machine manufacturers will briefly describe how to use toothpicks correctly.

Toothpicks are very common in our lives. Reasonable and practical benefits are very high, and society is constantly changing. We may have a tooth jam after eating, or we need to eat fruit or something. Will use toothpicks. But many consumers don't use toothpicks much. This time, toothpick machine manufacturers talked about the correct use of toothpicks.

The correct use of toothpicks can better protect our teeth while using toothpicks. So, here is the correct way to use toothpicks.

1. Use toothpick once a day or after each meal.

2. The toothpick enters between teeth and gums at a 45-degree angle.

3. The tip points in the direction of occlusion, and the side edge contacts the gums between the teeth.

4. Slowly slide along the two tooth surfaces of each tooth gap, and the force should not be too fast or too fierce.

5. Use the side edge of the toothpick to scrape the tooth surface along the tooth surface, especially at the part where the concave root surface and tooth root bifurcate. Then if there is food fiber impaction, you can do buccal and lingual puncture to remove the food.

6. Finally, rinse your mouth and spit out food debris and dirt with the mouthwash.

    Toothpicks are a bit sharp. Therefore, it is better to use less in life. At the same time, when using toothpicks, pay more attention to safety and prudent use. The toothpick machine is specialized in producing toothpicks. Interested consumers can learn more.

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The toothpick machine is a multifunctional model that can pack various materials. With double-sided two-color printing, automatic glue adding, counting, drying, intelligent constant temperature control system and other functions, single tooth tip or double tip toothpick can be included. Each bag can hold one or two, with three sides embossed and sealed. Not only can paper materials be packaged, but this innovative model can also package various film materials, coated paper and other composite materials. Fast speed and smooth operation.

Main features of toothpick machine

1. The bag-making system adopts the stepping motor subdivision technology, the bag-making precision is high, and the error is less than 1 mm;
2. The controller uses LCD Chinese character display; intuitive and convenient, the operation is clear at a glance, convenient bag length adjustment, counting, automatic alarm without paper.

3. Four-way heating control of the heat sealer, each side sealing channel can be individually adjusted temperature; good thermal balance, to ensure the quality of the sealing, suitable for a variety of packaging materials; at the same time, the heating speed is fast, shortening the heating time.
4. Intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system; side visibility protective baffle with good visibility, safe operation.

5. The feeding system adopts a rotary 12-station 20mm stainless steel turntable, manual feeding, automatic mechanical opening and closing type feeding, humanized design, convenient feeding and no jamming, convenient for a variety of heterosexual dental floss toothpicks or similar plastic products, toys Wait, beautiful and practical.

6. Z series adopts mechanical rotary cutter, the packaging speed is fast, and the position of the cutter can be adjusted at will during the operation of the machine; in actual operation, the actual speed can be up to 95 bags per minute, according to the response of the customer Up to 72 bags / minute. The speed of the equipment is adjustable from 55 to 100 packets / minute.

7. Special set stop function to ensure that the heat sealer and cutter are in the open position when the toothpick machine is stopped in any state, to avoid scalding the packaging material and the heat sealing mechanism.

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Production of yogurt

You can use corn, red dates, apples, bananas, strawberries and other materials to make yogurt. The following only gives you a reference from the difference in the amount of corn added:

1. Experimental equipment:

  Pure milk, corn, refrigerated yogurt, spoon, yogurt container (non-metallic), blender, scissors, rice cooker, disposable gloves

2. Experimental steps:

1. Equipment disinfection (boiled water for 3 minutes): yogurt container, spoon, rice cooker liner, scissors, blender

2. Mix according to the ratio of 10: 1 = pure milk: white granulated sugar (need to be properly heated), make 4 bottles of the same 100ml milk and mark ABCD.

3. After cleaning, put the corn into a sterilized rice cooker and steam it.

4. After wearing disposable gloves, peel off the corn kernels, cut them into pieces, or put them in a sterilized blender to crush them.

5. Use a clean glass bottle to weigh different amounts of corn (you can choose a series of gradients, which is probably enough), and add them to the ABCD bottle in turn to stir and shake well for a record.

6. Pasteurize the milk mixed with corn (heated to 80 degrees), then cool to room temperature and add 0.25g strains of ABCD bottles (or two spoons of refrigerated yogurt as strains), and seal with plastic wrap.

