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A construction site is a constantly shifting environment. From drilling, digging, roofing, plumbing, flooring to cleaning, a construction project involves a variety of challenging tasks. The construction industry’s rough and tough jobs require rugged devices that are waterproof, drop-tested, dust resistant, and shockproof. These ruggedized and heavy-duty devices have impacted how construction sites are being managed. Here are the three ways rugged devices can revolutionize the construction industry:

1. Seamless Communication with Low Cost of Ownership

A construction project involves managing materials, fleet, works, and workforce. For that, your construction site managers need seamless communication. From site managers, designers, architects to field workers, everyone needs to be in constant communication to increase operational efficiency. A study conducted by VDC found that the cost of ownership of a rugged device is $2,700, while the total cost of owning a non-rugged mobile device exceeds $4,000. A rugged smartphone that is IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certified can help you create an effective and secure communication network with a low cost of ownership.

2. Prevent Loss of Productivity

Workers in construction sites spend their days in noisy, risky, and dirty environments. Rugged smartphones and heavy-duty notebooks can withstand hazardous work environments. A study has found that non-rugged mobile devices fail more than 3xas compared to ruggedized devices. A single device failure can cost companies up to 200 minutes of lost productivity. To prevent loss of productivity and avoid job failures on-site, construction companies need rugged mobile devices that are tough, durable, secure, and built specifically for construction site hazards and risks.

3. Enhance Security

Today, data security is vital for all industries and the construction sector is no exception. Construction firm’s deal with a huge amount of data related to building blueprints, equipment, materials, investor details, invoices, and receipts. Rugged devices have enterprise-grade security that helps you create a secure communication workflow. Your professionals can send sensitive data and proprietary information to and from the cloud from any location, thereby enhancing security and privacy.


Rugged mobile devices can help construction professionals increase their productivity, mitigate risks, and improve communication while performing their challenging tasks. The durability, low cost of ownership, and military-grade capabilities of ruggedized devices are designed to help construction firms increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Panasonic offers a wide range of fully rugged devices including heavy-duty notebook PCs and rugged smartphones that raise the bar of effectiveness, security, and functionality at construction sites. If you’re looking to buy these professional products for your company, contact Panasonic’s expert team today!

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Digitalization has modernized every aspect of a human life and hospitals are no exception. The effective management and coordination of patient flow, hospital care, clinical decision support, linkage of emergency department to wider healthcare community, clinical documentation and many more facilities have been eased with the digitalization. The more computers are becoming mandatory for day-to-day operations of a hospital, the more essential it has become to improvise its features. The foray of ruggedized devices in the healthcare industry is an exemplar of digital inevitability. This article features that details how a rugged notebook or military grade tablet can amplify the hospital functionality.

A hospital can be a demanding environment where the movement of computers and tablets are bound to happen frequently. Let us go through some of the scenarios where the ruggedized device comes in handy.

  1. At the hospitals

As the hospitals are becoming more and more paper free, the demand for a tablet to enter patient records is on high. Carrying a tablet around can reduce the manual work and saves time. There are situations where doctors often require information about the patient’s ailment history and prescribed medicines. A single touch on the laptop can list out all the information. The foray of these devices has considerably reduced the burden of a health care professional. However, the chances of dropping and spilling chemicals may shorten the gadget life. Here is where a military grade tablet serves its benefit. The high ingress protection ratings and MIL standards protects it from drops, shocks and vibrations and it is dust and waterproof.

  1. Emergency medical services

Emergency medical responder’s team relies significantly up on rugged notebooks or military grade devices. The longer battery life and the excellent wireless connectivity make it an ideal gadget for emergency medical helps. The team can connect to a wider healthcare community for clinical advice and access the patient’s details in case the situation is worse. Rugged notebook’s toughened physical features as well as increased battery life and remote connectivity enhances the service of an emergency medical team.

  1. Patient access

The hospitals today are depending upon the gadget to enable one-time entry. This may require the patients to fill out questionnaires and acknowledge any consent demanded by the physicians. There are chances of mishandling of devices by the weak patients resulting in the total damage of the device. A military grade device can be a safe bet in these situations as it can withstand any accidental falls or spillages.

  1. At the laboratories

The usage of non-rugged devices at the hospital laboratories can be extremely risky as there are chances of gadgets to be exposed to harmful chemicals and biological substances. The water proof tested tough touch pads of a rugged laptop not only protects the laptop of liquid spillage but also enables the workers to continue the emergency works without worrying of any damage.

The rugged devices are the best investments in healthcare industry as these devices enhances the overall medical experiences by streamlining the treatment processes and making the patients more comfortable.

