In 2008 nike air huarache womens size 5 , China s timber resources, the basic balance between total supply and demand, and other non renewable raw materials compared to wood prices relatively stable, with the exception of tropical tree species of natural precious things, the whole timber does not appear a serious contradiction between supply and demand, prices will not be a big fluctuations. Affected by the financial turmoil, a substantial decline in import and export of wood and products of the situation will not improve in the short term. Lasted for two days the theme of confidence crisis action , 2009 years of China s timber industry will be beautiful and mysterious in Urumqi, Xinjiang, to explore the timber industry under the influence of the financial crisis, how to overcome adversity, seize opportunities, a total of and development. China Timber Circulation Association and Wood Products Zhu former president made a speech entitled Financial Tsunami timber wood products under the situation of the situation and response measures report. Zhu said before: 4 trillion to expand investment and the role of starting to emerge, the real estate market began to pick up, urbanization, industrialization accelerated, the development of timber industry opportunities. Meanwhile, China s exports of wood products as the world s leading powers will not be changes in the timber industry have the confidence to overcome difficulties and do a good job talent pool, changing product mix and improving quality Nike Air Huarache Triple White Pure Platinum , creating their own brand, and avoid vicious competition, will be able to successfully tide over the financial crisis. A basic balance between supply and demand of domestic timber resources, timber, import prices stable. In 2008, China s timber resource supply capacity of 404.64 million cubic meters, of which 81.08 million cubic meters of domestic wood products, 29.57 million cubic meters of imported logs, imported pulp and other wood products 117.4 million cubic meters, 68.8 million cubic meters such as particleboard fiberboard, the other 97.7 million cubic meters. Domestic log production in 2008, an increase over the previous year 11.31 million cubic meters, an increase of 16.2 , 28.41 million cubic meters of domestic sawn timber, a slight increase of 0.4 over the previous year, wood based panels 94.09 million cubic meters, up 6.5 . China has entered the forest stock and area of double growth era! Zhu said before. Under the influence of the financial crisis, capital goods prices have fallen sharply, but compared to other industries nike air huarache triple black size 6 , wood industry, prices were relatively stable, prices of imported logs in 2008, to the customs dollar price (equivalent to ex factory price) basis, reaching 175.3 U.S. dollars per cubic meter, increased by 21.5 , net of the yuan appreciation, an increase of 12.1 . Zhu before the analysis: log prices rise, mainly in Russia caused a substantial increase in timber export tariffs. If the net imports of Russian logs, other import log prices rose by only 8.6 , after deducting the yuan appreciation, the price increase of 2 . In recent years, China s exports of wood products are 20 40 annual rate of increase, but by the financial crisis, last year China s exports of wood products dropped significantly and the annual export wood products 21.9 billion U.S. dollars, an increase 3.2 over the previous year, of wooden furniture exports 167.64 million, down 12.5 over the previous year, exports of 7.18 million cubic meters of plywood nike shox r4 clearance , also dropped by 18.2 . Wood based panel of serious excess capacity, the North South transfer of timber industry was evident. Timber to maintain high import prices relatively stable, but the decline in domestic prices, dealer inventories are mostly faced with an increased backlog and a half cut off cut off situation. Imports of timber dealers in particular the distribution of Africa, mahogany and other timber, and heavy losses. Papua New Guinea wood, African wood, mahogany and other various species were down across the board, trading volume shrinking, port backlog. The overall decline in the prices of various types of wood at 20 40 ; the main raw material for wood based panel of poplar, eucalyptus wood prices fell about 30 . Zhangjiagang the end of 2008 to the explosion in the volume, inventory backlog, businesses low cost virtual fire sale, causing closure of a large number of wooden. Zhu ago pointed out: to the wooden products export oriented enterprises and not have their own brands and channels, the most difficult days, four wood based panel production base in China is faced with unprecedented difficulties and challenges, Pizhou 70 80 of companies in the cut off semi stop producing state, a large number of migrant workers return home jobless, as the main raw materials of poplar wood based panel prices decline quickly; Yangtze River Delta nike shox nz womens , Pearl River Delta and some small furniture factory, floor plants were also closed about 1 3. In 2008 a large number of excess fiber capacity, resulting in some large enterprises have ceased production. Fibreboard market capacity of China s 2,500 million cubic meters, but the production capacity has more than 40 million cubic meters last year, fibreboard prices fell 10 20 . Decoration by the real estate industry, the impact of 2008 decreased by 30 or more, especially in front line major cities a greater impact, the national real estate sales fell 17 , down 54 Beijing, Beijing, some of the major decoration company sales fell 50 . However, a number of large scale wood products business because of the strength that is to integrate a good opportunity for the crisis at this time also used the opportunity to expand. Such as key wai own brand of furniture exports last year, export sales increased by 30 . Some strength furniture , flooring company is also prepared on high value added products, such as wooden doors and so on, Jimei home to prepare next year to shop in Paris, France. Zhu said beforeW Nike Shox NZ White/Navy Blue
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