The stress test is the one tool that cardiologist use with which to diagnose heart disease. Doctors work with trained technicians for optimal results when performing stress tests. There are different kinds of stress tests Cheap Jerseys , and the important thing to remember is eh one has exting requirements. Stress tests for cardi disease have degrees of reliability that are influenced by testing and other conditions. Doctors need to examine the amount of stress the heart can handle before it is somehow altered or rets to the stress. most people are familiar with the exercise stress test though it is only suited for one specific application. Your heart needs to have the normal capity and ability to perform the heavy load pled on it. All stress tests are conducted with one purpose in mind, irrespective of the reasons they are performed, and that is to make sure the heart is healthy and normal. The simple treadmill exercise stress test is used a lot in medicine, nowadays. Both treadmills and stationary bikes can be used for these tests. In order to watch the heart’s electrical tivity during the test Wholesale Hockey Jerseys , leads are connected to the patient’s chest. An electrocardiogram will help determine whether the heart is healthy and normal. The electrocardiogram will also reveal if there are problems with the heart. The stress EKG is a very useful resource for doctors because it is a picture of how well the heart is able to pump blood. Also, the walls of the heart are in plain view and can give more data about the tivity and any possible current problems. Just like with other tests, the way the heart ts in a stressed condition is the main thing that will interest most doctors. The echocardiogram simply provides an image of the movement of the patient’s heart during this time of stress. The advantage of this test is that it can disclose blood flow problems that are a result of blockages that might not have been disclosed by other such tests. It is of the utmost importance that your heart gets the correct amount of blood supply levels during the time that you are extremely stressed. Stress tests might be administered for other things like trying to decide if a specific medication is good for a certain heart condition. These kinds of medications are usually prescribed for angina and for getting other prevalent symptoms under control. Another extremely important application is to assess how well a particular medical procedure is performing such as bypass operations or the use of stints. Sometimes people have or get abnormal heart beats and a stress test is a way to evaluate this condition. The nuclear stress test is critical to any doctor when looking to determine whether or not the heart suffers from any diseases. You ould ask your doctor everything you can think of if you need to get one of these tests done on you. 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