Make sure that the strings of the bow remains tight As you use your bow during prtice and during petitions the resistance of the bow string would eventually loosen If you feel that the resistance on your bow string seems a bit looser than it used to be have it retightened at your local archery specialty store or sports store where you purchased it Inspect also if there is already signs of wearing on the string itself When this happens it is best to reple them before your next petitionArcher's BowAmong all the different kinds of archery equipnt being used it is the bow that determines the power and aury of your ot Make sure that there is no warping on the part on the bow itself This would greatly affect the direction of the arrow when you use this Inspect also the tal parts of the arrow bow for rust and for looseness You can redy loose parts by applying dry graphite lube which you can buy in sports and archery specialty stores Those that are warped or bent would need to be repled imdiately The sa holds true if you notice any signs of fissures or crks as this would definitely minimize the amount of power and stability of the bow This is also to ensure your safety when using your archery equipnt either for prtice or for petitionsArrowheadsIf you are into hunting and fiing archery keeping sure that your arrowheads remain arp and free from rust ould be done on a regular basis This is to make sure that you would be free from the frustration of losing your target simply because your arrowheads were not able to perate the skin surfe of the animal you are hunting Ensuring that your arrowhead is also free from rust would minimize the presence of friction which would lower the speed and power of your ot This may also affect the straightness of the arrow as it travels from your bow to your desired targetArrowsAs with your arrow bows it is also important to ensure that your arrows are free from any form of defects such as warps and bending These would eventually our as you frequently use your archery equipnt If you are using arrows that are made out of aluminum or aluminum mixed arrows also inspect for any signs of rusting At Eagle Archery we are dedicated to providing you with the largest selection of archery equipnt on the Inter. 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