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“Neymar, you’re just Messi’s helper” says Ronaldo

Additionally Andrew Shaw Blackhawks Jersey , Ronaldo, from 2011, is also part of the Organizing Committee for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. These two factors can explain totally why Ronaldo is worried about Neymar, who, in his opinion, might risk sacrificing too much personal virtuosity in favour of Messi. “Neymar is the great hope of Brazil in the World Cup of 2014?, “Neymar also will be the best Brazilian footballer in 2014 and has proved his worth already in Brazil” Clark Griswold Blackhawks Jersey , “Neymar has great qualities” but, alas! he's “just Messi’s helper” underlined Ronaldo. As we are able to see, Ronaldo’s concerns are much more about Neymar’s international image than anything else.

However, this opinion only reflects a personal point of view.

Instead, I would say both Neymar and Messi are on the equal footing. When Barcelona meets very strong teams, it requires pulsating rhythms and accelerations that now Messi is no longer in a position to provide for his team. I think that only a highly skilled and big soccer player such as Neymar is able to continue to provide exceptional high level of performance. Moreover, Messi played with other great footballers Brandon Saad Blackhawks Jersey , so I don't a priori exclude the possibility of coexistence and cooperation between Neymar and Messi. On the other hand, Barcelona has chosen to focus firmly on Neymar in the near future.

This entails putting to on one side all prejudices!

Neymar could possibly be the ballplayer who can try to win the Gold Ball, and, according to Ronaldo, he will become the greatest and most famous Brazilian footballer in 2014 for his exceptional skills. Finally, Neymar also recognizes Messi as an extremely skillful and great player.

“Neymar is a great champion , and together we’ll do great things” replied Messi

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