The nocks basically refer to the grooved ends of the bow where the string is attached. It is a rather small plastic portion of the arrow which is situated on the edge of the bow. It usually looks like a groove in the shape of a 'V'. It also refers to the place where the feathered portion of an arrow is fit. The nocking point refers to the location over the bow's string on which the nock of the arrow is placed. Lighted nocks refer to nocks which have an intensive LED device or other source of light attached to them. This helps provide luminosity and facilitates easy detection of arrows and game.

How to make your very own nock?

You can consider making your own nocks or even lighted nocks if you so wish. All that is needed is cutting a groove on one side of your arrow. However Henry Hynoski Jersey , one aspect to give thought to, is that the deeper is the nock the more weak your arrow will become. Hence, for all practical purposes, a shallow nock is best for achieving good success.

Things to consider

Another aspect about the nock that you should consider seriously is the tightness at which it is resting over the string. The purpose of a nock is to hold the arrow steady. The small slit on the tip helps accomplish this functionality. Hence, ideally the nock should not sit over the string too tight. If this happens Jacquian Williams Jersey , then your lighted nocks can cause stray release of the arrows. This will result in a rough release, which will not ensure good precision of the hunting session.

You should also check to make sure that the nock is not damaged. If the lighted nocks are damaged then the arrows could leave the bow suddenly resulting in an inaccurate hit. If you are in a serious hunting expedition then this could result in a miss or even losing your game altogether. Make sure to always inspect all of your arrows before you shoot them. Ideally, the lighted nocks need to have smooth and polished surfaces. Any cracks or rough edges can cause inaccuracies in hunting. If such faults exist on the lighted nocks then it can cause tampering with the string's quality.

Why lighted nocks can help?

As opposed to the regular nocks it is best to opt for the lighted nocks. These provide a source of intense, bright light which can at times stay lit for even 48 hours at a stretch. Using these lighted nocks you can estimate the speed and shot placement of your arrows during target shooting practice sessions. You can also use these to locate your downed game easily. Some of the new age lighted nocks even stay lit after the arrow has been removed from the shaft. This way, you can easily locate where your game has fallen. You can also locate lost arrows using these lighted nocks.

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In this article:

What are different types of sexually transmitted infections?


Causes of sexually transmitted infections


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Ergency contraception

Treatnt for sexually transmitted infections

How Chemist Online can help

Advice & Support

Different types of sexually transmitted infections
There are nurous types of sexually transmitted infections. The most mon (and ‘well-known’) ones are: gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis and genital warts. Below is a brief summary of each condition (with symptoms):

About gonorrhoea: Gonorrhoea is caused by a bacterial infection (the germ gonocous) usually found in sen or vaginal fluids.

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