7. Place the four bottles of ABCD milk in a yogurt machine (fermentation at a constant temperature of 42 degrees) for about 8 hours. (If there is no yogurt machine, incubate at room temperature for 12 hours)

8. Taste and record the experimental results, including color, acidity, sweetness, and viscosity. Remember to take pictures.

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The role of lactic acid bacteria

First, help food digestion and absorption:

Lactic acid bacteria can produce some special enzyme systems to supplement human digestive enzyme deficiencies, help to decompose nutrients in the upper digestive tract that have not been fully hydrolyzed and absorbed, and help the body to further absorb and use it, including increasing essential vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, Absorption and utilization of certain inorganic salts (such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, cobalt, etc.).

Second, provide essential nutrients

Lactobacillus helps to synthesize B vitamins and some hormones. When the number of lactic acid bacteria decreases, the synthesis of vitamin B slows down, which leads to slow metabolism and disorder of hormone secretion.

3. Inhibit pathogenic bacteria and regulate the balance of intestinal microflora

The lactic acid produced by lactic acid bacteria lowers the pH value in the intestine, thereby inhibiting the propagation of pathogenic bacteria; lactic acid bacteria can also compete with pathogenic bacteria for intestinal epithelial sites, occupying a favorable position and obtaining more nutrients, thereby inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, preventing infection, and maintaining The role of intestinal flora balance.

Yogurt making machine

Fourth, improve immunity

Lactobacillus can activate immune cells such as phagocytic cells and natural killer cells, and can also stimulate the production of immune substances such as immunoglobulins and interferons to enhance the host's immunity.

Five, disease resistance, disease prevention

As the most commonly used probiotic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria have been proved by a large number of studies that lactic acid bacteria can prevent and treat various diseases. Such as various digestive diseases, allergies, asthma, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and other metabolic diseases, cancer, autism, ADHD and other neurological diseases.

      Lactic acid bacteria have various health care effects on the human body. The physiological functions of lactic acid bacteria are closely related to the life activities of the body.

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Homemade yogurt

Yogurt is made by fermenting milk, its color is milky white, the smell is fragrant, sweet and sour, it has a unique flavor. Compared with milk, yogurt has better nutritional value. It not only saves all the nutrients of the original fresh milk, but also lactic acid makes the protein form a fine curd, which can enhance the digestion and absorption rate. It is a sacred product for supplementing calcium and beauty, and has a good health care effect.

Due to the high nutritional value of yogurt, its price is much higher than that of milk. In fact, you can make a variety of nutritious and delicious yogurt at home. Mango, strawberry, honey bean, almond ... as long as it is the flavor you like.

There are many ways to make your own yogurt. You can use yogurt-specific baking powder and bifidobacteria on the material. You can also use ready-made yogurt bought from the supermarket as a primer. In addition to the dedicated yogurt machine, you can also use a rice cooker, electric oven, bread machine, etc. Even if these tools are not available, you can use quilts.

The freshly prepared yoghurt is white and tender and tender, smooth and smooth, with a delicate fragrance.

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The environmental protection carbonization furnace is an energy-saving and environmental protection carbonization equipment, which processes waste resources into machine-made charcoal, which has been widely used, which also explains energy saving and environmental protection, and the flue gas generated by the carbonization of the environmental protection carbonization furnace can also be recycled Reuse, achieve smokeless and environmentally friendly production.

The environmental protection carbonization furnace is a new type of carbonization equipment. The continuous carbonization efficiency is improved, and the carbonization rate is improved. It is popular among customers. The environmental protection carbonization furnace is an energy-saving and environmental protection carbonization equipment, which is suitable for the carbonization of fine powders such as sawdust and rice husks. It is not easy to use for carbonization of larger materials. The use of advanced carbonization technology makes the entire process not produce harmful gases and pollution surroundings. Many people will ask whether such a large set of equipment is very expensive. Here I tell you that the carbonization furnace does not cost electricity. He uses the flue gas salary and combustion generated by himself to complete the carbonization. There are two fans on the carbonization furnace. , One is 3kw, one is 2.2kw, some friends will ask, can the whole production line only use these few motors? The answer is yes.

