Baseball teenager debut world stage coach: talent need experience

In just a few days, Xu Guiyuan from forty thousand spectators watching the game back to the plain training and training life. In the just-concluded World Baseball Classic, Xu Guiyuan on behalf of the Chinese team out of the first appearance in Tokyo. After that, Xu Guiyuan returned to Florida, joined the Baltimore Orioles in the spring camp. Although he has returned to the small league, but just past the world-class game all vividly. "I am proud to be fighting for China." I played for the provincial team and the city team before, and now I'm playing for the national team, which is very different. "Xu Guiyuan said. For a young man in China and the United States only low-level competition, the experience is rare. While the Chinese team, in the world Ben Bishop Jersey baseball classic to defeat the overall defeat, in Japan, Cuba and Australia surrounded the group ranked bottom. But the experience for want to become the first base of the US Major League Baseball Xu Guiyuan is very valuable. He first against the elite level of the pitcher, is the first time in such a huge venue in the game. Perhaps the most important experience he learned was how to deal with the huge noise in the huge venues. Xu Guiyuan idol is the Japanese superstar Suzuki Ichiro. It is significant for him to play in the Braydon Coburn Jersey hometown of idols in Japan. But the beginning of the game, Xu Guiyuan into the state of the slow, the first three blows all missed, the face of Cuba and Australia can be described as no contribution. In the game against Japan, he played the audience, but also early in the first base on the strike out. "He played only a few rookie games, and then suddenly came to the world-class stage, for everyone is a huge challenge. There are nearly 40,000 spectators, but Xu Guiyuan handled very well. "Said John McLaren, head coach of the Chinese team. Xu Guiyuan in the past year almost soaked in the Orioles training camp, from the spring has been training to the fall. During this period, his success rate was 24.7%, 33 games out of the strike as much as 20 times. So the next season, Xu Guiyuan is essential. He will return to the position of the layman again in three years, before the shoulder injury so that he was forced to come to a base, and was trying to transform into a batsman. "His talent in defense is undoubtedly higher and better suited to the field, and as a comprehensive player, he is progressing, his understanding of the game, the technique of running the base, and the way of attacking are improving. , His body has become more strong. "Orioles team player development director Brian - Graham said. Baseball teenager debut world stage coach: talent need experience Height of 182 cm, 188 pounds of Xu Guiyuan is learning as a left hand batsman, how to deal with all kinds of complex situations. One of the training is to learn how to shorten his batting process. "I felt like I was making progress.I first tried, I always felt helpless, but then I used to, and now I have mastered." Xu Guiyuan said. Xu coach is very understanding than the US players, perhaps need a longer learning process, after all, in the process of Xu Guiyuan growth and no contact with the strength of the opponent. But McLaren coach in his body to see the potential. "He's got a lot of money, he just needs to play more and need to accumulate experience, he's smart, as long as he starts the game regularly, and I think he's going to make a lot of progress," McLaren said. Graham said he had already seen the progress of Xu Guiyuan. Especially in the base, the face of more than 90 miles per hour ball, Xu Guiyuan gradually adapted up. On the defensive end, Xu Guiyuan needs to do more, especially the footsteps and the response after hitting. "He loves to practice and he loves to practice, and he is happy to be competitive and long for success.He is the kind of player you play on the court that will play a smile." Graham said. Before the world classic baseball game, Xu Guiyuan returned to his hometown of Shenzhen, with his family to stay for a month. His family have put on a baseball armband, his father is every man will say his son in the Orioles match, and show the Orioles team logo. "My father is wearing the clothes of the Orioles every day, and he is proud of me," said Xu Guiyuan. In addition to returning home, Xu Guiyuan also returned to the training base in Wuxi. He is still studying English. "I do not need to be translated. My friends say that I speak English now

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