Types Of Web Hosting


Although, the basic meaning and function of all the web hosting in the world are the same that doesn’t mean they all work the same way. There are various types of web hosting and each type of hosting has its own specialty, which depends on the requirements of the user. There are basically five major types of web hosting services, which are commonly in use. Let’s have a look at them in detail.


A shared web hosting is one of the most common types in the world of hosting services. And shared hosting is one of the most cost-efficient types of hosting services as well for the small business owners and for those who are beginners. With shared hosting, you will have to share your server with many other users. And along with that, you will have to share the resources of your server as well, such as disk space, computing power, memory, etc.


VPS hosting is also called Virtual Private Server. With VPS hosting, you still share the server with other clients. However, VPS hosting provides you a virtual server which is segmented from any other virtual servers. Therefore, your virtual server will act like a small dedicated server for your website and you will get your own space and your own resources and memory.


Cloud hosting is one of the most trending hosting services nowadays. It is also called the future of the web hosting world. With a cloud hosting, your web hosting service will provide you a bunch of servers. With the help of the bunch of servers your stored file and data and resources get copied on each server. The major benefit of having a cloud hosting is that, when one of your servers slows down then one of your other servers from the bunch of your servers will automatically start getting the traffic.


When it comes to WordPress hosting services, it is a type of shared hosting which is only used by the users of the WordPress site. With WordPress hosting services, your server will be arranged and put together for your WordPress website and your website will have pre installed plugins for performing the essential and complicated tasks.


A Dedicated server hosting allows you to have a single physical server all by yourself which is fully dedicated to your website and business. That means you will have all the freedom and control in the world for managing and maintaining your website. You can customize your server and website as you want to and select your own operating system and software according to the requirements of your website.

In other words, a web hosting service is a type of online service which provides you the online presence for your website. If you are also thinking about starting a new website for your business, estnoc is here to help you. We are one of the most reliable hosting companies.

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