Brooklynne Mobi- A Automated Social WiFi Marketing and Automated Lead Generation Services

How Brooklynne Mobi Social WiFi Platform Benefits for your business!

  • Automated Lead Generation - Build highly targeted email, sms, facebook annd other social media lists of customers  who have been in your actual location.
  •  Grow Social Media Presence - Enhance your social media presence with integrated social media sharing options.
  •  Monetize Free Wi-Fi - Place additional advertising links on your Free Wi-Fi landing pages..
  •  Surprisingly Affordable - Unlike some of the other solutions we offer pay as you grow options to allow you to cost-effectively scale your Wi-Fi network.
  •  Increase Customer Engagement - Learn who are your clients best customers are and build loyalty by offering incentive based Wi-Fi promotions.
  •  Works On All Devices - Brooklynne Mobi Wi-Fi works on all devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Apple, Microsoft, Android, Blackberry.
  •  Cloud Management and Monitoring - Manage your Brooklynne Mobi Hotspots from anywhere in the world with our cloud managed solution.
  •  Build Real Mailing Lists - When a customer logs in with social media their REAL email address is captured so your email list building is accurate and highly valuable.

Brooklynne Mobi Social WiFi Features

  •  Top Social Integrations - To get access to Brooklynne Mobi Social WiFi your customers and guests can login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn or just regular email.
  •  Custom Landing Pages - When a user tries to connect to your Brooklynne Mobi Social Wi-Fi connection they are redirected to a custom landing page which you easily design in our campaign builder.
  •  Autoresponder Integration - Connect your favourite autoresponder so that each time a customer connects to your Brooklynne Mobi Social Wi-Fi their information is securely sent to the list of your choice on GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp or SendReach.
  •  Multi-Language - Landing pages can be created in any language making Brooklynne Mobi Social  Wi-Fi a true global solution that can be used in any country.
  •  Create and Manage Sub-Users - Multi-level permissions make it easy for you to specify what your clients have access to.
  •  Bandwidth Throttling - Limit the amount of bandwidth Wi-Fi users can consume so they don’t eat up your internet connection.
  •  Timed Access - Set timed access limits for your connected Free Wi-Fi  users to avoid people squatting your clients internet connection.
  •  Detailed Analytics & Reports - Learn who your clients best and most loyal customers are with full analytics and reporting functionality to show your clients real results.
  •  Campaign Scheduling - Schedule campaigns to kick in automatically using a built in campaign scheduler that you can easily set up for each of your locations.
  •  Retargeting Capabilities - Retarget customers after they leave your customers locations with embedded campaign retargeting functionality.  Bridge offline and online marketing capabilities with Brooklynne Mobi Social WiFi