An enlarged prostate does not necessarily indicate (or lead to) prostate cancer.

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What is enlarged prostate?




Effect on your life


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What is enlarged prostate?
The prostate gland (which only n have) lies just beneath the bladder. It is approximately the size of a chestnut and its primary function is to produce fluid which enriches and protects sperm Jarrett Jack Nets Jersey , and also helps with the carriage of sperm out of the penis during ejaculation. The tube that runs from your bladder and then through your penis is called your urethra. Your prostate is ‘wrapped around’ this. When the prostate bees enlarged, this can create a range of symptoms and problems.

Symptoms of enlarged prostate include:

Difficulty passing urine (and a noticeably weak stream when you do)

Frequently having to get up and go to the toilet to urinate during the night

A slight urine discharge after visiting the toilet (like urine incontinence)

A feeling of having to urinate more frequently during the day (often acpanied by an urgent need to do so when out and about)

Having to wait longer than would be normal before passing urine i.e. starting to actually urinate

A feeling the you have not emptied your bladder pletely

Interrupted flow while urinating (like a kind of starting and stopping feeling)

In many n, the prostate enlarges as they get older. Although enlarged prostate could not be categorised in amongst serious health problems, it is nevertheless a difficult condition to cope with due to its symptoms and associated symptoms proving so inconvenient for many sufferers.

You may find that you are able to self-manage your enlarged prostate symptoms. However Drazen Petrovic Nets Jersey , as the symptoms of enlarged prostate can be very similar to those related to a more serious condition (e.g., diabetes) it is worth arranging an appointnt with your GP. After taking your dical history and asking you so questions about your symptoms, you GP will carry out tests in an effort to try to establi a confird diagnosis. The usual tests for enlarged prostate are a blood test and a digital rectal examination.

Effect on your life
Most sufferers of enlarged prostate agree that the main problem with developing the condition is the effect it can have on one’s quality of life. Problems with urinating at ho (particularly during the night) can lead to disturbed sleep and can cause tension beeen couples.

Also, having to ru to find a toilet when out and about can be embarrassing. The fact that this is always a consideration every ti you plan to go out for an evening (e.g. Kevin Garnett Nets Jersey , to the cinema, theatre or a concert) or even simply aepting a kind offer of dinner with friends at their ho can be irritating. This behaviour can also an that unwanted attention is drawn to you.

Despite worldwide dical research, as yet there is no plete cure for enlarged prostate. The good news is that symptoms can be improved and controlled up to a point by using general self-help asures, such as reducing the amount of drink you have prior to anticipated visits to the toilet (i.e. after you have carefully monitored their frequency and level of urgency at different tis of the day and night) Joe Johnson Nets Jersey , and also by reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption overall. Also, nicotine can disturb your bladder, so if you are smoker, take steps to give up.

Where self-help asures prove unsuessful Brook Lopez Nets Jersey , prescribed dicines can sotis help to ease symptoms. These include:

Alpha-blocker dicines – these improve the flow of urine by relaxing the prostate and the neck of the bladder

5-Alpha reductase inhibitor dicines – these affect the behaviour of bining hormones which play a part in the prostate enlargent, causing it to gradually reduce in size

Surgery – where symptoms of enlarged prostate are particularly severe (and where self-help asures and prescribed dicines prove unsuessful in improving symptoms), surgery to remove part or all of the prostate may be considered

Advice & Support
Prostate UK
Tel. 020 8788 7720

The Prostate Cancer Charity
Tel: 0800 074 8383

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