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Fully automatic large-scale fryer

1. Frying line Automatic heating machine for frying machine:

1. The heating tube bracket is fixed on the mesh belt bracket and moves together with the mesh belt bracket.

2. After the mesh belt support is lifted, the heating tube automatically turns off the heating function to avoid causing a safety accident.

Second, the frying line Fully automatic frying machine oil level monitoring:

1. Use up and down limit control, when the oil level in the tank is higher or lower than the set limit, the system will automatically shut down and give an alarm.

2. Refueling limit control, when the oil level is lower than the set limit, the heating system automatically shuts down and alarms to refuel. When accidentally refueling is close to the upper limit, the alarm prompts the refueling personnel, do not refuel.

3. All oil level controls are set by PLC, and different oil levels can be set according to different items produced.

Third, Taizy frying line advantages of automatic frying machine:

1. Perfect safety system: equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system, when dangerous faults such as over-temperature and sensor failure occur, the equipment will automatically cut off the power and alarm. The manual trigger switch box can be installed on the wall away from the frying line.

2. Automatic slagging system to avoid fire: Equipped with horizontal and vertical auger lifting automatic slagging system at the discharge port, which can effectively avoid the fire caused by slag storage.

3. Develop and improve the tank oil pumping device so that there is no oil sludge under the oil-sifting screen at the bottom of the slag scraper, which reduces the chance of oil becoming a paste.

4. Our frying equipment can use shortening: the main circulation pipeline is used as high and low oil pipelines, and the bottom end can be emptied after working, and almost no oil is stored. The stainless steel heating cable is added above the valve so that the oil can quickly melt when the equipment is used.

5. The front end of the Teflon plate at the entrance can be adjusted up and down by 50mm to prevent the deformation of fried chicken steaks.

6. The tank is bent to increase the stability of the tank and prevent the tank from being deformed during long-term use.

Fourth, Taizy frying line, fully automatic frying electrical cabinet control system advanced:

The electric control cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel and the thickness is 2mm. The cabinet adopts a double-layer structure, and the outer layer adopts a sloping top design. The original electric appliances such as touch screen and PLC in the box are of the "Siemens" brand and are equipped with emergency stop control. When dangerous faults such as over-temperature and sensor fault occur, the device automatically cuts off the power supply and alarms. The main control circuit is as follows:

1. The main drive motor is driven by a frequency converter.

2. The AC contractors are all French "Schneider" appliances, the temperature control instruments are Taiwan "Omron" appliances, and the intermediate relays are Schneider appliances.

3. There is an emergency stop switch, a total leakage protection switch, an over-temperature alarm, a sensor failure automatically cuts off the power and alarms, and oil level upper and lower limits are controlled. (The device itself is not equipped with a transmission main cable other than the device).

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Deep-fried assembly line

The automatic frying machine is suitable for using electric energy as energy and is designed and manufactured according to the principles of thermodynamics and various requirements for food. It can fry products of different specifications. The frying time, temperature, oil level, and slag scraping are all fully automated. The frying process is simple and safe, easy to clean and maintain, saving fuel consumption and energy. The food fried by this machine has bright color, good taste, and attractive flavor.

Frying line Fully automatic frying machine is a high-power factory electrical equipment, and the safety of electricity becomes crucial. Therefore, solving the safety hazards in the process of electricity consumption has also become the top priority in the use of equipment! In response to this problem, with the joint efforts of our Jiake people and a comprehensive investigation of the cooperative food factories, we have done a series of research, development, and improvement, and equipped a complete safety system in the processing project of the frying line fryer.

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Introduction to the application scope of fryer

1. Frying equipment series: single frying machine, semi-automatic frying machine, frying line (automatic frying machine), hanging frying machine and oil filter, deoiling dehydrator, mixing machine and other supporting equipment, heating method There are mainly electric heating, coal heating, gas heating, thermal oil heating, kerosene heating, etc. Including international advanced oil-water mixing technology and whole oil technology.

2. Sterilization, cleaning, and blanching, air-drying equipment series: pasteurization line, cleaning machine, cooking and blanching machine, air-drying machine, bag washing machine, etc. 3. Auxiliary equipment and supporting equipment series: splitting machine, press dehydration machine, lifting machine, vibrating screen, conveyor belt, potato chips and fries, complete equipment for cleaning fish.

