According to the site to witness the public said that day at 8 o'clock in the morning and found car Taxi smoke nike roshe run mesh 42 , the driver quickly stopped the car and fire onboard fire extinguishers. Passes through several cars drivers also rushed parking, come up with a fire extinguisher to help, but has used four fire extinguishers, and eventually failed to suppress the fire. And soon afterwards, this taxi was burnt beyond recognition.The evening of July 16, the northern suburb of Xi'an district of Ming Cheung, a private car park was hey, the middle of the night two more also baffling to forward the fire and ignite another car parked behind.Geng master: fire more than two points, beginning with a right rear wheel on fire is not too large, slowly the more the greater.Live in the area of ​​Building 4 layer Geng master said, two more that night, he heard a popping sound and saw a car parked by the downstairs emergence of the flames, and then from their own balcony. The Geng Master: fire up, many residential households to get up to help, but all efforts will ultimately still did not have much effect, and so the fire engines arrived nike roshe run rot weiß damen , the two cars have been burned into the s[censored] .Preliminary judgment, according to the fire department, in mid-July, the Xi'an area weather continued hot, this may be caused by the car ignition climatic reasons. Well, cause the car ignition internal reasons what? Reporter visited a number of people in the industry.Incentives: circuit fault caused the fireZhou, deputy director of the Restoration Evidence Forensic Center of Chang'an University vehicle, he said, the circuit failure resulting in the car ignition there are two aspects of the case, the first case is unauthorized alterations lines. They identified recently encountered a lot of cases of car ignition accident, unauthorized alterations automotive xenon headlights, making the original line changed. Other electronic devices xenon headlights instant start first car 12 volt boost, if not installed relays and other related devices will be planted spontaneous combustion hazard.Weeks Restoration: The lights behind the plastic cover, the plastic cover of the high temperature of the xenon lamp is easy to roast melt, roast melt and catch fire easily, we encountered a lot of cases nike roshe run schwarz weiß damen , is caused by hernia headlamps rear plastic case of fire caused by the fire, and this situation many.Modified to increase the wire to increase the vehicle electrical loads in some of the installation of the wires are not in compliance with the the vehicle factory testing standards, resulting in excessive electrical power; coupled with no increase in the standard fuse on the modified line inside, can not play safety protection role, will lead to the lines high temperature caused by spontaneous combustion. In addition, the aging will induce spontaneous combustion, this is another case of circuit failure caused by car spontaneous combustion.Xi'an Automotive Technology Vocational College teacher Mikio: For example, the long run, the condition is relatively old, aging circuit connector wires the connector contact unreliable or wires to fall off, exposed wires inside the body constituted Ground, short circuit caused by spontaneous combustion.Incentives: oil line maintenance caused the fire placeMany owners are very frequent cleaning of the car appearance, but too negligent for the cleaning of the engine compartment, the vehicle is often Mingguang burnished, the cabin is a thick layer of dust, so nike roshe one br damen , if the oil leaking oil spills can not be timely found that while the vehicle engine is running high temperature sufficient to ignite the leaking oil.Mikio: Xi'an Automotive Technology Vocational College teacher engine now fuel-injected engine, high pressure tubing, once so high pressure rupture, it will be a lot of gasoline appears spillover, so easy caused gasoline to leak to drops to ignite the fuel in the exhaust pipe of the engine, causing the self-ignition of the vehicle.Incentives: car placed inflammable and explosive materials caused the fire Car for such incentives caused by spontaneous combustion, Zhou Weixin said recently identified one case.The Chang'an University Automotive College associate professor of motor vehicle physical evidence Forensic Center Vice the main Ren Zhouwei new: take a car from under the seat on fire, last opened it, and found the following broken lighter debris. 44/43 This is the smoking lighters fell to the seat bottom, to pick up not coming, another time fell below the one to have been in the bottom, then, move back and forth, the seat is easy to lighters Prick Prick caused the fire.Interview, Zhou Weixin repeatedly warned the majority of owners, try not to unauthorized alterations car nike roshe run flyknit kaufen , because if not car design defects and quality problems caused by spontaneous combustion, even if you have to buy car spontaneous combustion risk, the insurance company will not have this insurance Payout.So, in the summer should be how to prevent car ignition it? The reminder of the professionals you might find useful.First, to avoid unreasonable line modification: caution retrofitting xenon lights, fog lamps, reversing image radar. Second, the car and hold dangerous goods: perfume, lighters and other flammable hazardous materials should be kept away from the vehicle in the summer. Third, the car parked in the shade: conditionally make the car parked in the garage or shade. Fourth, avoid driving a vehicle for a long time: Licht Grau Nike Rosherun Dynamic Flywire QS Lovers Mesh Low
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