Military adventurism is used to describe the urge by more powerful nations to attack others on flimsy grounds. The issues fronted as aggression are minor and only magnified to justify invasion. The real reason for the attack is usually economic exploitation and an attempt to assert power. The excuse given is advancent of democracy or assisting a population that is oppressed.

There always is a clear case of differences in political and economic policies beeen the nations at war. International bodies like the UN are sidestepped and their opinion disregarded before attack. History has it that there is never an agreent on the justification for war. Invasion or occupation is t with protest and defiance at the international level.

The nations carrying out adventure use propaganda to convince citizens that their war is justified. War on terror has been one of the most recent issues to ignite the debate. Nations ganged up against Afghanistan as they searched for terrorism leaders. War on terror has also seen nations like US and Britain spread army technology and policies to other countries around the world.

Military adventurism in Africa is blad for depleted natural resources and increasing conflicts. Army occupation is used to conceal exploitation of precious minerals and natural resources such as oil. The soldiers are said to be protecting democracy or ielding populations from ard groups. There have been cases of arming opposing camps to justify the presence of armies.

Such aggressive acts have been blad for increasing humanitarian crisis in the affected countries. Conflicts lead to displacent and increased suffering among populations of affected countries. This defeats the main agenda that drove the armies to the region. It is expensive to reconstruct the economy and infrastructure of a nation after years of war.

Citizens of the ard nation are always against these adventures. They consider them futile and an unnecessary waste of money. A classical case is where the military budget for Arica in the year 2010 was eight tis larger than that of China. The money was borrowed from China with huge interests and will take years to clear. The wars Arica was fighting have not changed the lives of mon Aricans.

The latest propaganda to justify military adventurism is piling of nuclear weapons. The nations under attack are Iran and North Korea while Syria is still in the radar. Analysts say that the presence of nuclear weapon is just an excuse. The issue is threatening an outbreak of war.

Governnts use such institutions as the dia to coerce the population to support their stand. Important information is not released and the people are caused to belief that their interest are at stake. Panic will cause them to excuse the ernnt when it attacks.

Military adventurism is a notion that remains controversial. It has been viewed as the cause of most conflicts after the o World Wars. The economic impact on the attacked country and gains for the attacking country is the subject of discussion. It remains an emotive issue in the US and a major point of departure for candidates running for the office of president of the United States.

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