Spicy Small Fish Fryer Introduction of Five Spice Bayu Fried Machine:

(1) The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the frying time, frying temperature, oil level control and frying cleaning automatic control.

(2) The transmission system adopts mechanical or frequency conversion speed control, and the processing time is controlled according to the actual needs of the product. Single-layer or double-layer mesh belts are used. The product is sandwiched between the mesh belts to avoid product floating. Non-stick pan mesh belt can be used at the entrance of the paste-like products to prevent the product from sticking.

(3) The equipment is equipped with an automatic filtering function, which can filter out large residues. The oil consumed in the product frying process is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product, saving the frying oil.

(4) Advanced and efficient smoke boxes make combustion more fully, save a lot of coal, and reduce expenditure.

(5) The unique lifting and exhaust system makes the equipment cleaning and maintenance more convenient, clean, and hygienic.

(6) The equipment is equipped with a high-power induced draft fan to make combustion more full and save energy.

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First let’s take a look at what is dry ice:

Dry ice is a common name for solid carbon dioxide CO2. It is a non-toxic and odorless white solid, and its shape is powder, large and small particles, and various blocks. The temperature of dry ice is minus 78.5 degrees Celsius. At normal temperature and pressure, dry ice directly sublimates into carbon dioxide CO2 gas with an expansion rate of about 800 times.


So how is dry ice made and produced?

Dry ice is made by reducing the pressure of liquid carbon dioxide. Part of the liquid carbon dioxide evaporates and absorbs a lot of heat, so that the other part of the carbon dioxide is cooled into a snow-like solid, which is dry ice. There are mainly the following methods:


1. At home to make dry ice, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher + cloth bag

Prepare a cloth bag, put it on the outlet of the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, and turn on the fire extinguisher switch. A small amount of white "snow" will form in the cloth bag near the spout. This is dry ice, but the amount is very small, and the actual significance is not great.

2. Manually make dry ice: carbon dioxide cylinder + small manual dry ice making machine Shuliy low temperature KBS series

Buy liquid carbon dioxide at the gas operation station, you can get the carbon dioxide cylinder, connect the Shuliy low temperature SL-550, SL-750 or SL-XH3 mini dry ice machine, open the valve, you can produce dry ice, low cost, simple operation, very Suitable for users of hotels, restaurants, bars, cloud effect, laboratory low temperature test, mechanical cold assembly.

3. Fully automatic preparation of dry ice: carbon dioxide dewar or storage tank + automatic dry ice making machine Shuliy low temperature sl granule series

Purchase a liquid carbon dioxide dewar or storage tank in the market, and purchase liquid carbon dioxide in the gas company. According to the dry ice shape and output requirements, choose SL-550, SL-750 of the KBM granule dry ice machine, or choose SL-XH3. The dry ice produced in this way has high density, good quality, and large output. It is widely used in the catering smoke effect, refrigerated transportation, cooling and preservation, and industrial dry ice cleaning. It is very suitable for users who sell industrial dry ice.

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What is dry ice cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning, also known as dry ice-cold spray, uses compressed air as the power and carrier and uses dry ice particles as accelerated particles, which are sprayed onto the surface of the object to be cleaned by a special dry ice blasting machine. The energy conversion such as sublimation and melting makes the dirt, oil, and residual impurities on the surface of the object to be frozen quickly frozen, thereby condensing, embrittlement, peeling, and at the same time, it is removed with the airflow. It will not cause any damage to the surface of the object being cleaned, especially the metal surface, nor will it affect the smoothness of the metal surface.


The specific cleaning process includes low-temperature freezing stripping, purge stripping, impact stripping.

Low-temperature freeze peeling

When the dry ice particles of -78.5℃ act on the surface of the object to be cleaned, the embrittlement contaminants are first frozen, and the contaminants rupture on the surface to be cleaned, changing from viscoelastic to solid, and the brittleness increases and the viscosity decreases, so that The adsorption force on the surface decreases sharply, while the surface area increases and part of the dirt can be peeled off automatically.

Purge strip

Under the environment of compressed air as the power, it produces a shear force on the embrittled dirt, causing a mechanical fracture. Due to the large difference in low-temperature shrinkage between the dirt and the surface of the cleaned object, stress concentration occurs at the contact surface. Dirt is peeled off under the action of shear force.

