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Maryse & Mic[censored] e McCool vs. Gail Kim & Maria:

Gail Kim quickly comes in, ducks a clothesline, and clotheslines Maryse down! She hits another clothesline and forces Maryse into the corner, hitting a kind of forearm on her face! Kim whips her into the corner hard and hits a jumping corner clothesline! Kim has a whip into the opposite corner reversed on her but she counters by jumping to the second rope and flipping into a cross body Wayne Gretzky Oilers Jersey , which she releases at the two count when she sees Mic[censored] e McCool coming in! Kim simply dropkicks her out of the ring! Kim turns into a kick to the midsection from Maryse. Maryse attempts an Irish whip but Kim counters by twisting her arm, putting her boot in Maryse's face, and falling on her back in an impressive move! Gail Kim then picks her up, hits her Double Arm Neckbreaker, and pins the Diva's Champion! Gail Kim performed well in this one!

Winners by Pinfall: Gail Kim & Maria

Some nice DIVA action to start off Smackdown! I was REALLY impressed with this match as the DIVA division has been very bland and yuck lately Taylor Hall Oilers Jersey , and they showed me they can put on a good match with this contest.

Match Rating: *******7/10

WWE United States Championship Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP (c):

MVP blocks a punch from Benjamin and delivers some punches of his own! The last punch sends Benjamin staggering back and he bounces off the ropes into a clothesline! Benjamin quickly gets up and eats a back elbow. MVP then gets him up and whips him into the ropes, hitting Benjamin with a powerslam! MVP taunts to the crowd and then goes for a whip, which Benjamin counters by twisting through and kicking him in the midsection! Benjamin charges and gets hit with a throat thrust followed by MVP's knee to face buster! MVP gets the crowd into it and hits his BALLIN' Elbow for a two and a half count!! MVP whips Benjamin into the ropes but Benjamin ducks the clothesline and goes for a kick but MVP blocks that and Benjamin counters with a Dragon Kick for a two and a half count! Benjamin whips MVP into the ropes but MVP hangs on to them to stop the momentum! Benjamin charges and MVP back bodies him out of the ring – or so he thinks. Benjamin lands on the apron, unbeknownst to MVP and goes to the top rope and hits an AMAZING Blockbuster (or flying neckbreaker for you new fans) but this only gets him a two and a half count!! Benjamin gets MVP up and has a whip into the corner reversed on him but he's able to springboard over a charging MVP's head but gets hit with a big boot immediately after! MVP then hits the Playmaker to end the match and retain his United States Championship!!

Winner & STILL United States Champion: MVP

This was a great match but seven minutes isn't enough for these guys. They should've given them a commercial break to let the match build a bit more – if they're going to do a whole recap show they should at least throw in some good, long matches when they can!

Match Rating: *****5/10

Jeff Hardy vs. Ezekiel Jackson:

Jackson forcibly rips Hardy off the mat and clubs him in the back down to it again! Jackson stomps him a few times before picking him up and bouncing his head off the top turnbuckle! Jackson hits Hardy with some body shots to the kidneys and some kicks before Scott Armstrong David Perron Womens Jersey , the referee, makes him back away. Big Zeke then hits a running knee to the ribs! Jackson sends Hardy into the ropes and locks him in a bear hug. Jackson holds it in for a while, working him all the way down to the mat! The Kendrick taunts him from the outside, pissing Hardy off enough to fight back up and elbow out only to get quickly clubbed down again! Jackson goes to bounce Hardy's head off the top turnbuckle but Hardy blocks it, hits an elbow Wayne Gretzky Womens Jersey , and connects with Whisper in the Wind!! Jackson is against the ropes and Hardy clotheslines him over the top rope!!The Kendrick is yelling at Jackson on the outside so Hardy hits an over the top rope plancha on the two of them! Hardy high fives the fans before sending The Kendrick into the barricade! He's blindsided by Jackson, who forearms him in the back and throws him in the ring. Jackson goes to enter and Hardy hits him with a dropkick! Hardy then wrecks him with a rough looking DDT! Hardy picks him up and hits the Twist of Fate before going to the top rope and finishing him of with the Swanton Bomb!!

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