No one in American society can doubt that one of the most loved and time tested toys in every girl’s life is a Barbie doll (her full name? Barbie Millicent Roberts Arjen Robben Jersey , from Wisconsin). For over half a century, Barbie dolls have made an impact in the lives of many children. Even if you have never owned a Barbie doll, which is doubtful for women, you have at least saw one or played with one.

The story behind the famous doll is fascinating. It was Ruth Handler who spawned the idea of the Barbie after she purchased something similar in Germany. The name of the doll actually came from her daughter, who was named Barbara “Barbie” Handler. With the help of Mrs. Handler’s husband and his picture frame company , Mattel, Barbie was brought to life in 1958. It was not long after the arrival of Barbie that Ken hit the scene. Ken was named after Ruth’s son.

The idea of the Barbie doll was soon a hit. Sales for the new doll began coming in by the thousands. Within ten years of her introduction to society, $500 million of Barbie dolls had been purchased by society. The doll began at a price of $3.

Barbie and Ken have gone through many changes throughout the years. Everything from their wardrobes to their family members, Barbie and Ken have seen and done it all. Now Barbie is designed to focus on sports, holidays Netherland World Cup Jersey , careers and many other things, as she is no longer just a cute girl doll to play with. Many adults still today collect Barbie dolls.

Now Barbie has her own car, home, hospital, pet shop…and even a McDonald’s. Not only that Netherland Soccer Jersey , but she has plenty of different accessories, jewelry, and clothing to keep her busy, all while featuring in her own movies as well.

While Barbie has seemingly touched the life of every young girl and many adults, there has also been controversy over the message that she sends out to the youth. Some feel that the Barbie’s perfect appearance directs girls to be more focused on physical characteristics that are often unrealistic. The worries focused on the sexual influence that Barbie had on girls with her curvy body. Some feared this gave young girls an impossible dream to dream.

Yet studies have shown that the young girls playing with Barbie are completely unaware of the sexual aspects of her appearance. What they do see is a fun doll that they can have a lot of imaginative play with. Since Barbie has evolved so much over the years. Little girls can now easily see themselves growing up to be doctors and lawyers Tim Krul Netherland Jersey , just like Barbie.

It is most likely that Barbie will never be replaced in the eyes of young girls. She is a sign of independence, just like her inventor and will continue to be that way. Barbie gives little girls the dreams they need to aspire to be great things when they grow up.

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