Impact stripping

When the high-speed dry ice particles collide with the surface of the increased dirt, the above kinetic energy is transferred to the dirt, overcoming the reduced adhesion, and the resulting shear force causes the dirt to roll away with the airflow. The purpose of removing dirt.

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Dry ice cleaning technology is a relatively new process that removes stubborn dirt residues in a particularly gentle and environmentally friendly manner. So how does it stand out from other cleaning methods? The following Shuliy dry ice Blasting machine manufacturers come to tell you its advantages.

1. Cost-saving   Because carbon dioxide is a component of the atmosphere, it is very convenient to use and cheap, and the power consumption equipment only has an air compressor. Dry ice evaporates directly during the cleaning process, and there is no cost for cleaning the cleaning medium.

2. The dry cleaning process is different from steam and high-pressure water cleaning. Dry ice cleaning has no damage to wires, control elements, and switches. After cleaning, the possibility of equipment rusting is greatly reduced compared with water cleaning. In the food industry, dry ice cleaning greatly reduces the possibility of bacterial growth compared to water cleaning.

3. Environmental safety  CO2 is a non-toxic substance that meets the safety requirements of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With dry ice cleaning instead of toxic chemical cleaning, employees can fundamentally avoid the infringement of chemical substances. Because CO2 is heavier than air, ventilation must be ensured when handling dry ice in closed spaces or sinking places, and pay attention to safety.

4. Extend the service life of the equipment Unlike sand particles, walnut shells, plastic particles and other abrasive media, dry ice particles are not abrasive. It avoids the corrosion and hazards of the chemical cleaning method to the mold, and the mechanical damage and scratches of the mold by the mechanical cleaning method, does not damage the tolerance and does not damage the bearings and machinery. In addition, online cleaning avoids accidental damage during mold disassembly.

5. Efficient dry ice cleaning can be cleaned online, greatly reducing the parking time, without the need to lower the temperature to disassemble the mold, and repeated loading and unloading lead to defects such as mold accuracy. It can eliminate the two time-consuming processes of disassembling the mold and waiting for the mold to cool down, which can reduce the strike time by about 80%-95%, so as to have efficient production efficiency and less time consumption.

6. Wide range of use For different cleaning conditions, as long as different dry ice cleaning nozzles are replaced, the cleaning working distance is improved to meet different needs. It is easy to operate, safe, low in cost, and has comprehensive benefits

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  The appearance of plastic granulator machine can be said to achieve the function of turning waste into treasure. In fact, in the production process, the working state should pay attention to the energy-saving effect of machinery, reduce production costs, and achieve true environmental protection.

  In the actual operation process, the energy-saving measures of the granulator are mainly concentrated on one is the power part and the other is the heating part. Most of the power part energy-saving uses frequency converters. The energy-saving method is by saving the residual energy consumption of the motor.

Most of the energy saving in the heating part is to use electromagnetic heaters to save energy. The energy-saving rate is about 30%-70% of the old-style resistance coil. Compared with resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater has an extra layer of insulation, and the heat energy utilization rate increases; direct effect The heating of the feed tube reduces the loss of heat transfer heat energy; the heating speed is more than a quarter faster, which reduces the heating time.

  The heating speed is fast, the production efficiency is improved, and the motor is in a saturated state, which reduces it, and the power loss caused by high power and low demand. Four of these are also the reasons for improving the energy saving of plastic granulators by as much as 30%-70%.

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Utilization of plastic pellet making machine

The plastic pellet making machine is an important part of the plastic recycling process, and because it needs to be shaped for plastic, the mechanical structure is special. If you do not pay attention to the use of mechanical parts, it is easy to cause mechanical damage and production safety accidents.

   1. The granulator is going to run forward; avoid reversing.

   2. The granulator should not run on an empty stomach. The machine must be heated and fed to run, so as to avoid sticking (shaft holding).

   3. It is strictly forbidden to enter iron and other debris in the air inlet of the pelletizer. So as not to cause accidents and affect production.

   4. Pay attention to the temperature change of the body at any time. When touching the sliver with clean hands and not sticking your hands, you should immediately heat up. It is normal until the sliver touches the hand.

   5. When the bearing parts of the reducer are burnt, or accompanied by noise, they should be repaired in time and refueled.