Because this production is originally energy-saving, the gas produced during the carbonization process can be decomposed into combustion gas or waste gas. The waste gas is filtered by water to sink the waste into the water, and the purified gas is released. The gas is non-polluting and odorless, and the gas can be recovered directly or used directly in the heat of carbonization of the environmental protection carbonization furnace. The equipment is not only pollution-free in the production process, but also can be continuously operated. Each process is completed after many experiments. The design principle of this equipment in the same industry is still very scientific. After the experiment, the customer was very satisfied with this device.

The environmental protection carbonization furnace can meet the above standards. Our factory's environmental protection carbonization furnace uses four tubes to work at the same time, the first two are used for drying, the moisture in the rice husk is taken away, and the last two are used for carbonization. During the production process In the middle, the speed of the pulley can be adjusted to determine the volume of the rice husk. The faster the discharge rate, the larger the volume.

The carbonization and smokeless production of the environmental protection carbonization furnace and the required configuration are all users need to know more, so as to better the process operation, ensure the energy saving and environmental protection carbonization of the environmental protection carbonization furnace, and effectively improve the carbonization efficiency and quality.

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With the updating of various equipment technologies in the market, the development potential of charcoal machine equipment is also constantly being updated. It is also because of such production technology that the charcoal machine equipment has developed very well in the market.

The birth of the new charcoal machine equipment also proves that the new charcoal machine has surpassed the traditional charcoal machine to work. We dare not say that the old charcoal machine is not good. In the past, it was because China's development technology was not good. It is understandable that it is time to develop technology and make such a good device. Therefore, the experts' evaluation of the charcoal machine equipment to work is: the new charcoal machine is more advanced than the traditional charcoal machine.

Charcoal machine equipment uses agricultural and forestry waste to produce charcoal, effectively saving forest resources. According to the status and characteristics of China's forest resources and the seventh national survey, China's forest resources protection and development are facing serious problems. From the perspective of sustainable development, the Chinese government has formulated a number of policies and regulations to protect and improve the ecological environment. Restricting the use of natural forest kilns to burn charcoal, and comprehensively prohibiting the cutting and cutting of natural forests. For this feature of charcoal machines, China strongly supports the successive issuance of policy documents and policy support.

The charcoal produced by the charcoal machine equipment has high density, small volume and good flammability, and can replace firewood and coal. The production of charcoal has sufficient raw materials, never runs out, and has significant social benefits. Users can boldly carry out production, which can be reflected in the following points: Waste utilization: China is a large agricultural production country with abundant resources. According to statistics from relevant departments, annual crop straw The remaining residue is about 10 billion tons, of which only 20% to 30% of the residue is used, and the rest is treated as garbage. There are more than a dozen of branches, rice husks, sawdust, and various types of straw for farming. Hundreds of millions of tons were thrown away, and hundreds of millions of tons of new energy charcoal were produced based on the charcoal waste charcoal 2: 1 ratio. Charcoal can replace natural charcoal, which not only saves wood, but also effectively protects forest resources, prevents soil erosion, and adjusts the ecological balance.

The above are the main advantages of charcoal machine equipment for the production of charcoal. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to operate, and the reasonable use of waste has also been recognized by the majority of users. Therefore, the charcoal machine equipment has also achieved rapid development in the market.

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The charcoal machine is a device that uses biomass waste to produce charcoal. It also promotes the innovation of this charcoal machine and speeds up its conversion. The charcoal produced by the charcoal machine has also been well reused.

The charcoal machine equipment is a machine that crushes into a granular shape within 10mm after being crushed by a wood chip crusher, is dried and formed by a dryer, and is put into a carbonization furnace for carbonization. Charcoal machine equipment The charcoal produced has high density, small volume and good flammability, and can replace firewood and coal. This product is especially suitable for heating in autumn and winter ondol in the northern region, heating in greenhouses or as ordinary living fuel. The full set of charcoal machine equipment includes rod making machine, carbonization furnace, dryer and other equipment. An environmental protection device is added to the charcoal machine equipment to fundamentally solve the problem of environmental pollution. The environmental protection device of the equipment is generally configured on the carbonization furnace. The charcoal machine manufacturer also configures a purification and de-smoke device for the customer. Through this, the waste gas can be effectively recovered Liquid, and can be used again.

