The Basics of Taking Care of A Mare Or Stallion

Equine ownership is a huge responsibility, so if you are intending to get one of these majestic animals, do some thorough research in preparation for what is to come. These gentle creatures require a lot of time, money and effort. Because if they are properly taken care of they will really thrive. So here is what you should look into:

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Housing And Habitat

This includes both the shelter and grazing pasture. If the weather conditions are not favorable for your horse, then make sure to buy horse rugs for sale. This will keep the horse warm and also safe from insect bites on its body. They can wear it both inside and out of the stable. The animal needs a clean, dry stall to stay in and it cannot be smaller than 12” by 12”. The animal should also be let out onto the paddock daily for exercise, never keep it in the stall for prolonged periods unless absolutely necessary as this will cause a lot of stress.

Sufficient Feeding

Make sure that there is always plenty of clean water for the animal to drink. The trough needs to be hosed down once a day so that it is at its maximum level of cleanliness. Besides water, the animal also needs top quality hay. All species of an equine need to eat one or two percent of their body weight every day which is not a lot but if they do not eat properly then it will begin to show on. Regularly check the hay to see it has mould or dust on it. The mould especially because it can do a lot of damage to the animal if it not removed. You should also give the animal grains that are full of vitamins every day. And make sure to have scheduled feeding times.

Good Grooming

The first thing you need to know when it comes to grooming is that there should be a separate area of the barn or stable that has been allocated for grooming. Once you are at the designated grooming spot then you need to then tie the horse’s harness to a pole or wall so that it does not run off while you are grooming it. Ensure you wear clothes that are suitable for grooming because it may get a bit messy. You need to use a rubber brush to loosen the dirt that may be on the animal’s back. But be gentle and use circular motions or you will cause injury and bruise on the skin. The rubber brush is only for the body and not the equines face or legs. After using the rubber brush you then need to use the soft bristled dandy brush to completely brush off the dirt that might be on the animal by flicking it off. While grooming also makes sure to check the animal’s general health.

So now you know the basics of what it takes to care for a mare or stallion. Although the gender of the animal does not make much of a difference in their overall care, it is still best to understand every detail.


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