   6. When the bearing parts at both ends of the bearing housing of the main engine are hot or have noise, stop the machine for maintenance and fill with butter. In normal operation, the bearing room is greased every 5-6 days.

   7. Pay attention to find out the operation rules of the machine; for example the temperature of the machine is high and low, the speed is fast and slow, and it can be dealt with in time according to the situation.

   8. When the body of the plastic pellet making machine is unstable, you should pay attention to check whether the gap between the couplings is too tight, and it should be loosened in time.

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Reliable plastic pellet machine

 It is another very difficult thing to ensure that the entire system works normally on site. In the past, some units have tried several times to develop automatic controllers for plastic pellets machine, but none have succeeded.

One of the main reasons is that the working environment of the automatic controller of the granulator is very bad. Many equipments are in a workshop. Various motors start and stop continuously. The power in the motor can reach more than 13OkW, so the interference is very serious.

These interferences are fatal to the computer system. If the system fails, the system will crash. Once the controller crashes, the consequences can be imagined. Therefore, it is very important to fight interference. In response to the above situation, we have mainly taken the following measures:

  All input and output, whether it is digital or analog, are photoelectrically isolated. The optical isolation of the switch is relatively simple, and the electrical isolation of the analog is more complicated. Both the cost and the linearity must be guaranteed. We chose a circuit that uses two optical couplings in series and uses the symmetry of the optical coupling to compensate, which not only ensures the accuracy but also reduces the cost.

  Use one-point grounding for the analog and digital grounds on the printed circuit board wiring. Try to ensure that no two ground wires are parallel. Separate the digital and analog circuits as much as possible to avoid mixed wiring.

   Switching power supply with strong anti-interference ability is used as the control power supply. It can ensure normal operation within the range of AC input voltage 120V-27OV.

   Arrange the signal lines reasonably and minimize the length of the lines.

   After adopting the above measures, the effect is very obvious, and the plastic pellet machine has stood the test on the spot.

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How to guarantee the yield of charcoal machine

Palm husk is a good high-calorie, flame-resistant fuel. The heat ratio of palm husk during burning time is much greater than that of general biomass raw materials, and it can release special gases to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The charcoal machine can well meet people's demand for machine charcoal.

The special advantage of palm husk has promoted the increasing demand for charcoal machines in the market. From its own perspective, the value of palm husk is not high, and it has been discarded in the past, but with the development of the times, people's demand for environmental charcoal protection, this special raw material is also widely used.

So some people took advantage of palm husk to invest in the production of charcoal machines. However, some problems will be encountered more or less in the production process. Guaranteeing the yield is the purpose of all production links. We will make a simple analysis of the problems such as the fracture of the finished charcoal proposed by some users.

1. During the carbonization process, the density of the semi-finished product's salary rods must meet the standard. The higher the density, the higher the completion rate of the carbonized product.

2. It is necessary to ensure the tightness of the internal environment of the carbonization furnace to avoid the possibility of air leakage and unburnt charcoal and kiln.

3. It is easy to ensure the carbonization environment is large enough, and a reasonable spatial pattern also has an impact on the carbonization effect.

4. The operator should be familiar with the details of the entire carbonization process and be good at making timely and appropriate adjustments based on factors such as the color and smell of semi-finished products. To ensure the normal operation of the charcoal machine production machine will not bring accidents.

5. In the process of reproduction, one cannot blindly pursue fast speed. The carbonization curve is a problem that cannot be ignored. In the process of work, the moisture must be eliminated in time.

6. Another is the backwardness of carbonization tools. Users should purchase new charcoal machine equipment, keep pace with the times, and improve product competitiveness.

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In recent years, many large and medium-sized enterprises have put their investment hobbies on charcoal machines. They are very popular with everyone. Shuliy charcoal making machines have gradually developed and expanded, and the business is booming, becoming a shining new star in the industry. Since the charcoal machine industry has achieved such development, what special meaning and use does charcoal have in the agricultural field?

1. Improve field soil: Charcoal powder and slag are added to the roots of wheat, corn, etc., which has good water permeability and enhances the aeration of the soil. Once the aeration of the soil is good, the oxygen will be fully supplied and the water will be good. Under the condition of nutrients, there are many new crops and crops, which can effectively solve the damage of pests to the heels.

