Neck Pain: Manipulation vs. Other Treatnts?By Dr. Frank Gozwww.sayvillechiroprtor. Mechanical neck pain affects an estimated 70% of people at so point in their lives. Many different treatnt approhes are available for neck pain Cheap Jerseys From China , making it very difficult for those suffering from neck pain to know which treatnt approh(es) to choose. Research in this topic has revealed so very interesting information that ples chiroprtic and spinal manipulation in a VERY STRONG POSITION – in ft, at the TOP OF THE HEAP! One such study looked at benefits of spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) in patients with ute and subute neck pain. This study pared three study groups: 1. SMT only, 2. dication only, and 3. Ho exercise and advice (HEA). This study randomized 272 neck pain patients suffering from neck pain for 2 to 12 weeks into a 12 week treatnt period using 1 of the 3 treatnt approhes trking the results with the participant-rated pain as the primary treatnt oute asure. Secondary oute data was obtained from other approhes. The results owed that the group treated with SMT, “…had a statistically significant advantage over dication after 8, 12, 26 and 52 weeks. HEA also had a statistical advantage over dication. Lastly, similar benefits were calculated beeen the SMT and exercise group. The conclusions support SMT and exerciseadvise to be the choice over dication for ute and subute neck pain patients. Regarding exercise, a similar study owed that “high-dosed supervised strengthening exercise with and without SMT, was superior to a “low dose ho mobilization exercise and advice group at 4, 12, 26 Cheap Jerseys , and 52 weeks. Regarding chronic neck pain patients (that ans pain that has been present for greater than 3 months), this study evaluated the changes that ourred in 191 patients. These patients were randomized to 11 weeks of 1 of 3 treatnt groups and evaluated at 3, 6, 12, & 24 months after treatnt. The 3 treatnt options included: 1. Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) only, 2. SMT with low-tech neck exercises, or, 3. A form of exercise using a MedX rehab mhine. The results support the highest level of patient satisftion was found in the 2nd group (SMT with low-tech exercise), suggesting that when patients present for treatnt, spinal manipulation with low-tech exercises results in the most satisfied patient. These findings are important as this study evaluated the LONG-TERM benefits in patients who have had neck pain for a long ti (i.e., “chronic), where most studies only look at the ort-term benefits. Similar conclusions were reported from perhaps the largest scale study on neck pain based on research from 1980 to 2006 on the use Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , effectiveness and safety of noninvasive treatnt approhes for neck pain and associated disorders. Their review of over 350 articles supported manual therapy (manipulation and mobilization) and supervised exercise to again, SHINE in their conclusions. What is important is that ALL these studies support what chiroprtors do: manipulate the neck and give supervised exercises! So, what are you waiting for? SPREAD THE WORD to everyone that you know who has neck pain – CHIROPRACTIC MAY BE THE BEST CHOICE!!! We at Sayville Imdiate Chiroprtic Care realize you have a choice in who you consider for your health care provision and we sincerely appreciate your trust in choosing our service for those needs. If you, a friend or family mber require care for CTS, we would be honored to render our services.The Chiroprtic office that makes it convenient for you to get the care you want in today's busy society! Our prtice has a strong working relationip with many local allied health care professionals and primary care MD's.No Appointnt Necessary, Walk-in Chiroprtic Care: New patients wele. No Long Term Care PlansSince Bk Pain, Neck Pain and Headhes are one of the most mon plaints presenting to the chiroprtic physician, please ask for more information about this if you or a loved one is suffering. It’s one of most significant ts of kindness you can give to those you care about.Serving the areas of Sayville, Oakdale, Bohemia, Bayport.YOU MAYBE A CANDIDATE FOR DRUG FREE RELIEF!FOR A FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION CALL DR. FRANK GOMEZ at 631 991-3492Not ready yet…No Problem.To Receive These “Daily Health Updates Via E mail go to www.DrFrankGozBlog. and sign up.Thank you for your ti in reading my article. Please check out the links below for further reading on other health related material.www.SayvilleChiroprtor. www.DrFrankGozBlog. www.SayvillePainRelief. www.TheChiroprticImptReport.www.USchirodirectory. --- This is probably not the traditional kind of promoting that you are conscious of-like print, TV Cheap NFL Jerseys China , and even on-line advertisements-but this has been confirmed effective, notably in enhancing recall and awareness of brand.A card holder has always been thought-about a valuable item and promotional items that can be given out to shoppers as well as potential purchasers and customers. Freely giving imprinted card holders is an effective way to introduce and market your merchandise and services. Company logos are imprinted on this stuff and, relying on how your logo has been presented and imprinted, can create a great impression about your business. 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