Most men are not fastidious about their grooming habits beyond taking a shower and smelling nice except for one particular thing - if they are losing their hair. Balding men are self-conscious about their follically-challenged scalps and go to great pains Womens Jaromir Jagr Jersey , like the infamous comb-over, to camouflage their creeping hairlines. The good news is there are some great hair style ideas for bald men that are quite attractive and can be great confidence boosters.

What The Buzz Is All About

For thinning hair, nothing says great camouflage like a buzz cut, sometimes known as a crew cut, flat top, military cut or brush cut. Buzzing the head is one of the first lines of defense and tops hair style ideas for bald men . While you cannot totally hide a receding hair line, the buzz cut hides the fact your hair may be thinning. An electric razor is used and can be set at a variety of depths to shear the hair to your preference - from close to the scalp to a slightly longer length.

A La David Beckham

Among the hair style ideas for bald men include the faux hawk, a cut made stylish and popular by soccer star David Beckham and even movie star Jude Law. For men with receding hairlines at the temples, the faux hawk is both bold and quite masculine. This style leaves a longer length of hair down the center of your head that can be either spiked up with gel or combed back for definition.
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Jerry Reese is a scout Womens Tom Barrasso Jersey , and not afraid to admit it. The New York Giants GM has a scouting bkground, and even in the era of advanced analytics he remains an unabaed fan of the profession's role in NFL roster-building. Last week, Reese called the draft "game day for the scouts" and said it's "fun to see them rewarded with players they feel like are good players."A fine sentiment. Scouts work extremely long, hard hours, live on the road away from their families and ould be rewarded. But when you're the GM, charged with the dispersal of your franchise's most precious resources, it has to be about more than rewarding the scouts.It was clear after the Giants picked Odell Beckham Jr. with the No. 12 pick in the draft Thursday night, that they had fallen in love. They loved their interview with him at the bine. They loved his speed. They loved that he can return kicks and punts.[+] EnlargeMatthew EmmonsUSA TODAY SportsOdell Beckham Jr. caught 59 passes for 1,152 yards and 8 touchdowns last season for LSU."You're getting a guy who can score touchdowns in three different ways for you," Reese raved. "No way we were going to pass him up."The Giants never lk conviction. The issue is whether this is the right way to handle the draft Womens Mario Lemieux Jersey , and specifically a pick as high as No. 12. If you're going to lock in on one player you love, and there's "no way" you're going to pass him up, then you're not really maximizing the value of your resource.If your draft strategy is to scout players and pick the one you love the best, then your entire draft rests on the development of that player into a great one. If you miss, it's a total miss, with nothing to mitigate it. This is the problem with the Giants' recent drafts -- not just that they've consistently missed in the third round and later (and a few critical times in the second), but that they haven't done enough to protect themselves against poor evaluation. They almost never maneuver to amass more picks and play the percentages. They lock in on a guy they and their scouts like and they take him, believing he'll be great, totally hanging themselves out to dry if he's not.So Beckham may well bee a transcendent, No. 1-type wide receiver Womens Chris Kunitz Jersey , worthy of the No. 12 pick. But the way the board went, they could have gotten him or a parable player later. The draft is deep with wide receivers, and only one more was taken in the 15 picks that followed theirs.The Giants would tell you they didn't think there were parable players, that this was their guy and they're sold on him. And it's perfectly understandable that a scout who loves scouts and scouting would choose to run his draft that way. It's just not the best way to maximize the value of your draft picks. When you fall in love with a player, you take on too much risk. You need to be right, or you're left with nothing.

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