Southeast Asian arts range from full contact aggression to a more gentle focus on self development. For example Cheap NFL Nike Jerseys , muay Thai, the direct and effective kickboxing sport that uses elbows and knees, is a simple yet brutal art. In contrast, the Myanmarian art of pongyi thaing is nonviolent and stresses Hindu and Buddhist principles in an attempt to develop a practitioner s mind, body, and spirit. Those who practice the ancient Myanmarian art of bando yoga seek to cultivate their health-and in former times their readiness for battle-by defending themselves against both armed attack from without and internal disease from within, leading to a more peaceful existence free from confrontation and conflict. This philosophical concept was captured succinctly by the legendary Bruce Lee when he said: If you don t fight, you cannot lose. The past meets the present Many of the older indigenous martial art forms in Southeast Asia were practiced alongside music, dance, and drama. These traditions live on today Cheap NFL Jerseys , although in a slightly different form. For example, muay thai practitioners engage in a dancelike ritual before they fight to protect themselves and hex their opponent during a bout. The fight itself is always accompanied by hypnotic and distinctive music. In Indonesia and Malaysia, silat is often practiced to a musical accompaniment and often features in folk dramas. Renewed life As nations and their people in the region emerge from years of conflict and suppression, traditional martial arts have begun to flower once again. Cambodia s ancient martial art traditions can be seen in the figures that adorn the temples of Angkor Wat, which dates back to the 12th century CE. The arts in Myanmar are mostly animal based techniques and have survived with relatively little influence from the other modern sporting arts in the region. Many styles of thaing-the generic term for defense or all out fighting systems in Myanmar-are largely based on grappling and striking. Lethwei, a traditional Myanmarian sport similar to muay Thai, has been practiced in Myanmar for centuries and continues to grow in po[censored] rity. Jingoistic trends Throughout Vietnam s turbulent history, both culturally and philosophically, the country s Chinese influenced martial arts were never standardized. Instead they were primarily passed along family lines and, during the French occupation from 1859 to 1954 Cheap Jerseys Wholeale , were driven underground. They are now enjoying a reemergence and many have strong nationalistic elements, such as vovinam, which was founded in 1938 as a Vietnamese martial art for Vietnamese people. Martial arts down under In Oceania, most of the ancient fighting techniques and systems not only use simple weapons, such as stones, slingshots, and sticks, but also metal spears, swords, and other bladed weapons. Mau rakau Cheap Jerseys From China , the traditional Maori martial art, is of particular interest. The art is seen as being a useful way of cultivating self discipline and social responsibility and practitioners often have to endure painful tattooing as a rite of passage to warriorhood. A number of hybrid martial arts have evolved in Australia and New Zealand, especially during the early 1970s when the martial arts craze reached its zenith and films and television series featured central characters who were skilled in combat or self defense techniques. Many of these arts remain po[censored] r today. 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