Verify production, prove charcoal machine equipment for our independent value in good research and development, and create our new market. New technologies are verified, new investment in the grassroots, development in production trends, verification that we have The improvement of the value of energy, the pursuit of our valuable quality research and development, and the successful sales of our innovative ideas. Create a charming development, and load new markets into our market.

The complete development of management certification in the brand-new market reputation, the verification is improved, the novel market is developed in a very unique charm, and we create our novel equipment in our life. We co-create our research and development technology, and the smokeless charcoal machine equipment gets regular The improvement, the wise choice makes progress in good investment, the use of novel independent value for the manufacturer, the successful display has a very good improvement. The true improvement of the true meaning is doing research for our novel market.

The production of charcoal machines has been favored and chosen by people, and the development of charcoal machines for China's industrial environmental protection economy has also been favored by people. Under such development, the future development prospects of charcoal machines will also become better.

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Why is there so much dry ice on Mars?

Whether Mars has existed the water resources on which life and humans depend has been the biggest motivation for scientists to study Mars. Recently, according to the Russian Communist Youth League Pravda reported that the discovery of dry ice reserves on Mars is 30 times the predicted value, will undoubtedly stimulate With a new round of research interest, people who ask about science can't help but wonder, why is there so much carbon dioxide dry ice on Mars?

The gas on Mars (95.3%) is carbon dioxide, which provides conditions for the formation of dry ice

(1) The atmosphere on Mars is quite different from the atmosphere on Earth.

The thin atmosphere of Mars is mainly composed of the remaining carbon dioxide (95.3%) plus nitrogen (2.7%), argon (1.6%), trace oxygen (0.15%) and water vapor (0.03%) . The average atmospheric pressure on the surface of Mars is only 500-700 mPa, which is less than one percent of the Earth's atmosphere. The vertical distribution of Martian atmospheric temperature is also different from the Earth: from the surface to an altitude of 50 kilometers.

(2) The greenhouse effect of Mars is much smaller than that of the earth

Although the main gas on Mars is carbon dioxide (95.3%), because the planet ’s main source of heat is the sun, the effective heat radiation received by Mars is too small for too long a distance, making the average temperature of Mars no more than -70 degrees Celsius. Of dry ice was able to exist. If there are more humid gases in the earth's atmosphere, it will produce a stronger greenhouse effect. Although the thin atmosphere of Mars can also create the greenhouse effect, those that can only raise the surface temperature by 5 ° C are much less than what we know about Venus and Earth.

Distribution of dry ice on Mars

(1) The large amount of Mars dry ice reserves discovered this time

According to the report of the Russian Communist Youth League Pravda, scientists recently discovered that there is a large amount of dry ice in the Antarctic region of Mars after analyzing the images returned by the U.S. Mars survey orbit satellite. According to calculations, its reserves are about 12,000 cubic meters, which is equivalent to the volume of Lake Superior in North America. This capacity is more than 30 times higher than the previous value predicted by scientists.

(2) The poles of Mars are permanently covered with solid carbon dioxide dry ice

The structure of this ice cover is cascading. It is formed by alternately stacking the ice layer and the changing carbon dioxide layer. In the summer in the north, carbon dioxide completely sublimates, leaving the remaining layer of ice water. Because the carbon dioxide in the south has never completely disappeared, we cannot know whether there is also a layer of ice water under the ice in the south. The cause of this phenomenon is not yet known, but it may be due to climate change caused by long-term changes in the angle between the Martian equatorial plane and its orbit. Perhaps there is also water deeper below the surface of Mars. This change in the bipolar cover due to seasonal changes caused Mars's air pressure to change by about 25% (measured by the Viking).

How a lot of dry ice formed on Mars

Why is there so much dry ice on fiery red Mars? Maybe it's water?

(1) Scientific understanding of Mars

Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system from the inside to the outside. It is a terrestrial planet, half the diameter of the earth, and has a similar rotation axis inclination angle and rotation period. It takes twice as long to make one revolution. The orange-red appearance is due to the surface hematite (iron oxide). Mars is basically a desert planet, with dunes and gravel on the surface, and there is no stable liquid water body. The atmosphere dominated by carbon dioxide is both thin and cold, and sand and dust are suspended in it, and dust storms often occur every year. Both poles of Mars have polar caps composed of water ice and dry ice, which will grow and fall with the seasons.