2. Maintain soil moisture: Charcoal has the function of absorbing moisture. In the soil with a humidity of about 50%, it can absorb 20% of the moisture. When the weather is dry, charcoal absorbs the moisture of the surrounding soil and supplies crops to absorb and promote crops. Healthy growth.

3. Raise the soil temperature: During the growth of the crop, sprinkle some carbon powder on the roots and surface of the crop. The black carbon particles absorb the solar thermal energy, which can increase the temperature of the land.

4. Slow release agent of pesticides and compound fertilizers: The adsorption function of charcoal is used to keep the pesticides and compound fertilizers in a balanced state. Using this state to slowly release pesticides and waste materials and supply them for normal absorption of crops, thereby reducing the loss of pesticides and compound fertilizers .

The charcoal machine has brought a lot of help to the agricultural field, and has confirmed the significance of its existence. The production of charcoal does not require the felling of trees. Straw, sawdust, leaves, and crop waste everywhere can be used as raw materials. This is its biggest charm. It is also the reason why many investors choose. Such rich conditions are inevitable. .

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Machine-made charcoal is the use of machine charcoal machines to produce bamboo, wood sawdust, corner waste, peanut shells and other carbon-containing substances through crushing, drying, extrusion molding, carbonization and other processes to produce rod-shaped charcoal.

Compared with ordinary charcoal, machine-made charcoal has good mechanical strength, high carbon content, large calorific value, small ash content, long burning time (generally 2 to 4 times that of ordinary charcoal), and is smokeless and odorless. . According to the difference in carbonization process and closing temperature, machine-made carbon can be divided into low-temperature carbon, medium-temperature carbon and high-temperature carbon.

Low-temperature charcoal-charring with a closed flame temperature <420℃, lighter carbon, lighter mechanical strength, poor surface strength, more surface cracks, lower carbon content and calorific value, volatile content ≥20%, flame height ≥15cm when burning .

  Medium-temperature charcoal--The flame-off temperature of carbonization is greater than 420℃, but less than 600℃. The carbon is moderate, weighty, specific gravity ≤ water specific gravity, mechanical strength is better than the former, less cracks and finer, carbon content ≥75%, calorific value ≥7200 calories, ash content ≤6%, volatile matter ≤15%, burning When the flame height is less than or equal to 10cm.

  High-temperature charcoal--The carbonized flame is ≥700℃, which is made by refining. The carbon is hard, the specific gravity is ≥1 g/cm3, and it is submerged in water. High mechanical strength, steel sound when struck, most of them are conductive. Carbon content ≥80%, up to 90%, calorific value ≥7500 kcal, ash content ≤4%, volatile content ≤10%, the longest burning time, almost no flames can be seen.

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Several common problems of dry ice cleaning

Dry ice cleaning can also be called dry ice spray cleaning, carbon dioxide cleaning or low temperature cleaning. The characteristics of dry ice cleaning technology determine its difference from other cleaning processes. The biggest benefit is that the dry ice cleaning solution provided to customers has the characteristics of applicability, environmental protection, practicability, economy and safety.

1. Scope of application of dry ice cleaning technology?

Dry ice cleaning technology usually uses a dry ice machine (dry ice machine, ice machine, dry ice granulator, dry ice granulator, dry ice granulator) to determine the specifications of dry ice particles, and then use a dry ice washing machine (dry ice spray, dry ice spray, Dry ice blasting, dry ice blast cleaning machine, dry ice cleaning mold machine, dry ice mold cleaning machine) compressed air and dry ice particles have a certain pressure. After stirring, it is sprayed on the surface of the cleaned material, and the impulse generated by the dry ice particles at low temperature and high speed causes the dirt to crack.

Therefore, it belongs to the "physical cleaning method". Therefore, in theory, dry ice cleaning technology can replace traditional physical cleaning technology, such as sandblasting, water spraying, wiping and other technologies.

From the industrial practical point of view, the application of dry ice cleaning technology is related to national environmental awareness and legal requirements. That is to say, in the case that the traditional process cannot meet the environmental protection conditions, dry ice cleaning technology can replace the traditional cleaning process. From the process point of view, the principle of any cleaning process is to ensure that the workpiece to be cleaned is not damaged and to ensure the integrity of the workpiece. The dry ice cleaning process must also follow this principle. Dry ice cleaning sprays dry ice particles onto the surface of the workpiece. The surface of the workpiece must bear a certain amount of wind pressure. If the surface of the workpiece cannot withstand a certain amount of wind pressure, the dry ice cleaning process cannot be used.

