WASHINGTON www.nfljerseyschinadaily.com , Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- Following are the standings of National Basketball Association after games on Sunday:

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

W L Pct. GB

Toronto 6 7 .462 -

Philadelphia 6 9 .400 1.0

Boston 5 10 .333 2.0

New York 3 9 .250 2.5

Brooklyn 3 10 .231 3.0

Central Division

W L Pct. GB

Indiana 12 1 .923 -

Chicago 6 6 .500 5.5

Detroit 5 8 .385 7.0

Cleveland 4 10 .286 8.5

Milwaukee 2 10 .167 9.5

Southeast Division

W L Pct. GB

Miami 10 3 .769 -

Atlanta 8 6 .571 2.5

Charlotte 7 7 .500 3.5

Washington 5 8 .385 5.0

Orlando 4 9 .308 6.0


Northwest Division

W L Pct. GB

Portland 12 2 .857 -

Oklahoma City 9 3 .750 2.0

Minnesota 8 7 .533 4.5

Denver 6 6 .500 5.0

Utah 1 14 .067 11.5

Southwest Division

W L Pct. GB

San Antonio 12 1 .923 -

Dallas 9 5 .643 3.5

Houston 9 5 .643 3.5

Memphis 7 6 .538 5.0

New Orleans 6 6 .500 5.5

Pacific Division

W L Pct. GB

LA Clippers 10 5 .667 -

Golden State 8 6 .571 1.5

Phoenix 7 6 .538 2.0

LA Lakers 7 7 .500 2.5

Sacramento 4 8 .333 4.0

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