What are so of the mon knee problems?

Osteoarthritis of the knee in various degrees and severity forms the bulk of the cases. Meniscus tears D.J. Humphries Cardinals Jersey , either due to degeneration or trauma as a result of sports injuries, e next. Another mon injury, especially among soer players, is torn anterior cruciate ligant Markus Golden Cardinals Jersey , one of the four major ligants of the knee.

Why do knee problems our?

Degenerative conditions are more mon in individuals with mal-aligned knee joint and patella, or the kneecap. They usually affect patients above 50 years.

If one has a varus knee (bow legged), excessive pressures will be subjected to the inner aspect of the knee. A valgus knee (knock kneed) or tilted patella (knee cap) will similarly be subjected to excessive stresses at certain parts of the joint. It does not help when one pounds the knee joint during tivities such as playing basketball or soer, or even prolonged running on hard surfes.

Are there permanent cures for the various knee problems?

There is a solution for most of the degenerative conditions or injuries. We must aurately diagnose the condition in order to treat it effectively.

Physiotherapy Troy Niklas Cardinals Jersey , minor adjustnts to lifestyle, knee bres, orthotics and anti-inflammatory dication or even local steroid injections usually bring permanent relief.

Joint injections with natural lubricants are useful for early osteoarthritis. PRP (platelet rich plasma) and even stem cell injections into the knee are newer developnts in encouraging cartilage to regenerate.

An operation bees necessary when the knee has a structural problem, such as a niscus tear or torn ligant.

Can glucosamine cure knee problems?

Glucosamine is the building material needed to repair worn-out joint cartilage Kareem Martin Cardinals Jersey , just like calcium is needed to build strong bones. Crystalline glucosamine is generally more effective as it is better absorbed by the body.

A paper publied in the dical journal Lancet in 2001 has proven that cartilage growth does our with prolonged consumption of glucosamine.

While many patients with knee problems have found glucosamine useful, so have been disappointed. This is because sotis the knee joint is badly worn out and requires the consistent use of glucosamine for more than six months before any effect is noticeable.

When is surgery rended for knee problems?

Many knee conditions can be treated more conservatively. Surgery will be advised only if all the conservative treatnt asures fail.

What are the risks involved in knee surgery?

The risks depend on the age of the patient, any pre-existing dical conditions like diabetes or heart problems. These relate to the risk of anaesthesia and infection. Specific local risks include deep-vein thrombosis, post-surgery stiffness as well as risks of neuro-vascular injuries. These plications are rare and preventable.

Is a long period of convalescence needed before one can start walking again following a knee operation?

It depends on the type of surgery. Patients with arthroscopic or key-hole surgery generally can walk the very next day. Even with total knee replent Justin Bethel Cardinals Jersey , patients can start walking with the help of aid devices the next day.

What is total knee replent? Who benefits from it?

In general, the surgery consists of repling the diseased or damaged joint surfes of the knee with tal and plastic ponents aped to allow continued motion of the knee.

Total knee replent can be a life-transforming surgery. Patients who are in wheelchair can walk unaided after surgery.

If there are no dical contra-indications, this surgery will benefit everyone. However, we usually advise patients not to do the replents yet if they are below 60 years of age as the implant generally lasts about 15 years.

How can you prevent knee problems that are associated with ageing?

Degeneration of the knee es from overuse Deone Bucannon Cardinals Jersey , abuse and from mal-alignnt. If you have a mal-aligned knee, you will need foot orthotics to redistribute and even out the stress ross the knee. It will be best to avoid pounding your knee with robust exercises. Glucosamine is essential.

Stretching of the muscles and ligants around the knee will reduce stress ross the joint. Quadricep-strengthening exercises, especially of the vastus dialis obliquus (a muscle of the quadriceps), will help realign forces ross the patello-femoral joint (one of the knee joints).

What are the do’s and don’ts when it es to knee-related exercises?

In general Frostee Rucker Jersey , any excessive pressure on the knee is not good for the knee. Climbing stairs is a good form of calorie-burning and cardio-exercise but it puts too much stress on the patella-femoral joint. Squatting or extension curls have the sa effect.

Safe knee exercises include the stepper, leg press and cycling (with the seat as high as possible). If you have knee pain, swimming or aqua-aerobics is best.

Common knee problems in Singapore include Osteoarthritis of the knee & niscus tears. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Tho Kam San is based in Mount Alvernia Hospital and is an expert on mon knee problems.

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