The exclusive range of motorcycle jackets from Firstgear is truly innovative. They have these motorcycle jackets for men and women alike. The men's collections of jackets are available in Denali Shane Victorino Red Sox Jersey , Earl, Heated and Kilimanjaro styles. They are available in a wide range of colors ranging from grey, black, yellow, orange, blue etc. The sizes of these motorcycle jackets range from small, large Jon Lester Red Sox Jersey , medium to even extra large. Each of these jackets has a 500 denier nylon Hypertex coating on the outside and comes with water resistant elbow and shoulder pads. With longer jackets any motocross rider can now expect a greater degree of protection and comfort. The interior membranes are completely waterproof and offer 100 breathability inside. This ensures that each of these motorcycle jackets comes with a high degree of comfort and ventilation. The jackets also have a vertical exhaust vent on the back on the central side to facilitate the most air flow. The front pockets have waterproof and welded zippers to ensure long lasting comfort and protection. The women's line of motorcycle jackets is also equally fascinating with exciting color combinations and styles. The Allura, Babe and Betty jackets are most po[censored] r with all female motocross riders as are the Contour collections of motorcycle jackets. With cute color combinations like pink and grey, black, white, orange etc. women can flatter themselves with these high end jackets in style!

Miscellanous accessories

Firstgear also has an impressive range of motocross accessories that comprise an interesting assortment of gloves, motorcycle luggage, pants and chaps for both men and women as well as exclusive rainwear too. The collection of motocross accessories like gloves from Firstgear is truly exclusive and is a hit with all motocross riding fans. The range of gloves come in Borrego Johnny Pesky Red Sox Jersey , Heated, Master, Mesh Tex, MoJave, Navigator, RoadMaster and many other exciting styles! The men's range of gloves comes in black colors and each one has The Borrego range of gloves for example comes with textile as well as premium leather and has a back mesh of ventilated Tricot. The exclusive box finger construction in these gloves also has a stretch lycra for ultra perfect fitting. The women's collection of these motocross accessories like gloves is also flattering. The Amber, Heated John Lackey Red Sox Jersey , Mojave, Star and Topaz collections are all the rage with women riders. These are all mostly all leather gloves which come with a box construction like the men's range of gloves. The presence of pre curved fingers add to the grip and comfort levels. The adjustable wrist strap and elastic wrist retention mechanisms all make these gloves ultra comfortable and durable at the same time. So if you are looking for the best motocross accessories then these gloves from Firstgear will do the trick for you!

Mike McGrath Motocross and MX Enthusiast

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