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Most of the people buy gadgets just because either they are keen to buy them or they wish to explore the newer technologies. Trying new things is never bad but not having proper knowledge and then investing your money in something that may or may not be beneficial for you is dangerous. Rugged devices are known for their toughness and durability; hence, you must stay extra careful while investing in them. People make a lot of mistakes while buying gadgets and invest unnecessarily in devices that they actually don’t need. If you are planning to buy a notebook or a rugged device, then here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Trying to find it cheap

Everyone wants a good deal on their purchase, but if you buy a product only considering the cost, you might be buying a subpar product or it may not fit your needs properly. When you’re looking at refurbished rugged laptops, it’s important to look at who refurbished it, if there is a warranty, and if the warranty comes from the manufacturer. Read reviews and other testimonials and be sure to purchase from a reputable retailer who can vouch for the durability and reliability of the product and can also offer a laptop at a great price. Do not base your purchase purely on cost of the notebook.

  1. Not checking if it fits your requirements

It is very important to make up your mind about the purpose of you buying the notebook. This will help you decide what all features to look for before you purchase the ruggedized tablet. You can ask for rubber keyboards to prevent any damage to your laptop from liquids. It is offered by the retailer as a complimentary product when you purchase a military grade notebook. Rubber Keyboards are beneficial for those who work in or around water or in moist environment.

  1. Spending extra for unnecessary upgrades

Most sellers ensure that their customers get a military grade notebook at a reasonable price; hence, they offer their products with minimal components. You can select the processor, operating system, hard drive, and the RAM you need to customize the notebook as per your needs. This will help you in avoiding extra money on upgrading them later because if you do that after the purchase there will be extra cost involved. So, it is important you do your research and do all the customization before the purchase from the retailer and save your extra money. Other than these essential components, you can also select from a wide variety of other upgrades. Some upgrades include selecting keyboards, 3G or 4G broadband, fingerprint reader, internal GPS, Microsoft software, power bundle, spare main battery etc.

Browse the web for more information on ruggedized tablets and connect with a tech expert to know more about rugged devices.

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Tough people need tougher weapons. A military grade laptop or rugged laptop is one such tough weapon that assist our brave hearts through thick and thin. Military grade devices pass vigorous testing standard MIL-STD that ensures that these devices can endure any altitude, extreme temperature, humidity, jolts and shocks. Rugged electronics thus can withstand wear and tear that normal devices seldom can. Let’s go through 3 of such toughest professions that makes use of military grade laptop and military grade tablets.

In the battlefields

Military grade devices have longer battery life and daylight readable screens that are the typical attributes needed in a battlefield. These laptops are used for many functions on the battlefields:

1. Communication - The embedded mobile connectivity features of rugged electronics enable the soldiers to communicate and update location with each other.

2. Awareness about the surroundings - Fitted with cameras and locator software along with the data feeds from satellites and drones, military grade devices provide a complete situational awareness.

3. Mapping the terrain - Military grade device’s great memory assists the military surveyors to map accurate battlefield terrains. High processing speeds and connectivity also enables the data collection to generate maps.

4. Combat medical aid - High storage and super-connectivity feature also aid in the battle related medical emergencies.

Emergency medical services

Medical emergencies caused due to nature furies or accidents are the situations when a rugged electronic device becomes a savior. The first responders and paramedics depend heavily on laptops for recording, monitoring and sharing patient’s information. The accidental site may be too rugged because of the mishap and normal laptops may be inefficient to work under those distress situation. A military grade laptop or a military grade tablet comes in handy for the medical professionals because of the following features:

• Shock and drop resistant rugged devices improve the durability.
• Touch screens aids in capturing signature for consent forms.
• Military grade devices can be mounted on vehicles.
• Secure and fast connectivity helps in sharing of patient’s medical details.

Factory and Construction floors

Laptops are an inevitable item for engineers who rely considerably on it for variety of information at a construction site. Construction sites are always laden with dust and debris and there might be many shocks and vibrations. Hence, carrying project related vital information on a non-rugged laptop may be a disaster. It will be sensible to use military grade devices in construction sites since these devices have undergone various shock testing.

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There are a wide variety of electronic devices available these days and one can definitely find something for themselves based on their requirements. No matter what type of device you use, accessories are an important part of it. Be it a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer; accessories add value to the usefulness and effectiveness of the gadgets. For people who use rugged notebooks or ruggedized tablets, they can also find perfect accessories for their devices. To help you out in the process, listed below are three must have accessory which you can buy.

3 must have accessories for your rugged tablets:

1. Extended batteries– These tablets are designed to work for a longer duration compared to a regular device. However, there can be a situation where you need to work longer than the usual and your battery may run out. In such case, an extended battery is a must have accessory as it gives you additional working time.

2. Carrying case and cover– It is important to protect your devices when you work with them in outdoor environment. Covers and cases are a must have as it give protection against water, dust and even protects the device from being damaged if it falls from a certain height.

3. Car mounts– This is another must have accessory for your ruggedized tablet as it allows the tablet to securely attach to the mount. These are easy and quick to insert and remove the tablet and it allows for the device to be used in an ergonomic fashion while on the move.

There are a number of accessory options that you can find for your device, however, choosing the right one will improve the performance and increase its durability. Rugged notebooks or tablets are designed to work in a specific environment, so their accessories are also made according to the same standards which will help you to make the most out of your device. Make sure to keep in mind the above-mentioned options when you are trying to utilize your device to its maximum potential in an efficient manner.

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