(2) Reasons for the formation of massive dry ice on Mars

Scientists have conducted in-depth discussions around these issues. Scientists have discovered through research that the formation of massive dry ice on Mars is closely related to Mars' atmospheric movement and its own rotation and movement. Rodger Phillips, an astrophysicist at the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado, said that assuming that water exists on the surface of Mars, the motion of Mars will cause the angle of its orbit and the surface to change, which in turn will trigger the flow of surface water, which will cause a Martian storm Increasing frequency and intensity.

Reasons for the increasing dry ice on Mars

It is estimated that the change in the Mars turning angle will only occur several times every 100,000 years. Through the calculation of the movement of the Mars model in the computer, it is known that the temperature difference between Mars and Day is very large, and the speed of carbon dioxide solidification into dry ice in its polar regions is higher than that of dry ice gasification into carbon dioxide. It is for this reason that the Mars polarities are caused. Dry ice is increasing.

Dry ice and carbon dioxide on Mars are constantly changing

Scientists believe that these dry ices are mainly formed from carbon dioxide, and a large part of them are likely to form in the gaseous state and float in the Martian atmosphere in the early stage. Robert Haber, a scientist at NASA's California Research Center, said that with the rotation of Mars and the movement of the atmosphere, the temperature of Mars will continue to change. Low temperatures in the Martian polar regions will cause carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to solidify on the surface of Mars. However, with the movement of Mars and the change in the intensity of light radiation, the solid dry ice will vaporize again and enter the Martian atmosphere again, which occurs in the Martian cycle.

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Many people don't understand what kind of phenomenon is the white fairy mist produced by dry ice? We know that the fan makes the body cooler. This is because wind can accelerate the evaporation of sweat, and evaporation can consume heat. At normal temperature, dry ice produces a white fog effect similar to the principle of ice cream we have seen. It is a physical phenomenon.

The reason why dry ice can produce white fairy mist

Dry ice sublimation needs to absorb a lot of heat, which causes the temperature of the surrounding environment to drop sharply, causing the water vapor in the air to condense and form a white water mist. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide with a temperature of -78.5 ° C. When it turns into gas when it encounters heat, it condenses the water vapor in the nearby air into countless small water spots, which is white mist. You can view the expertise in this area in Hanna Dry Ice Science, and I wo n’t go into details here. If you put hot water on dry ice, the white mist is very thick, like a fairyland. This method is often used to make white fairyland on stage.

How to increase students' interest in the phenomenon of dry ice

Teachers are constrained by the examination course and the teaching time, and they ca n’t give more interesting examples to increase students ’interest in learning the dry ice phenomenon in physics. The vivid and interesting learning is reduced to abstract and boring memory activities. Only when we do more experiments on dry ice can we stimulate students' interest in learning about dry ice.

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Several common problems of dry ice cleaning

Dry ice cleaning can also be called dry ice spray cleaning, carbon dioxide cleaning or low temperature cleaning. The characteristics of dry ice cleaning technology determine its difference from other cleaning processes. The biggest benefit is that the dry ice cleaning solution provided to customers has the characteristics of applicability, environmental protection, practicability, economy and safety.

1. Scope of application of dry ice cleaning technology?

Dry ice cleaning technology usually uses a dry ice machine (dry ice machine, ice machine, dry ice granulator, dry ice granulator, dry ice granulator) to determine the specifications of dry ice particles, and then use a dry ice washing machine (dry ice spray, dry ice spray, Dry ice blasting, dry ice blast cleaning machine, dry ice cleaning mold machine, dry ice mold cleaning machine) compressed air and dry ice particles have a certain pressure. After stirring, it is sprayed on the surface of the cleaned material, and the impulse generated by the dry ice particles at low temperature and high speed causes the dirt to crack.

Therefore, it belongs to the "physical cleaning method". Therefore, in theory, dry ice cleaning technology can replace traditional physical cleaning technology, such as sandblasting, water spraying, wiping and other technologies.

