Behind the dark veil of corporate defamation and politicians being exposed for realities that aren’t so being of a leader in the public eye Authentic Brian Cushing Jersey , there is a rabbit hole that spirals to the pit of hell. And there are o types of people that exist in this domain, godless sinners and the puppet masters of the rise and demise of our leaders. It’s not that they are godless or overly evil, they are just impartial and they sit around a table playing poker with the careers and souls of the most influential people on the global scene.

They don’t mind the heat because it’s considered icy cool air conditioning pared to the environnt in which they’ve bee austod. Hell is where they go for so spiritual R and R. Just what extly is crisis managent? Social dia has given everyone a voice and sotis people choose to defa others with untruths and reputation crippling slander. The publicist or PR firm on retainer will typically issue a statent with a series of press releases, the CEO will hit the radio circuit and news spots and the outsourced and off ored $4 per hour social dia guise will regurgitate ssages fed to them by their western employer on the social dia portals. This is your typical response, general PR firms can handle this without a hitch and panies bid and market for this type of business.

But what happens when things get ugly, I an really ugly? What happens when a senior conservative republican is caught under the covers with his intern, who happens to be a 21 year old blonde hair Authentic Arian Foster Jersey , blue eyed male from a Christian evangelical university or when the CEO of a Fortune 50 corporation has micro caras hidden in his office, record him during passionate sessions of intimy with his secretary while one night and sniffs white powder on his desk before a board eting another night? Worse yet, what happens when any of these instances are the work of a direct political or corporate petitor, even worse yet, what if it’s an inside job by a career climber and blkmail bees an issue? When the poop hits the fan and a rumor bees viral video plastered on the inter, you then call a specialist.

Sure you have corporate security specialists that can protect you against hking, proprietary process theft and other issues that can have precautionary or monitoring processes put in ple but we are talking about the dark side. I spoke to a security specialist with a resu that you would need a security clearance to even look at. This private contrtor had a security service that protected so of the world’s most elite and despised people who existed in a world riddled with chaos Ryan Mallett Jersey , crisis and other threats. His career as a ernnt agent (I never asked which agency) took him to so of the most hostile regions of Africa and the Middle East where you can trust no one and even your friend would stab you in the bk for sothing as minute as a file on a disk in your jket pocket.

I asked him, “When you have an issue where crisis will jeopardize a major legislative benchmark, an ultra-connected senior official or a C level executive with more money than God, what do you do? I an who do ‘you’ call?” He dodged the question and said, “Oh, we don’t take on that kind of work.” I looked around his office and his walls were plastered with images of him and every president since Nixon and every major European president and pri minster you could think of, “Co on” I cajoled Duane Brown Jersey , “I wasn’t born yesterday”. I could see he was considering spilling the goods so I figured I would give him a minute to go over the best explanation in his mind so he would feel fortable giving a real answer. Finally, he stood up, looked out his office window at the Waington DC landscape and said, “Well, there are literally, maybe 6 people on the pla that can tually step in and take care of sothing like this”, he fell silent again. Now that I think bk Jadeveon Clowney Jersey , I think it was fear and he looked at and said, “Well, I used to call on a gentleman from Germany but one day he just stopped answering the phone” he ook his head, “What these guys are able to do is beyond incredible, it’s almost superhuman. The focus, the mind power, the ability to literally go into a situation polluted with the most cancerous hate J.J. Watt Jersey , chaos and a title wave of emotion and with their presence es the most peeful calm you’ve ever experienced and everyone in the room knows that this man who just walked into the room is going to change the rotation of the earth in the series of a few hours.” I swear he was almost teary eyed. I just stood there, his office phone rang and then went to voice-mail, then his cell and he was just standing their silent, staring out of the window as if he was watching what he described play like a movie on his window.

I didn’t’ want to interrupt him but wanted to get a na. Just above a whisper I said, “Who’s left? Who do you use now?” He turned and said there is a guy, “Yes…” I persisted. “He’s a legend but, he’s … like a kid. He can’t be any older than you.” I was 32 at the ti and found it hard to believe that soone my age could be trusted to solve global crisis issues for the level of elite that we were talking about. “Co on Brian Cushing Jersey , you can’t be serious” he turned and looked at with a puzzled, paranoid ock on his fe and said, “Believe it. When I was introduced to this guy, the agent that set up the eting said that he was handed over to the Devil when he was a child and raised by demons.”

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