Dry ice cleaning is widely used in military industry, nuclear energy, metallurgy, casting, petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, plastics, ships, automobiles, food, medicine, machinery, printing, power, electronics and other fields.

2. What is the cost of dry ice cleaning?

Whether the dry ice cleaning technology can replace the traditional cleaning process is the key issue of the process cost, which must be related to the consumption, air pressure, displacement and the resulting cost of dry ice. However, the process cost of any cleaning process is directly related to the original state of the material being cleaned and the cleaning accuracy. Different cleaning accuracy requirements and different cleaning conditions will cause huge differences in costs.

The raw materials of the dry ice cleaning process are mainly dry ice and compressed air. The source of compressed air is inexhaustible and does not require transportation, so there is no purchase and transportation cost of raw materials. The cost of dry ice is basically 3 tons of liquid carbon dioxide can produce 1 ton of qualified dry ice, so the cost of dry ice can be calculated.

The consumption of dry ice is a matter of great concern to users. In fact, the consumption of dry ice is closely related to the cleaning conditions and accuracy. The oil stain is very thick and the adhesion is greater, such as paint, scale, carbon deposition, welding slag and others must be deeply frozen and deleted to effectively affect the gap cracking layer by layer and separated layer by layer, so ice consumption will inevitably increase, The corresponding air pressure requirements are high, and the cost will increase accordingly. However, for oil stains with low adhesion, strong compressed air is not required. It can be cleaned with low pressure. The corresponding dry ice consumes less and costs less.

3. Where are the removals from dry ice cleaning?

For the final destination of the material to be removed, since dry ice cleaning is a physical cleaning, in principle, the material to be removed will only peel off the object, and will not disappear. Therefore, it is "existing". So, where did it migrate? In fact, dry ice will freeze the washed material and form cracks. When the dry ice expands in the cracks, the instantaneous blast causes the cleaned material to form particles. With the diffusion of compressed air, the particles are peeled off and diffused into the air. Of course, after cleaning, if there are no other measures, the particles diffused in the air will fall on the ground of the cleaning site like dust, which can be removed by removing dust.

Under certain conditions, there may be some traces of oil or water scattered on the scene. This is because there is some oil or water floating in the cleaned workpiece. The remaining oil or water does not adhere to the surface of the workpiece, but is free. Therefore, when compressed air is injected into the workpiece, the remaining oil or water is immediately ejected from the workpiece and dispersed around. In actual operation, before cleaning the workpiece with dry ice, the residual oil in the workpiece should be sucked out with a cloth.

4. Does dry ice cleaning cause impact depression on the workpiece surface?

Dry ice blasting is similar to sand blasting. Dry ice particles are sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece through compressed air, which will have a certain effect on the surface of the workpiece. However, the dry ice cleaning technology does not rely on the grinding effect between the dry ice particles and the surface of the workpiece to remove the dirt, but rather quickly freezes the dirt on the surface of the workpiece. The hardness of the dry ice particles is only 2MOHS, even if the dry ice particles directly hit the surface of the workpiece. This means crushing without damaging the surface of the workpiece. For workpieces with very low surface hardness, "snow and ice" can be used as a raw material to spray the workpiece surface. The main factor that damages the work piece is the wind pressure, so the fragile parts should be tested first, adjust the appropriate wind pressure before cleaning.

5. Is dry ice cleaning safe?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, non-toxic and non-flammable. Therefore, as a whole, it is a safe cleaning method, which is harmless to human body and workpiece.

However, during the dry ice cleaning process, carbon dioxide is formed after the dry ice is vaporized.

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What is dry ice cleaning technology?

Perhaps everyone has heard of the technology of dry ice cleaning in daily life. Dry ice cleaning is a new type of cleaning technology with many advantages such as high efficiency, safety, low damage, and environmental protection. With the country's industrialization process and the needs of social production and life, the dry ice cleaning industry has become more and more widely used, and is no longer a strange technology.