From the industrial practical point of view, the application of dry ice cleaning technology is related to national environmental awareness and legal requirements. That is to say, in the case that the traditional process cannot meet the environmental protection conditions, dry ice cleaning technology can replace the traditional cleaning process. From the process point of view, the principle of any cleaning process is to ensure that the workpiece to be cleaned is not damaged and to ensure the integrity of the workpiece. The dry ice cleaning process must also follow this principle. Dry ice cleaning sprays dry ice particles onto the surface of the workpiece. The surface of the workpiece must bear a certain amount of wind pressure. If the surface of the workpiece cannot withstand a certain amount of wind pressure, the dry ice cleaning process cannot be used.

Dry ice cleaning is widely used in military industry, nuclear energy, metallurgy, casting, petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, plastics, ships, automobiles, food, medicine, machinery, printing, power, electronics and other fields.

2. What is the cost of dry ice cleaning?

Whether the dry ice cleaning technology can replace the traditional cleaning process is the key issue of the process cost, which must be related to the consumption, air pressure, displacement and the resulting cost of dry ice. However, the process cost of any cleaning process is directly related to the original state of the material being cleaned and the cleaning accuracy. Different cleaning accuracy requirements and different cleaning conditions will cause huge differences in costs.

The raw materials of the dry ice cleaning process are mainly dry ice and compressed air. The source of compressed air is inexhaustible and does not require transportation, so there is no purchase and transportation cost of raw materials. The cost of dry ice is basically 3 tons of liquid carbon dioxide can produce 1 ton of qualified dry ice, so the cost of dry ice can be calculated.

The consumption of dry ice is a matter of great concern to users. In fact, the consumption of dry ice is closely related to the cleaning conditions and accuracy. The oil stain is very thick and the adhesion is greater, such as paint, scale, carbon deposition, welding slag and others must be deeply frozen and deleted to effectively affect the gap cracking layer by layer and separated layer by layer, so ice consumption will inevitably increase The corresponding air pressure requirements are high, and the cost will increase accordingly. However, for oil stains with low adhesion, strong compressed air is not required. It can be cleaned with low pressure. The corresponding dry ice consumes less and costs less.

3. Where are the removals from dry ice cleaning?

For the final destination of the material to be removed, since dry ice cleaning is a physical cleaning, in principle, the material to be removed will only peel off the object, and will not disappear. Therefore, it is "existing". So, where did it migrate? In fact, dry ice will freeze the washed material and form cracks. When the dry ice expands in the cracks, the instantaneous blast causes the cleaned material to form particles. With the diffusion of compressed air, the particles are peeled off and diffused into the air. Of course, after cleaning, if there are no other measures, the particles diffused in the air will fall on the ground of the cleaning site like dust, which can be removed by removing dust.

Under certain conditions, there may be some traces of oil or water scattered on the scene. This is because there is some oil or water floating in the cleaned workpiece. The remaining oil or water does not adhere to the surface of the workpiece, but is free. Therefore, when compressed air is injected into the workpiece, the remaining oil or water is immediately ejected from the workpiece and dispersed around. In actual operation, before cleaning the workpiece with dry ice, the residual oil in the workpiece should be sucked out with a cloth.

4. Does dry ice cleaning cause impact depression on the workpiece surface?

Dry ice blasting is similar to sand blasting. Dry ice particles are sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece through compressed air, which will have a certain effect on the surface of the workpiece. However, the dry ice cleaning technology does not rely on the grinding effect between the dry ice particles and the surface of the workpiece to remove the dirt, but rather quickly freezes the dirt on the surface of the workpiece. The hardness of the dry ice particles is only 2MOHS, even if the dry ice particles directly hit the surface of the workpiece. This means crushing without damaging the surface of the workpiece. For workpieces with very low surface hardness, "snow and ice" can be used as a raw material to spray the workpiece surface. The main factor that damages the work piece is the wind pressure, so the fragile parts should be tested first, adjust the appropriate wind pressure before cleaning.

5. Is dry ice cleaning safe?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, non-toxic and non-flammable. Therefore, as a whole, it is a safe cleaning method, which is harmless to human body and workpiece.

However, during the dry ice cleaning process, carbon dioxide is formed after the dry ice is vaporized.

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