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Instead of doing an adequate amount of research on the company, some people have assumed that Miche Bag is part of the trend of multi-level marketing companies that have become so popular. Of course, this is completely untrue, and Miche Bag has made an assertive point to say so. An MLM is often seen as an unethical form of business because of the diminishing returns towards the bottom levels. MLM's often promise that with a little bit of work Marc Savard Jersey , people can earn a 'residual income' from their underlying business. In this, the bag company is obviously different because it doesn't promise any home business opportunities that aren't available to every representative.

Miche Bag can be sold in many ways. To date, the most popular is the house parties which are hosted by clients of the representatives. The social aspect of house parties is what makes them so popular, and have brought so much good will between the reps and the buyers. Blogs and websites are also a common method for showcasing inventory, which helps minimize the need for inventories. Whatever method the reps utilize to make sales, they keep all the profits from the sales. Up-lines and down-lines don't exist in Miche Bag home business opportunities.

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