Hierarchy:1 Chemical level: simplest stage of architectural hierarchyEx: atoms--molecules--organelles2 Cellular level: primary architectural and efficient units of lifestyle3 Cells level: groups of similar cells with a common function Ex: epithelium ligament muscle nervous cells4 Human body organ level: A human body organ is a structure consisting of at least two cells types that functions a specific operate for ones human body5 Human body organ system level: organs that work with one another to accomplish a primary operate and purpose 6 Patient level: human body organ techniques working together to accomplish functions required for lifestyleLevels of organization of the human body:Chemical - created up of atoms and moleculesCell - are basic architectural and efficient units of an patient There are many different kinds of cells in ones human body including: sensors cells blood vessels cells muscles and fat cellsCells - groups of cells & the surrounding environment that perform together to produce a particular function There are only four kinds of cells in the body: epithelial tissue ligament muscular cells and anxious tissueBody organ – organs are components that are created of two or more different kinds of cells they have particular functions & a defined shape The heart is an example of an organ; it is created of muscular connective & anxious tissue The cells perform in concert to move blood vessels through ones human bodyTissue in the human body:Epithelial: Is created of cells organized in a ongoing sheet with one or more levels has apical & basal areas An underground room membrane part is the connection between the basal area of the mobile & the actual ligament There are two kinds of epithelial tissues: (1 Covering & coating epithelia and (2 Glandular Epithelium• Simple Epithelium - one mobile layer• Stratified epithelium - two or more mobile layersConnective: contains many different mobile kinds including: fibroblasts macrophages mast cells and adipocytes Connective Cells Matrix is created of two materials: ground substance - necessary protein and polysaccharides fiber – reticular bovine collagen and flexibleCategory of Connective Tissue:• Loose Connective - materials & many mobile kinds in gelatinous matrix discovered in skin & surrounding veins nerve fibres and organs• Heavy Connective - Many of similar bovine collagen fibers& fibroblasts discovered in tendons& structures Muscle: Muscle is separated into 3 groups skeletal heart and sleekSkeletal Muscular – non-reflex striated striations verticle with respect to the muscles and it is mainly discovered attached to bone fragments• Cardiac Muscular – unconscious striated extended and has intercalated discs• Smooth Muscular – unconscious nonstriated spindle formed and is discovered in veins & the GI tractNervous: Includes only two mobile kinds in the neurological program (CNS & side-line neurological program (PNS:Nerves - Cells that turn stimulating elements into electrical desires to the brain and Neuroglia – helpful cells are created up of mobile human body axon and dendrites There are 3 kinds of neurons:• Engine Neuron – carry desires from CNS to muscles and glands• Interneuron - understand feedback from neurological neurons and end reactions to motor neurons• Sensory Neuron – receive information from environment and transfer to CNS Development: All cells of ones human body develop from the three primary bacteria mobile levels that kind the embryo• Mesoderm – produces into epithelial tissue ligament and muscular cells• Ectoderm - produces into anxious tissue and epithelial tissue• Endoderm – produces into epithelial tissueCell Junctions: There are 5 types of cell or tisssue junctions in the human body They are• Tight Junctions - Form a closure between cells; determine apical and basal sides of an epithelial cell• Gap Junctions - An open 4 way stop between two cells which allows ions & little elements to p[censored] easily between the cells• Adherens Junctions - Weblink actin cytoskeletal elements in two cellsConclusion: The purpose that individuals will want to understand about the requirements of individual system and structure is it will educate them about what is going on in their individual body Being injured and having to go see a doctor can be a terrifying here we are at individuals However if the person has a working knowledge on some of the parts of ones human body it will be easy for them to see just how important this is That is when they should know about the value of learning about ones human body Without knowing on the value of components of human anatomy and physiology it will be nearly impossible for some individuals to understand what exactly is going on with their human body at some point open access journals. open access. anatomy & physiology. 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