The Portland Trail Blazers made an odd move by pushing back the deadline for Jamal Crawford player option Cleveland Indians Caps. New general manager Neil Olshey got together with Crawford agent (Andy Miller) and agreed to push back the deadline until June 29. This is despite the fact that Crawford has already made his intention to opt out of the contract very clear. Crawford is due $5 million for the 2012 13 NBA season if he decides to stay with the Blazers Dexter Manley Jersey , but it has long been thought that he could make more on the open market. I think that his services could receive a lot of bids in free agency, with teams like the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat and even the Chicago Bulls in full need of someone like him. Even some low budget teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Clippers or Cleveland Cavaliers might be willing to offer him a multi year deal. I think that this presents a few interesting options for the Blazers, but maybe it a move designed to keep Crawford interested in the team. If the Blazers could pull off a few trades or draft some really good players in the next few weeks, maybe it possible that Crawford would decide to stay with the team. The draft takes place on Thursday Charley Taylor Jersey , June 28, so maybe it is no fluke at all that the deadline for the option got extended to June 29. The Blazers hold the control of Crawford, so the team could presumably trade him in order to pick up an asset or two. If the trading partner could convince Crawford to accept the player option, a deal like that might actually work. I am just posing a guess there though, as there has been no indication from the front office in Portland that the team is entertaining such a thought Colorado Rockies Caps .

I think that Crawford and his agent are using good Detroit Tigers Caps锛宻trategy by not opting out of the contract yet and that it was also a very good move by the Blazers and Olshey. It may amount to nothing in the end, with Crawford deciding to opt out before June 29 rolls around, but I like that the team has kept its options open moving forward. If the team was able to get a great point guard in the draft Sonny Jurgensen Jersey , I certainly wouldnt mind another season of Crawford coming off the bench. More From YCN: Jamal Crawford Opting Out Blazers Draft Rumors Blazers Get Two First Round Picks Time to Trade Nicolas Batum? Blazers Fire McMillan, Trade Wallace Sources: Blazers Deadline Moves Blazers_Team_Stats Blazers Full Schedule Blazers Team Page Blazers Updated Roster *Ryan is a Northwest bred sports fan that has been a Portland Trail Blazers fan for years. He has high hopes that the Blazers can make it to the Western Conference Playoffs again next year.clip that went viral on June 18 struck a chord with a national audience because it featured themes like sportsmanship, shoddy officiating, spectator code of conduct and fighting at the youth level.Thousands of parents of student athletes around the country deal with similar issues on a regular basis, which is why the clip received such a polarizing response.In the clip, Boston based hockey mom Gina Toole took the dramatic step of walking onto the ice to try to break up a fight between Boston Raptors and Connecticut Tribe players.Ive seen fights usually between one or two children and the refs usually step in immediately and break it up. That didnt happen, she said in a abcnews report. I just found myself opening the It is composed by chen xiaoxiao 2012-06-20 gate and walking onto the ice and saying Earnest Byner Jersey , Hey, you need to get control of this game. What are you doing?She added that The ref turned around and he yelled at me and told me to get off the ice and I said, You need to do your job. What concerned me was the feeling of the blows to the back of the head and a child going down the ice of maybe a potential head injury.In my view, this was a failure on the part of the refs, athletes, parents and coaching staff.First, coaches should have set a positive example by relaying to the athletes that fighting would not be tolerated NBA Snapback Caps



The society in which people leave today is one that is driven by beauty. This is especially among the womenfolk. People want to maintain glowing and radiant skin to remain beautiful. Blacks want to become lighter while the whites want a complexion that is closer to dark. This has opened up myriad of opportunities that many companies the world over have sought to capitalize on. One such leading brand is the sun lab which has been producing high quality skin care products for a while. airbrush sunatn Russ Grimm Jersey , best self tanners, suntan lotion

These products by the sun lab are made with perfection to ensure that they give the quickest results possible. Basically, one can get their skin tanned by just sunbathing. However, the sun lab came over with great indoor solution by bringing forth products that can give results in just 2 or 3 hours. These include sun lab tanning lotions as well as creams. There are also airbrush and other kits that can be used by beauticians.

However, as people came to realize later, these indoor tanning products from the sun lab were not quite the masterstroke that people had hoped they were. This is because the products were only applied to customers at salons. Being only able to give temporary color, it meant one had to visit the salon on multiple occasions. This alienated the poor who could not afford the cost.

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