The raw material of dry ice is carbon dioxide. Because carbon dioxide is in the air, it is very convenient to use and the price is very cheap. Dry ice will evaporate directly during the cleaning process, and there is no cleaning cost. Prior to this, many companies used high-pressure water for cleaning, but the emergence of dry ice cleaning made high-pressure water cleaning out of the stage. Because dry ice does not damage wires, control elements or switches compared to high-pressure water cleaning. After cleaning, there is no possibility of equipment rusting.

Dry ice cleaning reduces the cleaning cost and improves the production efficiency for enterprises. The most important thing is that it can also extend the service life of the machine. Now it has been used by many companies. In the food industry, dry ice cleaning can greatly prevent the growth of bacteria compared to water cleaning. Now many companies have replaced toxic chemical cleaning with dry ice cleaning to avoid chemical damage fundamentally. With the development of dry ice cleaning technology, dry ice cleaning has been used by many companies.

Although dry ice cleaning has many benefits, there are still some areas that need attention. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air. When cleaning dry ice in an enclosed space or sinking area, you must ensure ventilation and safety, otherwise, it is prone to danger.

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How to use fish bone removal machine

1. Place the fish meat picker in a horizontal working position to make the machine work smoothly. Gathering collection machine

2. Check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the operating voltage of the machine.

3. Reliable grounding should be connected to the outer cover,

4. A professional electrician should connect the power cord of the machine to the power switch (air switch) with all poles disconnected, turn on the power, and see if the machine is operating normally. It can be used only when there is no abnormal sound.

5. Add the proper amount of calcium-based grease to the gear regularly every month

6. Check whether there are other foreign objects in the hopper, whether they are fixed and reliable.

7. It is strictly forbidden to put hands or other foreign objects into the hopper during the fishbone removal machine to avoid danger! To prevent damage to the machine!

8. Head off and wash the fresh fish, the big fish of the shrimp meat picker is divided and then put in.

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Automatic fish bone removal machine

For household use, fish deboning machine, automatic fish deboning machine, how to debark the fish, please see the detailed diagram, if you want to see more detailed diagram, please contact the manufacturer, thank you for your cooperation! The fish meat picker is a special machine for peeling bones of fresh water, marine fish and shrimps.

Schematic diagram of how to remove fish meat is equipped with a meat picking bucket and a rubber belt for pressing meat. The mutual pressing movement of the rolling meat picking bucket and the transmission rubber belt squeezes the fish into the meat picking bucket, leaving the skin and bones Outside the meat picking bucket, the scraper sends it out of the machine. The fish meat picking machine has the advantages of compact structure, high efficiency and practicality, convenient operation and durability. Very suitable for the majority of fish and shrimp products professional factories, food factories, fishing boats and other units.

Fully automatic fish meat debarking machine is a special machine for peeling bones of fresh water, sea fish and shrimps to take out the meat. The machine is equipped with a meat picking bucket and a rubber belt for pressing meat. The mutual pressing movement of the rolling meat picking bucket and the transmission rubber belt squeezes the fish into the meat picking bucket, leaving the fish skin and bones in the meat picking Outside the barrel, it is sent out of the machine by a scraper. The schematic diagram of how to debark fish meat has the advantages of compact structure, high efficiency and practicality, convenient operation and durability. Very suitable for the majority of fish and shrimp products professional factories, food factories, fishing boats and other units.

The automatic fish debarking machine squeezes between the meat picking belt and the meat picking drum to effectively remove small fish sticks and also scrape the fish skin and scales. It is necessary equipment for making surimi products. Many people use this machine to make fish balls, fish slices or fish cakes, fish cakes and so on. The whole machine shell is made of high-quality stainless steel 304. The output is 400 kg/h. Very suitable for processing in large factories.

Taizy fish deboning machine is tall and luxurious, not rusty. Welcome to order other machines with larger specifications. Operation of the fish deboning machine for household use: first kill the live fish, remove the head, entrails, cut into thin fish pieces, and then put the fish skin close to the meat strip and put it into the machine for rolling. The machine will automatically separate the fish and fishbone, easy to operate, and easy to clean! The fish meat grinder uses a stainless steel drum with a mesh hole and a belt to repeatedly press the fish body, and the fish meat is squeezed out of the small hole under pressure, thereby separating the meat from the bone.

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The use method of small fish deburring machine is to put small fish or small and medium-sized fish directly after throwing away. Large fish need to be headed and tailed, cut into pieces, and put into it. Take out the fish bone spine skin film, etc., extract clean surimi, use gearbox or reducer to drive, the torque is high and the speed is low and the operation is stable and does not heat up.

