FilterBilinear Bilinear filter set to high pass topology and low corner frequency. Sampling phase 1 Filter corner frequency: 0.151 Hz
Flat band gain: 1 Filter clock: 302 Hz
FilterBiquad Biquadratic MLN8054 (o pole) filter set to band stop topology. Band stop frequency: 50 Hz
Pass bands gains: 1 (DC) Authentic Eric Decker Jersey ,1 (HP);
Quality ftor: 20 Filter clock: 4.52 kHz
FilterBilinear Bilinear filter set to low pass topology. Sampling phase 1 Filter corner frequency: 154 Hz
Flat band gain: 10 Filter clock: 153.8 kHz
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Full-size image (90 K)
Fig. 5.
(a) Synthetic abdon ECG signal after processing in the FPAA (yellow, top) and input signal to the FPAA (magenta, bottom) and (b) synthetic thoric ECG signal after processing in the FPAA (yellow, top) and input signal to the FPAA (magenta, bottom). (

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