Sea fish: yellow croaker, octopus, batfish, squid, cuttlefish, partial fish, cod, pomfret, perch, eel, salmon, salmon, grouper, horse face fish. This machine is mainly composed of several major departments such as motor, scraper, tensioning device, transmission device, conveyor belt, fish bone outlet, surimi outlet, working roller, shrimp and crab shelling machine, fresh fish inlet, etc.

The fish deboning machine is made of stainless steel to meet hygienic requirements, easy to clean, and high-efficiency extraction of surimi finished products, to save the artificial collection of surimi, fish deboning and bone removal machine manufacturers to improve the economic value of various fish and cheap fish meat and save labor to take scraping The cumbersomeness of fish meat is ideal equipment for processing fish products in coastal areas.

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Wood shredding principle

Shuliy wood shredder can process wood, wood and wood chips, etc., the investment of other raw materials, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, good economic benefits, use and maintenance advantages. Mushroom wood crusher, especially in wood processing of edible fungus culture medium, is mainly composed of cutting device, crushing device and fan.


After cutting, the particle size of the wood can be sent to the place where the crushing device does not dry, and the wind device into which the finished wood chips are gathered.
  Sawdust pulverizer can be widely used for grinding all kinds of granular feed materials and powder materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, fish feed. It is also suitable for crushing treatment of drugs, alcohol, solvents and other industries.
   1. Two-crush crushing design of the crushing cavity can increase the output by more than 15%, and the crushing particle size is more uniform.
   2, Welded steel plate structure, install the motor rotor at the same base
   3. The feed inlet is installed on the top of the machine, which is easy to operate.
   4. Changing the position of the weight in the rotor can form two kinds of hammer screen gaps, respectively, for ordinary crushing and fine crushing, ordinary grinding, uniform crushing, and improve production capacity.
   5. The smaller the gap between the hammer and sieve, it can be used for fiber crushing or fine crushing.

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Common faults in the work of wood crusher

At present, many wood shredders appear on the market, which can not only break branches and leaves, but also scraps and small pieces of wood. It is a commonly used shredding machine on the market. With the prolonged use of the machine, the following faults often occur:


1. Weak work when crushing;

2. The pulverizer does not start or power on;

3. The output of the pulverizer has dropped significantly.

Under normal circumstances, it can be repaired by itself. First, check the power socket, plug, and power cord for oxygen drop and breakage. If not, you can plug in the power supply to test the machine. During the normal production process, if you feel that the output of the equipment is significantly reduced, you need to stop and open the upper cover of the equipment to check whether the screen of the grinder is loose. If not, you should check whether the hammer of the grinder is badly worn, if it is obviously worn .

If the distance between the hammer and the screen exceeds 10mm, the hammer should be replaced in reverse. After re-use, after replacing the hammer twice, if a similar situation occurs again, a new hammer should be replaced.

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The first step of equipment installation of the new charcoal machine production line: Before starting the new charcoal machine, preparation work and operation procedures are required. When debugging the host machine for device verification, first let the host machine rotate manually to see if it is stable, and then use the size and gear of the device to check whether the operation is normal; install the correct circuit through the installation diagram of the circuit diagram and start.

Motor, to see if it is running normally; secondly, turn on the dust removal equipment, check the normal pressure of the air pump, whether there is leakage, dust removal; again, you need to turn on the burner, adjust the appropriate flame according to the temperature, temperature control strategy; adjust the speed of the dryer To a suitable range.

The new charcoal machine is a complete set of equipment, including pulverizer, dryer, rod making machine and carbonization furnace. In the whole operation process, the materials are crushed first, and then dried by the dryer, and the rod making mechanism enters the carbonization process. The moisture content of the material is controlled between 6% and 12%, and the standard setting of the dryer requires the outlet temperature to be controlled at 60 degrees and the moisture content to be controlled between 35% to 6%. The operator can also adjust the drying temperature according to his needs, set the outlet temperature unchanged, and the moisture content of the raw material does not exceed 35%.

The above is the method of correct installation and configuration of the new charcoal machine. Users can install and configure according to these, to ensure that the new charcoal machine has a better production mechanism for charcoal, improve its production efficiency and quality, and bring better benefits for itself.

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